How To Wear A Flared Skirt: Features, Varieties, And What To Wear

This is a universal piece, which, along with the basic black dress, must be in any woman’s closet. And it is not just because this style is at the peak of popularity. This skirt is suitable for girls with any figure, the main thing is to choose the right model.

Flared Skirt: Style Features

Before deciding on the model of the skirt, you should think about where and when you will wear it. So, with just one piece of clothing you can create a business, casual or evening outfit.

The Advantages Of This Cut

The flared skirt can be worn by absolutely any girl, which is this model’s main advantage. Owners of magnificent forms can emphasise the waist and visually reduce the volume of the hips with such a product. Slender girls can harmoniously complement a skirt with an interesting print to their everyday image.

What Kind Of Person Looks Good In Flared Skirts?

These models suit everyone, if we consider the peculiarities of the body structure. Select the length and style of your hair based only on the strengths and weaknesses of your figure. For slender tall girls, there are no restrictions. If you have extra centimeters in your abdomen area, look for a model with a high waist and a medium length. Full girls are better to choose the classic “sun” midi or product length at the ankle.

Types Of Flared Skirts

There are several varieties of fashionable flared skirts, which differ in cut, length and seasonality.
Choosing the right product, you can favorably emphasize the advantages of shape, hiding its flaws.

Flared skirt

The Sun

This model fits tightly around the waist and upper thighs, flowing smoothly to the bottom. Its peculiarity is that when unfolded it has the shape of a perfectly flat circle.


Because of its resemblance to the flower of the bell, it is also called a bell. This skirt got its name because its hem has the shape of half a circle.

With a high waist

As the name suggests, the belt is above the waist. This style allows you to hide extra centimeters on the abdomen and hips.

In the crease.

A particular puffiness characterizes them. The purpose of the model will vary depending on the type of fold. They can be:

  • narrow and wide;
  • bows;
  • asymmetrical;
  • counter and unilateral.

They can also be stitched in only a few centimeters or placed over the entire surface of the product.

The pleated skirt is appropriate both at work and on a date. At the same time, it creates a slightly mischievous image, which can be smoothed with a large jewelry like beads. As this model is quite puffy, it should be completed with a close-fitting blouse and a jacket. You can wear booties or boots on your feet.

With an elastic band

This model is versatile. It is lightweight, suitable for hot summer weather. It is also a wonderful delicate option for a romantic date. The advantage of the product is that it stretches: if the wearer gets a little fatter, the skirt will still be just right for her.


Schoolgirls usually wear mid-length skirts with wedges. This is a great option for school: the product is moderately challenging and long, while also appropriate to the age of the one who wears it.


A very interesting and stylish model has long been considered a fashion trend. It will create a harmonious silhouette in a girl with a massive bottom. The skirt made of heavy flowing fabrics will look the best.

Particularly relevant is a monochrome or multicoloured skirt with a zipper without fasteners or with an original trim on the side or waist. Asymmetric scent imitating a style is also popular. The colour palette is diverse: deep blue and all shades of red to pastels and beige.

Interesting plaid piece with a scoop

For the Plus Size

For example, girls with magnificent forms will suit the model “godet”. This is a straight cut and form-fitting skirt, flared to the bottom.


You can combine this item with many other items in your closet. Its peculiarity is that the bottom is slightly extended: the model is not fluffy, but austere. Suitable for creating a business look.

Each girl can pick the product of her choice from the wide range of models, giving it a unique look.

Skirt Length

Regardless of the cut, the skirt is medium (midi), short (mini) or to the floor (maxi).


By mini, we mean a length above the knee. Traditionally, it is believed that a short skirt is only suitable for young, slim girls. But the modern world makes its adjustments, so today the mini is available to all women who care about their figure, regardless of age. The main requirement is that the length should be just above the knee.


This is ideal both for ladies with pudgy forms and for petite girls. The classic midi is the length to the middle of the shin. However, models of length just below the knee are popular among the fair sex. To choose the best option, it is necessary to assess your legs critically. Women with beautiful knees may be able to afford a skirt that reaches the middle of the knee; otherwise it may be better to choose a skirt that ends 10-15 cm above the ankles.

