How To Wear A Beige Woman’s Coat: Shoes, Bags, Accessories

The subtlest pastels never go out of style. Designers skillfully take advantage of these colours to create versatile fashion looks. And with the approach of autumn, they can be seen in the models of outerwear, especially coats. Not for nothing, the beige coat is trendy among fashionistas. It is undoubtedly classic, elegant, always relevant and fashionable clothing.

One of the significant advantages of the beige coat color is its incredible ability to combine with a variety of other colors and shades. But with styles and accessories you need to be especially careful, because in this case the model of the coat will play an important role.

Types And Models Of Beige Coat

For the first time, beige coats entered women’s closets from men’s collections, distinguished by their practicality. This led to its traditional style: the cut with an undefined line of the waist, a flat band of shoulders, the location of pockets at hip level and the length to the knees. This coat is called “camel coat” and is made of thin camel hair. It is natural and warm.

But today, the range of models of beige coats has dramatically expanded. This dufflecote, cape, bushalet, and very popular models over-size, trench coat, “bat,” or jacket. Therefore, each woman can choose a suitable style from various models. As for the length, the beige coat is presented in different versions: to the knee height, long maxi or short mini, a bit below the hips and similar to an elongated jacket. Instead of the classic round buttons, designers use square or diamond-shaped and sometimes may replace the buttons with a zipper.

Winter beige cashmere coat is a traditional model. But quite often for winter models wool, half-wool, tweed, velour or bouclé are used. These materials, compared to the soft cashmere, are better able to withstand temperature stresses. Among the demi-seasonal options designers often offer fully leather models in beige shades, or with leather inserts on the chest, along the waistline or sleeves.

Beige coats with fur can be worn by women who want to add elegance to their image and love everything delicate and beautiful. Fur can decorate the collar, cuffs, bottom or along the inner edge of the coat. Such a coat can be worn both in autumn and winter. And if you detach the fur, you can show off on rainy summer days. Summer models of lightweight coats can be found in corduroy, denim, cotton and linen.

Tips For Choosing A Beige Coat

When choosing a beige coat, you need to follow the basic rules, which will help you pick a coat style that emphasizes your figure and complexion.

  1. It is necessary to choose a beige coat so that it differs in tone from the wearer’s complexion. And to do this, you must be guided by shades suitable for each colour type. For example, for “Autumn” beige shades with an admixture of yellow and orange gamma, for “Spring” – warm pink and beige tones, “Summer” is suitable peach-beige, “Winter” – shades of slightly olive, gray, brown and ice-pink.
  2. To correct the silhouette with the help of a beige coat, it is necessary to choose the cut more carefully and not its hue. For example, for women with the type figure “Apple,” it is better to choose a coat style with a zipper, which will help to narrow the waist visually. And trench coats and double-breasted jackets are the recommended models for representatives of the “Pear” body type.
  3. A beige coat should be chosen based on your style. A romantic, classic style will suit a coat with a fur collar; for a sporty and military style – duffle coats with a hood and double-breasted jackets; for a casual style – straight cut models in the form of a coat, over-size or “bat.”

What To Wear A Beige Coat With

There are many options and combinations with what you can wear, a beige coat. Its colour goes well together and is “friendly” with most other colours. But still, there are exceptions. So, you should avoid kits with all gray shades and light and dull shades of other colours. They will not allow accentuating the beige colour correctly and will make a boring look.

A classic option is the combination of a beige coat with monochrome base colours: black, navy blue, and white. The black and beige combination is probably universal, whether it is a beige coat with a black dress or accessories.

Combining a beige coat with jeans can create a fashionable, stylish fall look. This is an incredibly comfortable option for everyday life and will even be appropriate for a romantic date. It would help if you did not choose a long and very strict coat in such a case.

Bright, coloured things will look great with a beige coat. For example, red, coral, green, dark blue and emerald. Bright colours will not look provocative and vulgar on the background of many soft and calm beige colours. Purple will help the beige colour look elegant and solid.

A beige coat will look perfect with other shades of beige and shades of brown. You can pick up clothes and shoes a tone or a half-tone darker. The image will look beautiful and elegant.

Using animalistic prints, you can diversify the pastel palette of the beige coat. In this case, you should opt for a single accessory with a print (bag, scarf, shoes or belt), so as not to overpower the image.

Accessories For The Beige Coat

Separately, the accessories that can be worn with a beige coat are worth mentioning. With their help, you can put accents and emphasize the natural and elegant colour of the outerwear.

  • Belts will help emphasize the waistline, especially if it is a narrow black belt. Such an accessory will look less feminine than a man’s style coat.
  • The choice of a scarf or shawl depends on several factors. If the scarf acts as a supplement to the coat, then it should replicate it in colour and texture. If the tone of the coat and the skin colour of the face is the same, there is a need to highlight the colour of the coat visually. Then it is better to choose a scarf of contrasting, bright colours. A scarf can be replaced by a fur “halter.” It will decorate a coat made of dense fabric.
  • A leopard frame of sunglasses in combination with a beige coat will look spectacular.
  • A classic coat with long sleeves fits short gloves up to the wrist. For a coat with three-quarter sleeves, choose long gloves a couple of shades darker. This will help to look spectacular and feminine.
  • The bag should match the colour of the hat, shoes or belt.
  • Headwear. A hat made of felt, a knitted woollen hat or a beret will go perfectly with the beige coat, and it can also be elegantly tied with a shawl or a stole.

Shoes For A Beige Coat

The main rule for choosing shoes to go with the beige coat is that they should match in tone one of the items of the set worn under the coat. It can be boots, stiletto shoes, boots on a thin, neat wedge heel and even sandals if the coat model is focused on a warm autumn. Shoes can be black, brown, or beige. But it would be best if you did not choose shoes lighter than the tone of the beige coat.

Summing up, we would like to note that choosing the beige coat with its simplicity and unpretentiousness can rightly become an essential thing and a highlight of the closet of a fashionable woman. After all, combining it with various accessories allows you to experiment and make interesting chic demi-seasonal images.

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