How To Wear A Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt first appeared in Scotland. It was in this country that the very first skirt of this type was made, but originally it was not intended for the fair sex, but for men. The kilt – men’s pleated skirt – has deep roots in history, being only traditional clothing for men. Nevertheless, the skirt, which has a free style and interesting execution, quickly found its place in the closet of most fashionable women. This is because they prefer clothes that do not restrict movement. Thus, in our time, it is very common to see beauties of all ages, stopping his choice on this very piece of clothing.

The pleated skirt is firmly entrenched on the fashion pedestal. In each era the length or style changes, the puffiness increases or decreases, but the natural purpose of these models remains the same – to give charm and beauty to all girls and women.

The skirts of this cut have a number of undeniable advantages, one of which is the main feature of the image – the folds. They can visually correct the figure and hide minor flaws. The variety of choice of necessary styles in stores allows stylish ladies to choose a skirt, which will decorate it.

The main difference among skirts is the variety of types of folds. They can be either unilateral (arranged in a single direction) or counter (facing each other), or bowed (arranged in different directions in any order). However, it does not end there, the folds can also be different widths, straight, asymmetrical, fan or stitched at the base. The number of folds on this piece of clothing is unlimited. They start at the waist and end at the hem. This gives a feeling as if the skirt is flexible and wiggles independently with any movement.

The pleated skirt is made mainly from soft fabric that does not lose its shape, such as linen, cotton or fine wool. The colours of skirts are very diverse and extraordinary. As for drawings or prints, everything is quite conservative. Monochrome skirts, or those with plaid prints, are more common – a Scottish tradition. It is also possible to find a model with longitudinal stripes, which will look original and fresh on the owner.

Fashion designers of our time have made quite a few innovations in the shape of pleated skirts. Now it is not difficult to find an unusual model with a single pleat. This pleat is located in the middle of the front of the skirt itself, or, for example, on its sides. Rather unusual-looking skirt with pleats located only on one side.

The pleated skirt is known to every member of the weaker sex since kindergarten. A skirt of such a cut is a must-have in any young fashionista’s closet and an essential part of his or her school uniform. But it would be a mistake to assume that the skirts of this style are only suitable for young girls who hint at frivolity. With the right choice of fabric and length, such an outfit will be appropriate even in a working office environment.

What Kind Of Figure Looks Good In A Pleated Skirt

Skirt in the fold looks gorgeous on young princesses, young girls, and adult ladies with a feminine figure. But before you make a choice on any skirt, it is imperative to assess the peculiarities of the structure of your figure with caution. For tiny girls with rectangle and inverted triangle figures, look for skirts in a shallow fold or with wide folds with a crumpled effect. This method will help make the hips more round and seductive.

Fashionistas with Apple and Pear shapes prefer a skirt style with half-stitched pleats to the middle of the hips. This choice will help make the silhouette slimmer and the hips more elegant.

For owners of elegant forms, a skirt with large, clear folds will make a lady seem more statuesque and visually higher. Soft and thin folds will make you even more vague.

How To Choose The Right Top And Shoes

A pleated skirt is a wide thing, for this reason it is necessary to choose a close-fitting top, so that the silhouette does not turn out quite massive. This may be a close-fitting blouse, a monochrome t-shirt with long sleeves or a thin turtleneck. If the weather and the dress code allow it, you can wear a short-sleeved shirt or a T-shirt. Women working in the office can pair a pleated skirt with a shortened jacket.

A properly chosen skirt cut will make a lovely lady a coquette. However, to create a full image you need accessories in the form of elongated beads or a beautifully tied scarf around the neck over a classic turtleneck.

Shoes for this skirt are best with a heel. Combines well with shoes on a medium stiletto, and in the autumn and winter it would be better to pick up neutral-coloured ankle boots or half-boots on the same stiletto.

Skirt with pleats on the basque. The model belongs to the classic office clothing category. In her image there is nothing provocative and vulgar. The soft folds of this product emphasize the femininity and fragility of girls. The cut of this skirt reveals all the charms of the figure and gives the silhouette an hourglass shape. This style is best combined with all kinds of jackets.

2. pleated sun skirt at the waist. This model is suitable for a romantic date. If slim and statuesque beauties combine this skirt with a fitted top or lace corset you get an interesting and extraordinary image.

Skirt with counter pleats. Such a model looks appropriate in an office setting. Such folds can be varied, the number, width and volume are selected, depending on your taste. Simple white shirts or blouses are ideal with such skirts.

4. a skirt with pleats either in the front or in the back. This style has a straight cut. Such skirts should be worn by people with problem areas of the abdomen and hips, because all the attention will be drawn to the slender legs. The elongated version is better for girls with high growth without excess weight. To the skirt of flying fabrics will look great a light blouse with short sleeves or even without them. Depending on the type of fabric, such a skirt can be used both for a night out and for a campaign at work.

5. Long pleated skirt. This silhouette stretches the height and elongates the figure. Suitable for wearing for girls with any shape. Slim fashionistas will find this skirt seductive, and chubby girls will appear slimmer.

6. A plaid pleated skirt. The style of this design suggests girls of school age. Combine this closet attribute with cute socks and a stylish interesting top, for example, a monochrome blouse or an unusual vest.

Skirt With Bow Pleats

Such a cute model, without exception, will suit everyone, both young girls and mature ladies. In addition you can choose a unique style to suit any figure. Cropped skirt with bell bottoms will emphasize all the beauty and elegance of slender beauties. Chubby fashionistas should focus on the skirt of a similar model, but longer, with stitched folds to the middle of the thigh. Massive young ladies need to look closely to the skirts in a wide fold, narrow folds will increase the volume several times.

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