How To Wear A Velvet Skirt Of Pencil And Sundress Styles

Velvet clothes age, and sometimes they add a few extra pounds. Modern designers and stylists can change the minds of opponents of such clothes. Creating a luxury lightweight image with a velvet skirt is a great way to emphasize slimness and youthfulness.

This season’s collections are distinguished by a special love of designers for all kinds of skirts. A particularly luxurious look is given by models that reach the floor, which stylists recommend to combine with elongated sweaters of large knitting.

Another winning model is trapeze skirts “sun” and knee-length variants of the “pencil” type. These spectacular products are perfectly combined with fashionable shirts with a classic cut. “Warm up” the image by wearing a stylish long sweater.

Many designers, presenting their new collections, played with the current velvet maxi and red long skirt, decorated with lace. The most “tasty” beauty experiments can be seen in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, H&M Studio, Roland Mouret, Lacoste, Saint Lauren, Roland Mouret, Carven, Dsquared2 and Marco de Vincenzo.

The perfect new clothes for the new season

After a detailed study of the latest collections, we can highlight a few more fashion trends of the coming fashion season:

  1. Topical velvet floor-length skirts in imposing shades (bordeaux, indigo, plum);
  2. Very young girls can give preference to bright shades of red, yellow, brick palette. A suitable style is a sun or a pencil;
  3. Dark pencil skirts of black or chocolate shade designers consider too boring. Therefore, the already textured rich velvet is now supplemented with lace, flounces, intricate cut and other unusual embellishments;
  4. Maxi skirts of combined material will be an excellent basis for complex bohemian looks. For example, red velvet fabric is complemented by black knit inserts, and secondary details are made of matte leather or suede;
  5. Pencil skirts or “sun” style are decorated with waves, effectively decorated with patches, snakes, false fasteners and buttons.

Spectacular dresses, complemented by a velvet skirt

Another luxurious fashion discovery of the upcoming season are the gorgeous dressy dresses with velvet “sun” or maxi length skirts. Stylists recommend wearing vintage bohemian style dresses with a velvet floor-length skirt in the upcoming season. Flared midi models, short minis and strict versions of the pencil skirt are also acceptable.

The main feature of the skirt is the presence of velvet. The bodice can be made of a material similar in texture, or shocking with a sharp transition of one type of fabric to another.

Evening bohemian and casual chic

For an evening look, choose a dress to the floor with a velvet skirt and bodice based on heavy silk, decorated with lace or intricate applique. To wear such a spectacular outfit with a minimum of accessories. For everyday wear, I prefer a model with a velvet pencil skirt and an elegant top of high-quality knitwear.

Another winning option: the bodice is made of the same type of fabrics (soft suede, leather, jersey), and the sleeves and skirt are made of velvet. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the skirt (mini, midi, floor-length). It is imperative that the outfit was proportional and natural.

Exclusive from stylists

A special temptation of style and fashion is a velvet skirt with a zipper. There are models to the floor and versions no lower than the knees. A lace corset can complement the outfit with intricate decorations.

An obvious nuance – the longer the skirt, the more muted the shade. For example, the floor skirt can be soft beige, gray and lilac, dark chocolate, muted plum or just black.

For models with a pencil skirt or flared variants in length to the knee, more bright juicy shades are acceptable. And the most spectacular models that can be worn in the coming season are sunny mini-skirts of bright red, lemon, purple and turquoise tones. A short fur cape will give a sense of heaviness to the look.

Maxi: Universal Length

Skirts to the floor are always in trend. The maxi length looks amazing on everyone, especially in a velvety texture. The key is to use it correctly in the image.

The most comfortable length that can be worn in everyday life – to the ankles. For women with broad shoulders and narrow hips, maxi skirts A-silhouette will create spectacular looks.

For girls with wide hips, floor-length models are best, with a semi-substantial silhouette and spectacular design. It is better to wear such a skirt with socks or a coarsely knit sweater.

A layered maxi suit is only for slender and tall women. This feature, if used incorrectly, can “present” a few extra pounds, and “cut off” a few precious centimeters in height.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil model is particularly versatile. Under this skirt, it is always easy to see other closet details. It may be more difficult to create a stylish image if the model is made of velvet in a complex colour.

A classic cut is better complemented by strict pumps or elegant stiletto boots. Low-cut platform boots are an excellent alternative.

The perfect top

It is better to avoid the abundance of fittings, massive pockets and other “weighting elements”. Velvet “classics” are striking in their minimalism.

The ideal top is a blouse or blouse of lightweight material combined with an elegant blazer or jacket. Classic images are better shaped with a simple golf outfit and a laconic jacket or vest. Romantic looks and images for nights out can be “decorated” with dressy accessories.

Velvet Mini

The mini is always in fashion. It is difficult for stylists to work with such a risky element of women’s closet. However, the correct approach, as well as a natural sense of style allows you to create a true fashion masterpiece.

For everyday wear, choose a classic mini-skirt of a puffed format. Very stylish models with large flounces.

A skirt with a mini length scoop is ideal for hiding large hips and visually lengthening legs. And the flirty “lantern” will give a nice fullness and volume to girls with narrow hips.

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