How To Wear A Hat With A Woman’s Coat In Spring

For this reason, every woman wants to look attractive and not to make passersby smile at their ridiculousness, so it is important to dress appropriately. There are some rules for choosing clothes, which must be observed to create an elegant and fashionable image. Once the first cold weather follows the summer or when the weather warms up after the winter, many girls wonder what headgear to wear. Coats can be worn without a headgear, but what to do if you need to take care in such deceptive weather, when viruses attack the human body?

Red hat with coat

Depending On The Style Of The Coat

With a coat you can wear a variety of hats that suit you. However, when mixing, it is important to remember that each coat has its own characteristics. Hats, scarves, hats can be worn with coats. The choice of a hat should be approached responsibly and individually. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the features of the head shape and facial features of women. In addition, it is necessary to focus on features of the cut and other characteristics of coats. So, depending on the style of the coat, such solutions are selected.

  1. A classic coat – perfectly combined with scarves of different variants, and also hats with wide brim will suit perfectly. If you want you can combine a scarf and a hat – this solution is also welcome.
  2. Coats of a straight cut – it is appropriate to combine this cut of coat with berets, you can choose a hat with embroidery, rhinestones, stones and other variants of decoration. It is also possible to wear a cloche hat.
  3. Short double-breasted models of coats are combined with different variants of knitted woolen hats.
  4. Coat, which has an oval shape can be combined with fitted hats.
  5. Coat models, which are decorated with fur can be worn with fur hats, but it is worth considering that the external characteristics of fur on the coat and hat should be different.

Coat and hat

Coat with a snood

Coat with a snood

Choosing a hat for women under the coat, it is necessary to consider not only the fashion trends in this area. It is also necessary to remember that the hat is a functional solution, which plays the role of hair protector and keeps the hostess from freezing. This is dangerous.

Depending On The Shape Of The Head

The shape of the head and facial features are also an appropriate criterion for choosing a headdress under the coat. What suits one girl may look completely silly and inappropriate on another. You can not say that it is impossible to find a beautiful and stylish headdress for a completely atypical shape of a woman’s face. You just need to spend a little more time choosing this part of the outerwear.

  1. If the face has a regular oval shape, then it is the most universal option, will perfectly combine almost any headgear – woolen hats, hats with wide brim, berets, caps and others.
  2. If the shape of the face is round, then hats of the fitted type will not work, it is better to wear scarves, hats, berets.
  3. When a girl has a triangular shape face, you can not combine with a coat hats volume type, it is better to wear a hat fitted type.
  4. The elongated shape of the face suggests that an excellent option would be to combine a coat with a round cap, it is better to choose a monochrome type without various decorations.
  5. Round face shape will look great in hats with earflaps. The same headgear can be worn if the face shape is angular.

With the shape of women’s faces, you can choose a universal cap that will go well with coats and not just that.

Coat and Cap

Depending On The Color

Coat and hat

Beret with coat

It is imperative when selecting a hat for a coat to take into account the colour characteristics of the garment. For example, if the coat is monochrome, the choice will not be difficult, you can just pick up a hat to match the tone and get a very stylish combination. But if the coat is not monochrome, but multicoloured, you need to choose the colour of the hat, which is the most pronounced. It is imperative to try on a hat or other headgear while shopping if you want your facial skin to match the headgear as well. The colour of the face is the main criterion for selecting a headdress, cooler skin tones will go with the same shades of outerwear.

Coat with scarf

If you have problematic facial skin, then the hats that are very fashionable now, with big braids and reliefs will not work. They can only focus on the problem areas on the face. In this case, you can perfectly combine the image with the help of fur hats.

It is also imperative to take into account the colour of the hair, the headpiece should differ a bit from the shade of hair, at least a few shades. Faces will be more expressive and sophisticated as a result.

Putting together a stylish and beautiful image for women is not difficult if you know how to combine outerwear.

Beret with coat

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