How To Wear A Trench Coat In 2022-2023

The trenchcoat is always in fashion. This season, designers offer to pay attention to both classic and original styles. I have studied all the fashion trends and novelties. I will tell you what to wear in a trench coat in 2022-2023. How to create a stylish image if you have a trench coat. Below you will find an extensive photo gallery – all photos are clickable – click and be inspired.

trench coat 2022 with what to wear
With what to wear a trench in 2022-2023 – fashion trends

The most popular solutions from designers for 2022-2023:

  • Women’s trench coat in beige is the most stylish shade.
  • Traditional tailoring of capes in the style of Burberry’s first models.
  • Shortened versions.
  • Oversize models.
  • Asymmetry.

Now let’s figure out what to wear a trench coat with for the Fall 2022 season.


This year a quiet palette of tones is trending. You can safely bet on black, beige, blue, and other pastel colors. But it is not necessary to abandon the bright, saturated hues. If you like red, burgundy – why not?

beige coat and white pants
Beige coat and white pants – stylish combination
white trench coat
Light trench for a casual look
gray trench coat
Gray a coat, jeans, and black pullover – simple and stylish

Please pay attention to the print. Animal prints and floral prints are popular this season. Drawing imitates the zebra’s color, leopard – it’s bold and bright.

What to wear a beige trench coat

Classic beige models suit absolutely everyone. The timeless classic will fit into a basic ensemble. It can be used as outerwear for work and a parade outing.

These models can be used as outerwear for work and parade outings.

Gruff boots to match the coat and a knit tracksuit.
Blue jeans, black turtleneck, and solid sneakers.
With the leather dress and Chelsea boots.
trench with tracksuit
Trench with tracksuit
beige coat
Beige with black – a classic combination
Beige trench coat with jeans
jeans and beige trench coat – stylish and simple

The beige trench coat pairs well with:

  1. You are contrasting black. You can combine a black pencil skirt and a beige top, or vice versa, a dark top, and a beige pencil skirt. These are indispensable ensembles for everyday closet.
  2. With jeans or classic pants. Both look harmoniclosetsith dresses with a straight cut. A shirt dress will also come in handy. Prints are stripes, leopards, and flowers.
  3. Suit in tone. Monochrome images are at the peak of pop in the suite.


    The khaki trench coat is a good choice for the off-season. Combine khaki with many shades. Care should be made of a combination of yellow, orange, and scarlet.

    what to wear khaki trench with
    Khaki trench with beige jeans

    The khaki trench coat will go with:

      1. Classic blue and navy jeans.
      2. White and grey shirts and turtlenecks.
      3. Mini and midi skirts and dresses in combination with flesh-colored tights.



    The black trench coat is a classic that goes with any outfit. It can be combined with a classic suit or with a bold mini. A sea of options!

    what to wear a black trench coat with
    Long black coat with a short skirt
    what to wear a black trench coat with
    Dark jacket with jeans and loafer shoes

    Suitable combinations for this raincoat:

        1. Black total look-all in black.
        2. White, beige, and cream shades of blouses and turtlenecks.
        3. Suit or dress in bold, bright colors.
        4. Jeans in various styles, even tapered ones.
        5. Striped shirts.
        6. Bright accessories.

    White, bold colors.

    Blue and blue

    Blue and blue shades belong to the cool color palette. Combined with other closet pieces, they can “cool down” the different shades. It can be hard to pair them with your everyday clothes.

    blue trench
    Blue trench with a floral print dress

    To make sure these trench coats don’t look dull, you can combine them with:

        1. Black total look.
        2. Light cream and white tops. Shirts, blouses and sweaters would work.
        3. White and white pants, light blue jeans.
        4. Navy-inspired clothing such as t-shirts with horizontal stripes.

    Dark blue models are an alternative to black. Blue is suitable for everyday looks. It can be worn with jeans or pants. It looks good in brown, beige, and white.

    The blue models look good with brown, beige, and white.

    what to wear blue trench with
    Knee-length blue trench coat

    Gray trench coat

    Gray is a neutral shade. It can be light, dark, or graphite.

    Golden grey cape with a black jumpsuit – very stylish

    The gray trench coat will go well with any look, such as with:

  4. White or light grey wide-leg pants, culottes.
  5. Skinny jeans, blue or grey boyfriend jeans.
  6. A pencil skirt in trendy colors such as pink or mustard.
  7. A grey sweater or a heavy knitted turtleneck.
  8. White suit with tight pants.


