How To Wear Burgundy Pants: Models Styles Tips

Bordeaux is a noble colour associated with expensive wine and ripe juicy cherries. Bordeaux pants will be a stylish addition to a daily or holiday image. They are applicable at any time of the year. Purchase of such pants is a profitable investment in your closet. They will last 3-4 years and will retain their original appearance. You can wear burgundy pants with anything: from white blouse to a black leather jacket.

Who Looks Good In Burgundy

Bordeaux is not the main shade, it is the result of a fusion of brown and red. It is muted and calm, it does not attract the attention of others as bright colours do. Bordeaux is associated with a mature age, but young girls can also wear it with confidence.

This shade suits both blondes and brunettes. Redheads should treat burgundy with caution and use it sparingly. Red shades against dark clothes look even brighter, and because of the glow on the skin, there is the effect of an unhealthy blush.


Choose pants according to your body type. This depends on how the clothes sit and combine with other image details. A correctly selected style can visually make legs longer and slimmer by correcting the silhouette.


Pants, evenly expanding from the waistband or from the top of the thigh, are one option for a classic cut. Such pants are suitable for girls with any shape. You can pair them with various tops: from a free-cut blouse to a close-fitting sweater. Wide pants that are narrowed to the bottom and resemble sports pants. Burgundy or red shades are rarely suitable for this style.


With flared pants it is easy to overdo it: too wide pants look ridiculous, it is better to avoid them. The extension should start not from the waist, but from the middle of the thigh. The bottom of the pants should be symmetrical, and the maximum width should not exceed half the width of the waistband. Flared pants are more suitable for girls of high stature. The figure of stunted girls in such clothes looks disproportionate.


Elegant pants with slightly shortened pant legs allow you to open your ankles and bring a twist to your everyday image. This style is in fashion for several seasons and will be relevant for a long time. When wearing cropped pants, you can choose the original footwear: high sandals, shoes with ankle straps.

Spectacular Looks

Combining colours and textures, you can get different images with burgundy pants: strict, romantic, provocative. They will set the right mood and help you look stylish without much effort.

With white.

The combination of white and burgundy is classic and appropriate in any situation. Contrasting base colour emphasizes the depth of wine, balancing the shades. White top will help to make the colour of pants softer, slightly lighter.

With black

Another classic combination that is considered too austere and boring. But it is not so: black will shade the burgundy, making it more saturated. For the image to be harmonious, the accessories should also be black.

With gray, silver

Combine burgundy pants with light gray or silver for a stylish look. To appear relaxed, you need to pay attention to bright details. Blue or green accessories would enhance such an image.

With green

The green color palette belongs to the complex ones. It is important to pick up a pair carefully with this shade: the dark top will overhang the bottom and make the figure heavier. Bright lettuce colors do not match wine, so it is better to choose darker varieties.

With blue, blue

Shades of blue belong to the cold palette, and with warm burgundy shades it is better to keep them separate. But dark burgundy jeans can be worn with various blue variants: from navy to light blue.

With beige, brown, gold

The traditional combination of burgundy and a warm palette. Any colour looks appropriate: from dark brown to light beige, almost cream. The image turns out to be calm, but not boring. Any shade of burgundy goes well with a jacket or sweater of golden or peach color.

With yellow, red, orange

The combination of burgundy and red is very harsh. It is better to avoid it if you do not want to irritate people around you. It is acceptable to combine a wine shade with orange, and yellow can be combined only with the darkest variant of burgundy.

Where Burgundy Pants Are Appropriate

You can wear burgundy pants in different situations. But it is imperative to match other details of the image so that they create a unified composition:

  • To work at the office. A business image requires clear lines, so with pants you can wear shirts and blouses with a simple cut, without a print. And not to look too strict, instead of white it is better to choose pastel shades: cream, latte, light pink.
  • For a walk with friends. Have fun in a comfortable and comfortable outfit: denim shirt with skinny pants or classic cropped pants. With wide trousers it is better to wear a thin sweater or a light jacket.
  • For a date. To create a romantic image, the top to the pants should be chosen light, you can use bold prints. For example, a blouse of blue or gray shade with polka dots will perfectly complement the dark bottom.

For a weekend outing with the family, burgundy pants are also suitable. You can wear them to shop, visit a movie theater, cafe or even a theater. In this case, so that the image is not monotonous, it is better to wear a top with leopard or checkered print to complement the pants.

What To Wear With Burgundy Pants

It is imperative not only to choose the right pants cut but also to complement them with suitable accessories. A successful combination with burgundy pants is obtained when the colour scheme is used correctly: accessories are in the same palette with the bottom and contrast to the top.

What kind of shoes can be combined with

The choice of shoes is often approached with more care than the choice of clothing, and rightly so. Shoes and boots determine how the image as a whole will look. The choice should be guided by the trends of the season:

  • Spring and autumn – the time for boots and strict shoes, you should pay attention to the shoes with a high and wide heel, with a closed top;
  • Summer is a hot period of open sandals, pumps and ballet flats, which should be of light colours;
  • Winter – requires high boots on a wide rugged sole or boots in the style of the military.

Choosing shoes should be based on the other accessories. They must be in the same style and the same colour palette.


Bordeaux allows you to use accessories made of leather, fur, jeans and other sophisticated fabrics. The basic principles of handbag selection:

  • Clutches can be light colours, and large bags are better to choose darker shades;
  • Lacquered leather bags look better than matte ones;
  • Large prints and even three-dimensional details are acceptable.

A warm scarf and gloves of sandy shade will complete the winter look. In the summer, you can wear a hat that is light in colour, such as white or brown.

Stylish Examples

To get a harmonious and fashionable image, you can be guided by the most stylish women: actresses, singers and photomodels. During popular events (such as the Academy Awards), you can watch live broadcasting and notice what celebrities prefer to wear these pants with. Photos from the carpets dazzle with a new popular trend: actresses and singers increasingly prefer to wear pantsuits. And there is no exception. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart look casual and bold in these suits.

But the outfits suitable for solemn ceremonies will only be appropriate in everyday life. For this reason, pants of simple cuts, without unnecessary details, are better suited for everyday wear. And for a festive corporate party, you can wear pants made of stretchy shiny fabric instead of a dress.

Stylist Tips

For a perfect fit, stylists recommend following 3 rules, paying attention to:

  1. Fabric. Prefer natural materials: silk, cotton, satin. Be careful with leather products. They are very tight-fitting and suitable only for informal style.
  2. Size. It is always better to take something that is a little bit big. In cold weather you will have to wear tights under the pants, and they will sit perfectly.
  3. Compatibility. Before you buy the pants you like, you should imagine with which of the existing things they will combine. If there are no suitable options, the pants are likely to remain in the closet “dead weight”. Or you will have to buy a suitable top specifically for them.

When choosing a shade of burgundy, you should be guided by your skin colour and age. Young girls are better suited to red, saturated shades. For mature ladies, it is better to settle for more restrained wine and brownish tones.

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