How To Wear A Vest In 2022

Another popular trend for 2022 is the vest. A knit vest will turn your tops, dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, pants, and more into cute outfits. Choose vest options ranging from simple, chic white to fun multicolored prints. Wear it for a weekend outing, work, or dinner. You’re sure to love the knit vest. We have collected for you the best ideas about what to wear with a knitted vest.

how to wear a vest in 2022

Collar Shirt And Shorts Or Skirt

The simplest but stylish option is a vest with shorts or a skirt. A school uniform look. Simple but very feminine.

Vest And Dress

Wear a vest over a dress. A dress shirt or a long chiffon dress would look good.

Collar Shirt And Jeans

A Knit vest with jeans and a shirt is a classic combination for any occasion.

Knit Jacket And Pants

A set for work, study, and formal occasions.

Leather Pants And Leggings

Skin pants have been gaining popularity for the past two years.

By itself

If it’s warm outside, wear the vest on a bare body. For the bottom, choosing jeans, pants, leggings, or a long skirt is better.

Black Vest

The black top will easily fit into any setting.

Beige And Brown Vest

If you like light and warm shades, choose a model in brown, beige, or sand color.

White Short And Long Vest

The white vest is classic, delicate and airy—a classic and romantic look.

Gray Long Violet

Gray goes well with black, white, and blue. It can be a good substitute for a jacket or blazer.

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