Up to the ankles

The floor length is no less relevant than the mini and midi. In long skirts models walk down the runway at famous fashion shows. The skirt or flared dress should be as long as the floor to create a feminine, romantic, yet restrained appearance. And properly chosen accessories will add to its refinement. This model will look gorgeous on slender girls of high and medium height. But maxi skirts should be avoided for short women with irregular shapes, as they significantly shorten the growth.

Evening version of the skirt to the floor

Fashionable Fabrics

Traditionally, when choosing fabrics for sewing clothes designers are guided by the season. Light flowing materials like veil or chiffon are appropriate for summer, while satin and silk are suitable for autumn and winter. In addition, there are also multi-layered options, made from the same chiffon or tulle.


Practical ladies should pay attention to this material. Depending on the density of denim you can choose a summer or winter look. For slim girls, denim skirts should be paired with a tight top or turtleneck, and for full ladies, a puffy top is recommended.


Such products look very effective. They are practical, long-lasting and combined with many things. In summer, a leather skirt creates a bright and unique image, while in winter it can be worn with a thick turtleneck sweater and boots.

Stylish leather product


Especially relevant as winter approaches. If you love crochet, you can get a unique, trendy piece, which is also warm. A piece like this will work in the office and on a romantic stroll.


From this material manufacturers often make a lightweight bell skirt, designed for summer. Thin knitwear will not bulk up its wearer, so girls can safely wear it with opulent forms. The knit “butter” is interesting because its peculiar texture will allow the creation of a straight silhouette even if it is made as a flared skirt.

Today, several colors are the most popular. Despite the limited choice of trendy shades, every fashionista can choose the one she likes.


Including flared skirts, the classic universal color is still relevant. Black combines perfectly with any shades. Due to this short black model from “Gloria jeans” collection complete with a close-fitting blouse will be perfect for evening walks. And for the business suit, a leather flared skirt below the knee, worn with a blouse.


A white midi or maxi skirt looks great with coarsely knit sweaters or pastel-colored turtlenecks. Despite the stereotypes, this delicate colour suits girls with wide hips.


The main feature of the stripe is its versatility: it will be appropriate during the summer heat, and in the cool autumn. You can complete your look by wearing a thin or wide belt that is the focal point of your outfit.


The bright flared skirt in lemon colour does not require any additional accessories. If you wear a white or light blue T-shirt, you will look fashionable.


Just look at the latest collection of the “Zara” brand to be convinced of how capricious colour is. All shades of red are present here: from bright and saturated to muted burgundy. Betting on a red skirt, pay attention to T-shirts and blouses of classic white or black colour.


Rich dark colour is still in trend. The ideal pair to the blue skirt would be a white, black, or blue shirt and sweater. Complete the image with shoes with a heel in the same colour as the skirt or nude colour.

In addition to these colours, it is worth noting the urban gray, which is combined with almost any colour, and looks especially original and fresh with bright blouses and T-shirts. Complement the look with an eco-friendly leather jacket or knitted jacket.

Elegant blue skirts

Models in prints are still popular, particularly skirts in floral and leopard prints, as well as in khaki and green.

Create A Striking Look With A Flared Skirt

In order to advantageously emphasize the advantages of the skirt, it is recommended to choose a model based on the peculiarities of your figure. As a result, the half-flared and sun will be a perfect fit for those with a narrow waist and steep hips. And girls with weak waist and narrow hips should prefer flared puffed skirts, which will help to create more volume where needed. Half flared or bell skirts will also look stylish, but in this case it is recommended to choose a midi skirt.

Women with a dense build or moderately obese look beautiful with a trapeze skirt, gradually expanding to the bottom. This model visually removes excessive volume in the waist and hips. Another option is a universal skirt that does not have excessive puffiness in the bottom.

Model, which fits tightly around the waist and hips, suitable for women with correct proportions.

It is not recommended to wear a flared skirt for ladies with an O-shaped figure, as it will only emphasize the lack of the waist. And girls of short stature should not wear the floor length.