    A white trench coat can be tried on as part of a business style and casual “casual.”

    The following would pair best with this trenchcoat:

    1. Elegant office dress. All shades are acceptable, both classic and bright, and even screaming.
    2. White total look. A trendy wide-brimmed hat would be a non-trivial solution.
    3. Boyfriend jeans in light blue, grey, or beige tones.
    4. Transparent prints such as checks or houndstooth.


      The brown trenchcoat can be a complement to a casual style. The effect looks brown in total look.

      It would look good with:

      1. A coat sweater in grey, black or white.
      2. Denim shirt or denim dress.
      3. Dark or light blue bell-bottom jeans.
      4. A classic suit with a heavy check jacket.
      5. Midi dress to match the coat.

      Denim dress.


      Classics are still in demand. A superficial cut will go well with many looks. Would you like something new? Pay attention to the asymmetric hem. Designers offer – pleated inserts, patch pockets, voluminous sleeves, or even a hood.


      The trenchcoat in classic length is considered a coat up to mid-thigh or to the knee. It goes well with almost all closet time. Perfect for:

      1. Trousers and jeans in various styles.
      2. Skirts and maxi, midi and mini dresses.
      3. Trouser suits.
      4. Sweaters, shirts, and shirts.


      The short coat to the top of the thigh is usually purchased as an alternative to the classic jacket. It’s a good choice for short women but shouldn’t be worn for pear-shaped girls, as it will visually increase the size of the hips.

      The short trench coat can be paired with:

      1. Straight dresses and pencil skirts.
      2. Consecutive pants and jeans.
      3. Colored fabrics and bold or straightforward prints (check, striped).
    5. Single-tone clothing.


      A long trench coat should reach your ankles, and it’s best not to wear it buttoned up. It is worth tying a belt around the waist to emphasize the figure. A long trench coat is suitable for tall and slender girls.

      Long trench with tall boots.
      what to wear a long trench coat with
      Long trench coat with a midi dress

      Combine a trench coat with:

      1. Straight pants or slacks.
      2. Pencil skirt with pencil blouse.
      3. Austere sweater or dress in any length.
      4. Assured skirts.
      5. Blue jeans.


      Oversize models can be paired with almost any outfit. Loose cut hides all the curves of your body, which is why this model fits women of any build. However, petite, not tall women to over-size should be treated cautiously.

      Oversize trench with loafers.
      what to wear an oversized trench coat with
      Oversized coat with jeans

      These will go with:

      1. Classically cut pants and jeans (preferably avoid skinnies and leggings).
      2. Strict sweaters and heavy knitted drawers.
      3. Dresses and skirts of any lengthy-knitter A Leather Trench CoatThe leather trench coat is one of this season’s most coveted trends.
        what to wear a leather trench with
        Brown leather trench

        Successful combinations with such outerwear would be:

        1. Classic cut leather pants.
        2. Mini leather skirt with fashionable print.
        3. Column sweater in soft colors with a coat halter.
        4. Black skinny jeans.
        5. Beige or brown turtleneck.
        6. Elegant checked suit.
        7. Midi-length flared skirt.
        8. Blue straight-leg jeans.

          The Burberry Trench

          These are classic models that are distinguished by their lining. The Burberry’s lining is a vibrant plaid that looks stylish and becomes a highlight in the look when the trenchcoat is unbuttoned.

          The Burberry trenchcoat

          Shoes To Wear With Trench Coat

          The right shoes for a trench coat make for a triumphant look.

          trench coat and sneakers
          Sneakers with a trench coat – a great combination for everyday
          shoes with trench coat
          Comfortable trench coat shoes
          shoes with trench coat
          Toes and trench coat

          With the trenchcoat, combine:

          1. High heels. Perfect to accentuate elegance.
          2. High heels can be worn regardlforsaccentuatingngth and the style of the trench coat.
          3. Slippers and oxford shoes.
          4. High-heeled shoes with no heel.
          5. High-jockey boots with a wide cuff.
          6. Half boots with a massive heel.
          7. Cowboy boots and half boots with a slanted heel.
          8. Colored sneakers and sneakers.

            A good trenchcoat can be the foundation for a triumphant look in any style.

            Trench Coat Looks 2022-2023 (Photos)

            These stylish images will help you find inspiration and create a modern look.

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