How To Wear A Sun Skirt Right

Women’s closets should include a beautiful, airy and playful sun skirt. Over the past few years, it has steadily risen in the fashion ratings and won girls’ hearts everywhere. Fashion blogs are replete with photos that depict sun skirts of different colours, lengths, made from a variety of materials.

Sun Skirt

Black sun skirt with top

This is not surprising, because such a skirt, if properly combined, can give its owner both femininity, sexuality and grace.

What To Wear With A Sun Skirt

Sun skirts are so versatile and easy to combine that countless options can be composed with them. Don’t forget that in any combination, it will play the dominant role of a queen, attracting attention to itself. Therefore, the other parts of the image should only set it off, not clogging it with its own brightness, riot of colours or massiveness. The main rules for the selection of combinations with the sun skirt are:

  • Laconic. It is better to choose a laconic top to the sun skirt. The same applies if your choice is a half-slip skirt. There is no need to wear flamboyant blouses and puffy sleeves.
  • Avoid small prints. The fact is that small prints will not look beautiful on a wide cloth. If you decide to choose a skirt with a pattern, it should be quite large and catchy.
  • Sun skirt should not be worn with a long top. That is, it will not look with long cardigans, jackets. The half-length skirt is also chosen taking into account these factors.
  • Most beautiful in the summertime it can be combined with a short top, opening the belly band.

Sun Skirt with T-Shirt

What “tops” go best with the sun skirt:

  • Blouses made of satin. Or lace ones. It is important that they should not be bulky. Best of all, they should be fitted.
  • Lace or chiffon tops for going out.
  • A strict turtleneck, preferably in darker colours, for work.
  • For cooler times – a tight-fitting stylish sweater.
  • Corset.

Sun skirt with a blouse

Absolutely do not wear with the sun skirts things in the sports style, especially stretched and lost form – t-shirts, sports shirts. Avoid such combinations.


If you choose heels, remember that simple and elegant models will look best with the sun skirt. Therefore, if you wear shoes or sandals, it is imperative that they do not have excessive decorations.

This skirt model also looks great with a wedge, loafers, or even flip-flops.

Heeled shoes give her an elegant look, ballet flats are playful, and sneakers can create a relaxed, youthful image.

Sun skirt with sneakers

Black sun skirt with flat-soled shoes

Sun skirt with sneakers


The use of accessories will complement the outfit and give it completeness. What can be advised to use in combination with the sun skirt? Try such accessories:

  • Miniature hats in the form of a pill. Such hat styles will give the image a retro flair.
  • Massive bright plastic bracelets.
  • Glasses with bright frames.
  • Large beads. Preferably with round beads.
  • Bright lightweight gas scarves.

Sun skirt with top and necklace

Who Are Sun Skirts For

Why are skirts of this style so popular? It’s simple – because they perfectly suit the owners of all shapes. The half-sun and sun skirt will perfectly hide a girl’s flaws if she has bouffant hips. As well, if a girl has a boyish figure, the magic closet object will give volume to the lower body that has been missing. If a girl has an hourglass figure, this skirt will be an ideal fit. As it emphasizes both feminine curves and a thin waist at the same time.

Sun Skirt

In addition, you can choose a colouring that will further correct the figure flaws. For example, vertical stripes will make you look taller and slimmer. Dark colours and medium-sized patterns have the same slimming properties. Massive garish prints will appeal to the owners of boyish miniature figures – they give volume. Also, skinny girls will suit light shades and horizontal stripes.

In any case, the half-sun and sun skirt add an air of fragility and airiness to any figure. Don’t forget to purchase this piece if you don’t have it in your closet yet.

Pink sun skirt

How To Choose Skirt Length

Sun skirts can be found in many forms. There are short and long, mottled and monochrome, etc. Let’s consider what length of sun skirt is now at the peak of fashion.


Mini-models can afford to wear clothes that not every girl can afford. For this you need to have a slender figure and thin legs. This length can give volume to the hips and better emphasize the underdeveloped waist.

Mini skirt


A half-sun and a sun of medium length are shown to girls with any parameter. Wearing this model with high heels can visually lengthen the legs. It will be useful for a walk, and at work as part of a business image. This is a truly versatile closet item. If you buy such a skirt in a neutral colour – beige, coffee or sandy, you can compose many images with it.

Midi Skirt


The maxi length sun skirt is becoming popular again, especially in the summertime. At this time of the year it can be worn with crop tops and tank tops, and the skirt itself is made of light, flowing fabrics.

Maxi Skirt

Long skirts look especially chic on tall girls. They are combined, as a rule, with gladiator sandals or with flip-flops. If a girl is not tall, it would be better to wear heels with such a skirt, as it visually shortens and hides the legs.

Sew It Yourself

Even a novice seamstress can sew the sun skirt since the pattern is so simple. The pattern is a circle with a hole in the middle – that’s all there is to it. The half-sun skirt is also very simple to make, it will just consume half as much fabric. Nowadays such skirts are available in one layer and multilayer models. Multilayer gives the sun skirt additional puffiness, enhancing the girl’s figure even more slender and fragile.

Long sun skirt


Nowadays sun skirts are still often constructed of traditional light fabrics, even chiffon – like ballet tutus. But there is another trend – skirts constructed of heavy fabrics – brocade, tweed, even leather. Also very relevant now is the half-split skirt constructed of fashionable bright neoprene. In all cases, regardless of the type of fabric, such skirts look fantastically stylish, elegant, giving a chic and graceful appearance to its owner. Moreover, such a wide range of fabrics gives the opportunity to wear your favorite closet item also in winter and summer. Not to mention the off-season.

Leather sun skirt

Long sun skirt with print

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