In general, everyone can find a trendy thing for all occasions, because the choice is really wide. Are you invited to a celebration or a party? Romantic and delicate image will help to create lush shorts, elegant half-blend or classic sundress. In a hurry for school or work? Denim, gray midi, or godet skirt will look the most stylish with a jacket or a stylish leather jacket. And some models are so simple in their performance that a girl can sew her exclusive model of a flared skirt.

A delicate look with a lace skirt

Matching The Top To The Skirt

The uniqueness of the flared skirt is that it is versatile and can be combined with almost any outfit. And along with the fashion trend of combining the incongruous to create a stylish outfit for every occasion is not a difficult task at all:

  • For those who prefer urban chic, suit a denim skirt with flounces at the hem, a top with open shoulders, a bright polka-dot blouse made of silk or chiffon;
  • Models of tulle, bell and skirts with a peak, stylists advise to wear with a bomber and blouses;
  • mini A-silhouette look stylish with tops and cropped jackets;
  • A flared denim skirt decorated with tiered flounces and a checkered shirt will help to reproduce the country style;
  • Autumn skirt shorts are combined with thin sweaters and turtlenecks;
  • The knee-length model is the most suitable for creating business images. Especially if you combine it with a strict top;
  • A product with a print or a voluminous drawing is appropriate to combine with a monochrome top, whether it is a T-shirt, a blouse or a turtleneck.

For everyday wear, choose midi model, and for parties and beach vacations suit mini. And to find your ideal image, do not be afraid to experiment.

Choosing Shoes And Accessories

Complement any image with the right shoes and various details:

  • comfortable sneakers or sandals will fit into the casual look, especially if you combine them with a feminine flared skirt made of tulle or with guipure inserts, a T-shirt under a jacket or jacket;
  • A monochrome blouse with raglan sleeves and a flared skirt are combined with stiletto sandals;
  • Tulle models can be worn with tango shoes and ballet flats;
  • Cossacks and a leather belt will help to complete the country look;
  • Autumn look is combined with stockings or boots and a “mailman” bag;
  • A classic bag and shoes complement the business image with a heel or wedge heel;
  • To create a romantic look is recommended to pay attention to the flared skirt to the floor with a high waist with a wide or narrow belt and flounces, in this case you can wear light coloured ballet flats.

Don’t forget that hair and makeup are essential attributes of any image.

When creating the image, do not forget to pay attention to details: shoes, hair, makeup

Stylist Tips

And how do famous couturiers see the modern flared skirt? The answer can be found on the catwalks:

  • The classic of the genre is the sun. At the same time, designers have taken a new look at the seemingly canonical thing and proposed original solutions. The modern sun-flared jacket has an unusual cut, often decorated with trimmings as fringes at the hem or belts. It can have a variety of lengths, such as lengthening the back of the hem, be monochrome or with prints. Models with plot drawings are especially popular;
  • Trapeze mini, midi and maxi lengths in plaid will not give up positions yet. No less popular is the pleated flared skirt, and thanks to the small and medium folds the model looks more puffy. As for colours, here reigns brown, red, gray and purple. The plaid skirt should be complemented with a contrasting strap, and a cape will complete the image;
  • Fashionistas cannot do without palazzos and shorts, which can be A-silhouette, flared from the hip or with pleats. The ideal pair would be shoes with a low heel;
  • The recommended length of a denim flared skirt – from mid-shin to ankles, which makes such a thing appropriate in the office and at a party. Just put on a blouse or jacket – and the business look is complete;
  • Today is also relevant retro style: fashion designers have breathed a second life into the flared skirts of floor length and mini in the style of hippies, boho and country. Maxi skirt may have a high waist, medium or low cut, may be made from denim or suede. Complement the image with a katana blouse, longsleeve or light sweatshirt;
  • Denim skirt in an ethno-style with flounces or ruffles in one or more rows paired with a shirt of similar fabric or an original blouse is a good solution for a walk;
  • The season’s hit is the model with a high waist, while allowing a very high fit up to the bodice. This option is ideal as an element of a business suit;
  • Skirt on the basque traditional cut, with wedges or half-suns, with a high waist and asymmetric cut is also very relevant at the moment;
  • A flared skirt with an elastic band. The basic element of the closet would be such a model with a wide belt or pocket. Both lovers of urban style and fans of sports-chic will appreciate this style;
  • gode and “tatianka” will help to create a romantic feminine look in a retro style;
  • Every fashionable woman must have a dress with a flared skirt. Short dress is recommended to complement the short dress with high heels, and the model maxi – ballet flats.

