How To Wear Blue Dress: Going Out And Every Day

Ladies who ask themselves the question: “what to wear it with?” absolutely do not worry, because it is such a noble color, which is a lot of obligations. Not in vain, even the Royal Family of England chose it as their color. The young lady, wearing it as a dress, should already feel like a queen.

Blue resembles a bottomless ocean. It holds endless silence and peace. Fans of blue will appreciate your outfit. On it, as well as on the water, you can look infinitely. Such a blue dress, enchanting and alluring. But do not underestimate the color blue. It can be stormy and rocking, just like the sea or a raging ocean.

However, when choosing a dress, pay attention not only to color but also to style. This is so that the cut of the dress favorably emphasizes all the advantages and hides the disadvantages, if any. Additionally, the chosen color was suitable for the girl’s appearance, age, and circumstances. Blondes are better suited to light shades of blue closer to blue, for example, turquoise or azure. On the other hand, Brunettes will prefer bright colors such as electric or indigo. If a red-haired or blonde girl also likes the dress in blue, do not hesitate in your choice. The main thing to remember is that indigo looks best on tanned skin.

Accessories For The Blue Dress

Barefoot dress

Due to its uniqueness, the dress box is suitable for both normal shopping, and as an evening gala attire.

For the daily office-appropriate suit and casual combination:

  • with a jacket of calm and understated colors or a blazer;
  • with the pumps;
  • with modest decorations.

For a walk:

  • jersey cardigan;
  • comfortable shoes.

For a night out, the dress needs to be complemented with:

  • A beautiful brooch;
  • The belt, to stand out against the background of the dress, can be decorated with rhinestones or a bow;
  • with an exquisite clutch;
  • beads, you can have several rows.

All of the above attributes are optional. Standing in front of the mirror, a girl will understand what is unnecessary in her closet and what is necessary. The image must be complete. Additionally, the dress should emphasize the owner’s impeccable taste.

New Look style dress

If you want a retro style outfit, you can wear a blue polka dot dress combining it:

  • with a belt of bright colors;
  • a dainty handbag;
  • with lacquered shoes;
  • with fishnet tights.

Dresses from New Image can have very different colors. Beautiful dress with polka dots, plaid and small stripes.

Evening dress

A short dress in bright blue or a knee-length dress combined with accessories in silver or gold is appropriate for a party.

Accessories for the long blue dress:

  • bolero jacket;
  • jacket in a classic style;
  • short leather jacket;
  • large-format jewelry (made of wood or natural stones).

A dress made of airy fabric does not require any special additions. Everything is at the discretion of the woman who will wear it.

For going out to a restaurant or a social event, a blue lace or guipure dress in combination with a fur jacket. Expensive jewelry will only emphasize its advantages.

Shirt dress

An elegant and very feminine person would wear a long blue shirt dress.

The dress should be completed with the following accessories:

  • leather white or caramel belt;
  • shoes in the tone of the belt;
  • A medium-sized red handbag;
  • glasses with red or white frames.

If a girl wants to create a light summer option, it is better to opt for a short shirt dress and combine it with:

  • with a white belt;
  • with a white purse, possibly with writing or drawings;
  • with white sandals or summer boots.

Successful Color Combinations

Several shades of blue

This combination welcomes a variety of shades. For example:

  • blue and purple dress;
  • coat in deep navy blue;
  • black accessories.

Or another example:

  • bright blue dress;
  • accessories in bright blue;
  • A black handbag and black suede shoes.

The combination of black and blue will be appropriate for everyday life and an evening out.

The combination of blue with white, which gives it a visible lightness, creating a striking image, does not lose its relevance.

Pastel colors

In addition to the blue dress, beige and milk colors will give your image a sense of exquisite romance and indestructible tenderness. You can complement with pastel colors not only the outfit but also elements of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

A noble combination of colors

The gray color will emphasize the modesty of the blue outfit. To make this combination of clothes look interesting, add an accessory in red, such as a purse or/and a headdress.

Blue combines beautifully with its relative tones as well. Colors such as mint, blue, or sea waves will add freshness and harmony to an exciting image.

Brown colors

Fans of westerns more appreciate brown accessories. Complementing the image with dark boots or a bag, a girl can feel like a conqueror of the Wild West. A classic dress and a dark coat will give the hostess of the event an incredible sense of femininity and delicacy.

In addition, blue is a unique color that forms a delightful alliance with any other bright, saturated, or tranquil color. In every case, completely different images are obtained.

Combining blue and green will fill your image with energy and joy. Red will make your outfit attractive and seductive. The duo of blue and yellow will fill the soul of the mistress of the outfit, as well as the souls of those around her, with positivity and joy.

Given that the blue dress is both strict and romantic, it will not be out of place in the closet of not only a young girl, but also in older women. Don’t jump to conclusions even if you’ve never liked the blue color. It is possible that you have not yet found your blue, because there are more than 150 shades of it. For example, sapphire, navy blue, midnight blue, azure, navy blue and so on. Any of the options you choose will definitely make more than one man’s heart beat faster.

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