How To Wear A Shiny Pencil Skirt Or Pleated Skirt

The sequined skirt is becoming a real trend in recent times. Famous designers and stylists with famous names have included this beautiful and elegant piece of women’s wardrobe in their collections. Shiny skirts are popular with girls, but they have a question – how do you combine such an ambiguous closet item? After all, in this case, it is so easy to overdo it and instead of a refined attire to look vulgar and inappropriate, especially if it is selected a daytime image. In this article we will consider the features of a sequined skirt and what to wear it with.


Let’s take a look at the main types of glitter skirts.

A glittery skirt is extremely graceful and beautiful to look at. It brings variety to the closet, suitable for evening and everyday looks. The stylish look and impeccable quality of the fabric makes a shiny skirt a welcome acquisition for every woman. Let’s consider what cut of sequined skirt is the most popular this season.


An original solution for courageous women is a pencil skirt made of shiny fabric. Such a skirt strongly emphasizes the hips, so be careful with this variant, if your lower body is not ideal. A shiny pencil skirt draws attention to a woman’s legs, highlighting her sexuality. Wear it with a simple shirt and sweater for work, or with a black top for evening, for example.

And in winter, a pencil skirt of shiny fabric will look gorgeous with a warm sweater that has a high neck.


A glittery skirt is one of the most popular options today. Many women have already appreciated this beautiful and stylish closet item. Particularly in demand and the most popular is the pleated sequined skirt length up to the middle of the shin – 10-15 cm below the knee. At the same time, this length allows you to demonstrate beautiful legs without looking vulgar.

The pleated skirt of shiny fabric looks better with a plain light-colour shirt and thin knit pullovers without patterns.

What to wear with

Shiny free-cut skirt, as a rule, is made from a thin fabric, which advantageously emphasizes a woman’s beautiful legs. This is a very fashionable and trendy closet item. And all contemporary trends indicate that the sequined skirt as a fashion trend will be relevant for a long time to come. Therefore, purchase this beautiful piece of clothing – and provide yourself with a stylish way to look stylish and fashionable every day. Consider such a burning question as the combination of a sequined skirt with other closet items. After all, this is exactly the problem that stops many women from buying.

So, the recommendations

The first thing to remember is that to create daytime combinations, it is necessary to combine the brightness of shiny fabric with a simple material that neutralizes the overly garish look.

If you need to compose a daytime image, suitable for work and for walks in the city, you can combine a shiny skirt with simple sweaters and shirts in neutral colours of natural materials. Also as a daytime outfit, the shiny skirt will suit perfectly with a denim shirt.

The sweatshirt will make a great pair of shiny bottoms. It combines well with shortened models, with loose long ones, and with plissé.

The most suitable solution for a daytime look is for the “top” to be made of a matte fabric, without shine. In a daytime look, even one shiny detail will be enough. Otherwise it would be a bit “overdone”.

You should not wear a lot of accessories with daytime looks. So there is a risk of turning into a hung with toys Christmas tree. But when creating an evening look, decorations will be appropriate, and even in considerable quantity – especially if it is a relaxed friendly party or a trip to a flamboyant nightclub.

In evening looks sparkling model looks stylish in a combination with flashy shoes. But for the daytime image it is better to wear matte shoes in neutral colours – beige and black tones are suitable.

If you want to make the image more flamboyant and daring, you can combine a shiny skirt and bright shoes or boots. In this case you can demonstrate your original taste. But be careful with such a combination – in this case it is necessary to show impeccable taste, so that the image does not look ridiculous.

A chic shirt made of natural fabric is a stylish “companion” for a sparkling skirt. A soft blue shirt or a model in another light shade looks especially nice. Such a combination is very loved by models and editors of fashion magazines, as well as fashion bloggers – just watch reports from the latest fashion weeks to make sure of this. This model can take the form of a relaxed plissé as well as an extravagant mini.

A simple T-shirt in a basic shade, perhaps even decorated with a print or ornament, will work perfectly with a walkld or silver skirt. And thrown on top a denim jacket will complete the look. Such a form allows you to walk to work on an autumn day. A pair of thick tights in dark elastic knit will complete the look and make it flawless.

If you need to go to a restaurant and look smart but at the same time, elegant, a shiny skirt will perfectly complement a delicate blouse made of silk, chiffon, or another thin, beautiful fabric.

The combination of white and silver is a classic of the genre. Keep this in mind when coming up with a stylish evening look. Such a classic combination will always work and look appropriate. A look like that can be worn to an exhibition, a date, and even to work.

The Most Current Combinations

A coarse, coarse-knit sweater pairs well with such a beautiful skirt. It looks especially stylish if the model has a loose cut. An option like this is perfect for the cooler months. This look will suit boots on a rough sole or stylish boots.

With the gold fabric model, a gray top will look good. It can be either a linen shirt or a sweater made of unpainted wool. In general, designers and stylists now highly appreciate the combination of delicacy and brutality.

If you want to have a good time in a nightclub or at a fashionable disco, combine a gold or silver miniskirt with a stylish black or dark-gray top. A suitable model would be leather, silk, with fringes or ruffles. Stylish simplicity is also welcome.

If you are going for a walk in a summer city, combine a silver skirt with a simple white T-shirt – a stylish yet simple look. To avoid looking too dressy for daytime, choose shoes with a flat sole. Simple ballet flats or sneakers made of textile are suitable. A small, youthful backpack will add modernity and casualness to the image.

As for footwear, the skirt with a sparkling surface looks gorgeous with high-heeled shoes, and with brutal rough military-style boots, and even with ballet shoes and sneakers. Choose the right shoes, based on what image you need to achieve in this case.


A few tips that will help you pair a sequined skirt with other closet items.

It should be borne in mind that the skirt, if it is completely made of shiny fabric, will fit only to skinny, slender girls. On full thighs such a model, especially if it is a pencil, close-fitting or mini – will look unsightly, further emphasizing the volume of the lower body.

Whether it’s a shiny pleated model or a mini, a pleated garment is a universal closet item. Wear it with a simple shirt during the day, and switch out the shirt for a beautiful top in the evening for a romantic date, a party at a nightclub, or a gala dinner at a restaurant.

A shiny skirt is a sexy item in a woman’s closet. Therefore, wearing it, you will provide yourself with an increased level of male attention. Therefore, if you are not ready for such attention, say, at work, it is better not to wear such a skirt.

You should not wear a bright skirt with a bright bag. Such a combination will be too overwhelming and intense. For daytime images, a bright skirt – mini, pencil or plisse – should be muted with quiet accessories.

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