How To Wear A Blouse With A Jabot?

What Kind Of Blouses Go With Jabots?

It is believed that a blouse with a jabot collar should make any, even the most austere image, more soft, feminine and romantic, so such blouses are made from light, flowing, often translucent fabrics. At the peak of fashion are always blouses from:

  • chiffon;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • guipure;
  • satin;
  • viscose.

The choice of fabric should be considered. Thus, chiffon blouses are more of an office option. They make the silhouette features softer and the whole image – airy. Chiffon can delicately hide small figure flaws. Silk also easily flows over the body, making the image more elegant and refined. Silk blouses with jabots are suitable for elegant ladies. They are so beautiful that you can wear them to work or a business meeting, a dinner party or a party. Solemn and expensive look things made of satin and guipure. Such a blouse will tell others not only about your good taste but also about your high wealth and status. To wear a guipure blouse, you need a more solemn occasion than going to work.

Models that combine several types of fabric are popular. The blouse can be made of satin or silk, and the jabot can be made of lace or guipure. A blouse with jabot, decorated with ruffles, satin ribbons or frills looks elegant. Very elegant looks a black blouse with white lace jabot. To complete the image also wear a large brooch with a large stone or a beautiful profile.

In stores, there are a huge number of models. Blouses with jabots can be:

  • sleeveless;
  • with long or short sleeves;
  • with the odour;
  • with an open back;
  • with a belt.

The choice of model depends on where you plan to go. In the office, you should choose more closed, ascetic options. Do not wear a blouse with a too large, voluminous jabot to work. Sleeveless models are also allowed by not every dress code. Such a blouse is usually worn with a blouse or jacket. For going out, suit a translucent blouse with an open back.

How Do You Wear Such Blouses?

The choice of blouse depends on the figure and build of the girl. A lady with a large chest will not suit her voluminous, multi-layered jabot. Choosing blouses with small jabots made of two or three layers of fabric and a belt is recommended. If you have extra pounds, it is better to refuse sleeveless blouses.

Slim, petite girls, on the contrary, better suits a voluminous jabot, which ends close to the waist. If the arms are too thin, they will be perfectly concealed by wide sleeves of flowing chiffon. Lighter girls are suitable for more laconic models, and the high ladies can wear blouses with jabots, further decorated with ruffles and lace.

When creating the image, you must remember that its main element is a blouse with a jabot, so it is not recommended to wear with it voluminous skirts with ruffles, pants and breeches with a complex cut.

Create A Fashionable Look

Such blouses are perfectly combined with skirts: straight, pencil, flared. The skirt should be made of monochrome material. Tartan, stripes, prints, and intricate patterns can rarely be combined harmoniously with a complex top. Ideally looks like a white blouse jabot with a stern black skirt. This image is appropriate everywhere and always. Blouses of red, turquoise, blue, mint, yellow and other colours are worn with black skirts and pants. If the bottom is coloured, the blouse should be white, gray or perhaps pastel colours.

Modern fashionistas have a huge choice. Blouses with jabots look good with capri pants, strict pants, jeans, leggings and even sundresses of thick fabric. Turning out a beautiful image on top of a blouse, worn vest of the same fabric as the bottom, jacket, jacket or leather jacket. Some girls in the summer wear such blouses with shorts. If the figure allows it, then it is quite acceptable.

The fair sex can wear blouses with jabots at any age, but when choosing a blouse, it is necessary to consider the figure features. The correctly selected model will accentuate the chest, emphasizing the waist, and hide the folds on the stomach and flanks. Such a blouse is a very practical option. You can create various images by combining them with pants, jeans, skirts and jackets.

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