How To Wear A Long Cardigan

Popular long cardigan can be combined with many things. They are made of different materials, suitable for warm and cold seasons. Therefore, to create beautiful images it is enough to choose the right color palette, style and size.

Features Of A Long Cardigan

The classic model comprises a back, two front shelves, and fastens along the entire length of the buttons, buttons, and zippers. The range is updated every season. Designers offer outerwear length from mid-thigh to ankle.

Color Options

Traditional color palette: shades of black, navy blue and gray. The relevance of colors changes every season, but some are universal. Consider the most popular shades.


The shade elegantly fits into the images of different styles. Gray is surprisingly harmonious with all colors. Pastel combinations are in vogue. A win-win option is a gray elongated cardigan and a white T-shirt/blouse/sweater.


The model can look strict or sophisticated depending on the texture and companion items. The look of a dark cardigan, blue polo shirt and blue jeans looks restrained. For a party combine a dark cardigan with a white top decorated with sequins, and dark satin cropped pants.


Striped prints have been popular for several seasons. Correctly chosen stripes are a great way to visually correct the silhouette. An item with a thin black and white vertical stripe can easily “get along” with different things.


A win-win option for your summer closet. The lightweight, openwork fabrics are stylishly combined with shorts, skirts, and sundresses. More concise and stylish products made of cashmere and mohair. White models bring a touch of freshness to the demi-seasonal images.


The rich palette allows you to create understated or dressy looks. Muted dark shades will perfectly complement business images. An accent detail of everyday closets will undoubtedly be a bright cardigan in shades of azure or navy.


It is fashionable to dress in beige to create a monochrome image (along with a knitted dress in coffee and milk color and light brown sneakers). When it comes to contrasts, stylists recommend wearing the cardigan with things in denim or khaki, olive colors.


When choosing a material, consider its cost, seasonality. Personal preferences are also of paramount importance. Cardigans are usually made of chiffon, knitwear, mohair and cashmere.


A flowing fabric model is an excellent companion for summer clothes. Cropped pants, shorts, sundresses, skirts with tops and monochrome products are perfect together.


Among the materials, it is unquestionably the best. Long cardigans are traditionally worn with knit dresses and jeans. Slim fashionistas emphasize the waist with thin belts.


Laconic products of thick knitting and openwork look great with weightless fabrics. Mohair blouses are comfortable in any weather. Patterned pieces will give a delicate and refined image, and models made of dense fabric will provide comfort in cold weather.


Fans of beautiful and comfortable clothes must have this soft and cozy product in their closet. Thin sweaters look gorgeous on slim fashionistas. Clothing in thick, oversize cashmere styles complements the closets of girls of all types.

Fashionable Styles And Models Of Long Cardigans

Products are made from all kinds of fabrics and knitted from thin cashmere, mohair. In the trend – large knitted sweaters. Consider the most relevant models for different seasons, their features and advantages.


Airy pieces allow you to create original images. A stylish choice for a business look is a linen belted sleeveless mint shade cardigan with a smell. For a beach outfit, wear a black openwork silk blouse.

No buttons

Open-fronted products are useful for creating careless images. Most often in this style there are openwork models. You can wear a buttonless cardigan with shortened pants, shorts, miniskirts, sundresses, knitted dresses.

With hood

A practical solution for cool rainy weather – things with hoods. Women’s models seamlessly fit into everyday closets. Knitted things in midi and maxi lengths are trendy.


The demand for such models is not diminishing. Models in knit, linen, cotton, and denim are suitable for the warm season. Leather products are in harmony with the demi-seasonal closet.

Long sleeve

Warm models are suitable for different situations. Models with deep V-neck visually “stretch” the silhouette.

The product, made from dense fabric, comes in neutral shades that will complement the company’s image. Bright things (blue, dusty pink) are appropriate in casual and street style images.

Short in front

Thanks to the non-standard cut, the cardigan does not need additional accessories. The best look outfits, composed of monochrome things. In such clothes you can wear to work or to a business meeting.


Products visually convey lightness. Thin flowing materials well fit the figure, so it looks beautiful on slender girls. You can visually “blur” the contours of the figure with colorful models.


When choosing things for winter and demi-season closets, comfort, coziness and warmth are a priority. The elongated knitted cardigan corresponds best to these criteria. Slim fashionistas are welcome to pick up free velvet models. Chubby girls will suit fleece things.

In the floor

This versatile product will provide perfect protection in cold weather. Wearing a long cardigan with heels or platform shoes is recommended for short fashionable women.


Exquisite fabric will give it a festive look. Openwork cardigans up to mid-thigh length will stylishly complement vacation or beach closets.

What To Wear With Long Cardigan

When compiling the images, the style of the closet is taken into account. Straight cardigans in neutral colors are worthy elements of the office images. Loose models are perfect for everyday looks.

With jeans

A win-win combination. Given the wide range of clothes from denim, a fashionista with any shape will find a beautiful cardigan to jeans.

Maxi dresses look stylish with skinny jeans.

With a dress.

Feminine images are obtained by combining cardigans with dresses of different lengths. The set of a short dress and a loose knitted maxi cardigan has an original look, especially if you pick up a thin strap.

With a skirt

For sets with tops, sweaters, shirts it is easy to find a suitable cardigan. Straight skirts and minis look great with blouses of any length. Skirts to the floor is effectively complemented by a shortened cardigan.

Choosing Shoes

When creating images it is imperative to take into account the height of the fashionista. Squat girls should preferably choose shoes with a heel, platform, wedge heel. Fashionistas are more free to choose and combine long clothes with flat-soled shoes (ballet flats, sneakers, sneakers).


Things of openwork fabrics are complemented with discreet jewelry. Warm models with round necklines are paired with scarves, snoods and voluminous knitting. When choosing a bag, focus on the style of the image. For everyday looks, wear choppers and backpacks. An understated office style will emphasize tote bag and briefcase.

Stylish Looks

Composing images for a variety of occasions is easy with a cozy and original sweater. Everyday closet is formed on the basis of comfortable clothes:

  • A gray knit cardigan, loafers, tight leather pants and a loose shirt – a street style look is ready;
  • Black straight skirt, white blouse and black sleeveless cardigan (slightly shorter than the skirt) with a narrow belt – an elegant office look;
  • Openwork asymmetric beige cardigan will complement the set of black top and black short shorts.

If you want to create a festive or romantic image, pick things made from light flowing fabrics (chiffon cardigan, knitted dress).

Having a long cardigan makes it possible to artfully conceal flaws in the figure or to emphasise advantages and always look elegant.

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