How To Wear A Tuxedo For Women

A woman who is strong, confident and independent woman will not rely on the majority’s opinion when forming her personal closet. As a result, she will stand against the crowd to remain an individual. In this case, such a lady should not necessarily belong to the class of businesswoman. Any woman has at least one eye on fashion and can afford to adopt any closet item according to her wishes and preferences.

In particular, a woman’s tuxedo raises contradictory opinions. Can a modern madam wear it without compromising her individuality, femininity and sexuality? Are there any restrictions to follow when choosing this piece of clothing? Can a woman’s tuxedo be considered part of her business image? These questions are all conditioned by the fact that originally the tuxedo was an accessory for men.

Let’s Turn To History

The first mentions of this type of costume were found in the 19th century. At that time, clothing was divided directly according to its purpose. For example, men put on the jacket before heading to the smoking room. The precaution was logical, as the odor of tobacco did not travel to other rooms. The jacket was very convenient because it had several pockets where you could place a cigarette case, glasses, or other necessary small things.

Over time, the suit grew into ceremonial clothes (tailcoats). Only smooth lapels of silk or satin reminded of their former functionality. It was convenient to shake off ash, fallen from a cigar, if necessary. Then Yves Saint Laurent proposed the women’s tuxedo as a business suit. Given that it was the middle of the 20th century, the proposal was a challenge and it was received with flying colours. The jacket was loved by the ladies as well.

The Catwalks Of The World

The women’s tuxedo was once limited to the business closet. No fashion designer left this trend unattended, and solutions were used in polar opposite ways.

For example, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani preferred the classic versions with some changes. Such a look can be worn by a businesswoman. Complement the jacket with a pencil skirt or straight pants. Other fashion designers presented the women’s tuxedo in a more unusual way. Dolce & Gabbana brand pleased fashionistas with models made of velvet and tweed. And Alexander Wang really surprised, presenting a suit with elements of a down jacket! Such a jacket will keep you warm even in winter! And the white colour will set the holiday mood.

Today at the peak of fashion is a shortened jacket with different lapel designs. They can be leather, neon or covered with rhinestones.

Alexander Wang also decided to fully capture the most unconventional girls, presenting a spectacular combination of classics and evening jumpsuit of flowing fabric. He is also the author of the idea for women’s tuxedos and white golf.

Fashion designers did not ignore the so-called “stuffing” and presented bright blouses adorned with national symbols. For example, the Aisberg brand distinguished itself by combeanieng a cropped-smock jacket with a blouse covered in a folklore pattern.

Many designers wore tuxedos on the catwalks! But here we should take into account the fact that top models are slim creatures, but ladies with lush breasts should not adopt this trend.

Where To Wear The Suit?

Buying a beautiful jacket and matching pants is half the problem, but where to wear them and how to complement them to create an elegant look? Modern fashionable women can safely wear a tuxedo to any event. For business meetings and office work it is better to choose a classic. The only difference from its male counterpart is a narrowed waist. But there are exceptions. For example, Angelina Jolie surprised fans in a pleasant way, when she walked the red carpet in a tuxedo. The beauty had skinny pants, a loose blouse and an unbuttoned jacket. The image was complemented by luxurious shoes, a tie, lush hair and a laconic makeup. You can repeat Jolie’s image for work or for an evening out. The right accessories would set the mood.

Focus on the parameters of your figure, choosing what to wear the suit with. With the right cut, the pants will correct all flaws, if any are present, of course. By the way, a white or black jacket can be worn without pants, complementing the jeans and the top.

Going Out Into The World

Let’s go deeper into the issue of choosing an evening look. Not every lady will dare to wear a spectacular pantsuit. Rather, you want to emphasize his femininity, rather than balancing on a fine line between masculinity and sexuality. It is necessary to take things slowly. For example, put a tuxedo on an evening dress. If the dress is too lively, balance the image with stylish shoes and a strict clutch. Flamboyant makeup won’t complement a tuxedo.

Match a dress or jumpsuit to the tuxedo, focusing on the texture of the lapels. By the way, many men confirm the fact that the tuxedo and delicate evening dresses are very attractive.

Vivid Accent

An example from history tells the story of the socialite Nan Kempner, who in 1966 was not allowed into a Parisian restaurant. The lady took off her pants and declared her jacket a dress! Now that was truly brave! But it is unlikely that a modern madam would risk being out in public dressed only in a jacket. Unless it will be lengthened. The shoes with spike heels will be the bright accent, not the shocking nudity. By the way, you should know how to wear them. There is nothing funnier than a spectacularly dressed lady, waddling on heels with an expression of agony on her face.

Those who like bold solutions can also opt for the classic version, excluding the blouse and top. Jacket on the bare body looks very erotic and stylish at the same time. If the cleavage is visible, the bottom is better to leave the classic. A black and white tuxedo is ideal. Do not forget that the neckline requires care, as it will attract attention.

So how do you decorate your cleavage for the exit?

  1. Cover up pimples and redness on the skin. There is no need to use too much foundation. Dry out the inflammations with a toner.
  2. Then apply moisturizer. Wait for complete absorption so as not to stain the suit.
  3. If your skin color allows it, you can use a bronzer or powder with a matting effect.
  4. No bra! If you want to accentuate the cleavage, use silicone pads.
  5. Of course, the jacket on the bare body should be worn only in the warm season.

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