How To Wear A Wide Brim Hat

A wide brim hat used to be worn only by the wealthy. It was invented to protect against the scorching sun. And with this function, the hat has survived for many centuries. Today it is also a fashionable closet item, enhancing the femininity of romantic ladies and the stylishness of casual girls.

A classic look with a black hat with wide brim.

Wide Brim Hat: What Is It?

  • Florentine. The carcass is slightly elevated and flat at the top.
  • Hat-wheel. The crown repeats the contour of the head. The most common type of wide brim hat.
  • Calabrian. The carcass is pointed, the hat looks like a cone.
  • Cowboy. The longitudinal cleavage on the mascara, the margins are bent up the sides.

Women’s hats with spacious brims are made of both natural and artificial materials. Natural ones are more expensive and, as usual, better for the head and hair. Flax, cotton, straw or sisal allow the scalp to “breathe”. Straw hats are always fashionable on the beach, and felt hats in the cooler seasons. Some hats are made with a fishing line made into the edges of the margins: such hats can be given different shapes. If you wish to change your image, you can sometimes wear a straight brim, sometimes inflect the front or side edge, then inflect on both sides, then lay the field in a wave. Some hats are decorated with artificial flowers, feathers, brooches, bows and ribbons.

A white and pink hat for summer.

Warm burgundy hat made of felt for autumn.

Beige hat with a wide brim is a universal hat in the closet.

Functionality Of A Wide Brim Hat

Summertime is when a hat with large fields is most relevant, since it perfectly protects from the sun. It will help prevent burning and drying out the hair. So that the skin of the face and ears does not burn, so that the neck and shoulders do not get sunburn. If you are against new freckles and age spots, then this hat will prevent their appearance. A hat also prevents moles and other neoplasms that, combined with the sun’s active radiation, can cause skin cancer.

A woman’s hat not only protects her skin, but also her eyes from direct sunlight. This allows her to take off her sunglasses sometimes, or for some, to avoid them altogether. In addition, when you wear a hat, you stop squinting from the bright sun, which means you save yourself from the formation of wrinkles around the eyes!

How To Choose The Right Hat For You

First, let’s take into account the shape of the face. Round-faced girls will suit a hat with a high crown, it will visually extend the face. The owners of oval and triangular faces should wear hats with a lowered brim on the forehead to visually round them out. Nose-nose people would do well to bend the front edge of the field upwards to open the face and to remove the accent on the nose. Hats with straight brims are suitable for tall and slender people. Small and full will be beautiful if you bend the front brim of a woman’s hat and fix it, for example, with a brooch.

Black hat with large fields for an evening look.

If you have pale skin – do not choose a hat in pastel colours, otherwise you will “merge” with it and emphasize pallor. If you have light hair, then a black, gray, purple, blue, turquoise or brown wide brim hat will suit you well. Girls with red hair are advised not to wear red so as not to look provocative. Women with dark hair usually go with any colour.

How To Wear A Wide Brim Hat

First, remembering the noble roots of the wide brim hat, wear it with confidence, a straight posture and a raised head. In summer, the hat will go with almost any style of clothing. With dresses, sundresses, short and long skirts, with wide pants, pants, shorts and breeches, with shirts, T-shirts and blouses, and, of course, with swimsuits!

In summer, a wide brim hat is good with a flared skirt.

Hats look very elegant with summer dresses.

The classic combination of a hat with voluminous fields – with flowing sundresses, flared pants, delicate blouses, and elegant high heels. But fashionable women have mastered using the hat in an urban casual style. Wide brim hat is worn with a short skirt and shorts, with a top and a t-shirt, with leggings and a tunic. The image of a business person is elegantly conveyed with a skirt or pants suit and a wide brim hat.

Wide brim hat goes even with a pantsuit.

Today a hat can be matched with jeans as well.

In the fall and spring, lightweight women’s hats give way to fedoras. They are worn with a classic raincoat or coat. The only thing a wide brim felt hat should not be worn with is jackets, it will look absurd. Felt hats look gorgeous with light scarves and stoles, carelessly tied over the coat or cape.

Black hat with beige trench coat.

In spring and fall, wear a coat with a wide brim hat.

It is fashionable today to wear a hat with a wide brim of bright colors with a discrete outfit to which you can add one bright detail in the color of the hat.

Stylish red hat with a black shirt and skirt.

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