How To Wear A Red Jacket Without Looking Vulgar

Since the red color is self-sufficient, it does not require additional decorative elements, so products of this color are usually classic cuts, and with a red jacket it will be redundant to wear a large number of accessories, such as big earrings, bracelets, or beads. There are many options with which to wear a red jacket to balance the high energy and even some aggressiveness of the red colour.

Red Color Combinations

Leading designers offer a huge variety of stylish combinations of red and other representatives of the color spectrum. This is easy to make sure that women of all ages and various natural data can find a red jacket for any situation in life. As classic combinations fashion designers offer to use:

  • The timeless classic – a combination of black and red, makes the image of a businesswoman extremely effective;
  • Beige and red – allows you to soften the excessive dominance of red and give a woman or girl a special elegance;
  • white and red – creates an unusually organic, fresh and at the same time bright combination that emphasizes the natural femininity;
  • Blue and red – allow you to create an incredibly harmonious and modern image, especially the combination of red and clothing items made of fabrics with blue and white stripes of different widths is considered stylish;
  • An unusual, but very fashionable combination of red and yellow will allow you to stand out from the crowd and make an unusually bright impression;
  • An incredible combination of a red jacket with pants or leggings made of fabrics with a “leopard” print, will not go unnoticed and will make a strong impression;
  • red and skirts, tops, blouses or pants in black and white stripes and get the opportunity to emphasize the ability of a girl or woman to make bold decisions.

It is difficult to believe, but the red jacket in combination with dresses and skirts of various styles and different lengths, blouses, tops and even classic pants can dramatically change a woman’s image. Red greatly enhances the mood and allows even not very confident women and girls to look at themselves from another side.

Stylish Images With A Red Blazer

Crimson clothes are believed to be chosen by temperamental, self-confident women. However, the fashion industry in the twenty-first century is ready to offer a combination of various parts of a woman’s closet with a red jacket, which will suit the taste of any girl:

  • A spectacular business suit can be obtained by wearing a red jacket, a turtleneck or a blouse in muted natural colors, a pencil skirt, classic pants in dark gray or a black dress with a laconic cut;
  • A romantic image will help to create a combination of red blazer and elegant monochrome cocktail dresses of different lengths in calm natural or pastel colors;
  • For a trip to a restaurant you can safely use a set of bright red jacket with elegant pants, flared or straight skirt in white;
  • Going to a youth party you can create a bright and creative image, if you wear a red jacket with short sleeves in tandem with tight jeans, a short skirt or shorts;
  • For a trip out of town in spring or early fall, warm pants in gray or beige and a red wool jacket would be best, which can be a worthy alternative to a knit jacket;
  • A stylish look can be created by wearing a red jacket with a top, skirt, pants or sundress of white in black or blue stripes of different widths.

The red color is quite demanding in terms of accessories, shoes, and bags, so when putting on a red jacket the first thing to consider is proportion and the overall style of the outfit. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account the designers’ recommendations:

  • The classic style is best complemented by a red bag with short handles, a bag – handbag and shoes with a thin or thick heel of a classic pattern;
  • When creating a romantic image or choosing an evening outfit, it is worth using a clutch adorned with rhinestones, red or repeating the color of Romanesque shoes with high heels;
  • In choosing a look for every day, it is worth paying attention to the small size handbag in the color of the jacket on a long strap and matching the color of sports shoes, solid-soled models or shoes without a heel.

As for accessories and jewelry, they should be used in minimal quantities and worn in exceptional cases. Very long and bulky scarves, shawls and multi-layered elements of decor should be completely excluded. Bright, conspicuous bracelets, earrings and beads will be superfluous. This is because the red jacket itself is a very bright and effective detail of clothing, which will adorn both young ladies of the fair sex and older ladies.

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