Thanks to such a variety and advice of stylists, every fashionista can easily find a stylish outfit for any occasion. What matters most is to choose the right cut, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the disadvantages.

A Flared Skirt Diy

What is a flared skirt? There are no darts and no seams, so the simplest model can be made in one evening. And for this purpose it is not necessary to have special skills, it is enough to know how to thread a needle. Modeling a trendy piece can be started by taking the pattern of a straight skirt or pencil skirt. The whole secret is to bevel the side seams from the hips to the waist when sewing.

For a beginner needlewoman, it’s wise to choose a monochrome fabric or one with a small pattern. If you bought a fabric with a large pattern, be careful when cutting so that the print does not slip down.

For winter or fall, choose a dense fabric, such as corduroy, wool or heavy knitwear. For summer choose linen, chiffon, fine denim or satin.

To calculate the consumption of fabric, add the length of the skirt, multiplied by two, and the waist circumference, and to the result add another 15 centimeters.

The simplest model of a tapered skirt for self sewing is the sun. You don’t even need to make a paper pattern or drawing here. The cut can be drawn directly on the fabric, but first the material should be treated with steam or hot water to avoid shrinkage.

The pattern is based on two values: the length of the piece (R2) and the waist circumference (R1). The pattern itself looks like a geometric circle with a hole for the waist in the center. In fact, the sketch of the skirt consists of two circles: the one with the smaller radius is equal to the waist circumference, and the larger circle corresponds to the length of the piece added to the waist circumference.

First, you should calculate the radius of the waist opening, using the formula: R=L/2π, where L is the waist size.

For example, if the volume of the waist is 80 centimeters, we use this data in the formula, and we get:

R= 12.7 or 13 centimeters.

After that, find the radius of the larger circle, for which we add the length of the skirt and R1. For example, we want to sew a single-seam skirt of length 60 centimeters:
60+12,7= 72,7

Add a couple of centimeters to the result, so there is a seam for the clasp. And if you plan to sew a skirt with an elastic band, you should add volume to the waist. This will ensure that the skirt doesn’t press on the stomach and sits loosely.

So, after we have calculated the volume and length, applying the pattern to the fabric is necessary. There are 4 ways to place it for a more accurate and convenient pattern drawing:

  1. Spread the fabric completely without folds and apply the pattern by mirroring. Then the two halves are made together. The skirt should turn out with two seams if everything is done correctly. However, this method is unsuitable for satin fabric and material with pile.
  2. Fold the fabric in half and from the corner count two skirt lengths and waist circumference. Then leave 2-3 centimeters for the sag and calculate the opening for the waist according to the formula. In this case you will also have two halves of the product, which can be made on one or both sides. If you choose to sew on one side, you can sew a zipper on the other side. This option will work if you are modeling a pinched mini.
  3. Fold the material four times and, starting from a corner, make a pattern ¼ of the product, not forgetting to leave about three centimeters for the seam.
  4. Lay out the fabric in an even layer and use a compass or thread or an arc to calculate from the angle the value R1 (in our example it is 13 centimeters). From this line count off the length of the skirt, remembering to add a few centimeters for the seams. To enlarge the back on the future skirt, you need to make the waist lines recessed by about 1 centimeter along the longitudinal thread.

Double stitching guarantees that the skirt will not unravel right after you put it on. That’s why it’s recommended to double stitch the sides and the hem.

After the skirt is ready, you can decorate it to your liking with buttons, patches, fringe and sequins.

On the web you can find quite a few patterns of different flared skirts, including a step-by-step description of the sewing technology of such fashionable styles as double flared. Starting with a simple one, you will soon be able to sew a trendy skirt with an unusual cut. And judging by the fact that the flared model does not hurry to leave fashion shows, it will settle in your closet. It will become an integral part of your image for a long time.

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