How to Wash Silk Pillow case

Silk pillows are a real discovery for those who care about their beauty and comfort. Sleeping on silk prevents wrinkles and irritations, hair cutting and electrification, helps retain moisture in the skin – not absorb it as when sleeping on cotton underwear. One problem – many people do not understand how to wash silk pillows, can you do it at all, and at what temperature? Let’s sort it out.

Interesting fact: silk does not contribute to human sweat, and it does not breed dust mites – so there is no need for constant washing.

Can I Wash Silk Pillow Case?

First, check the markings for proper care of the product:

  • If 50% or 30% silk is indicated, it can be machine washed at 30°C in the “Silk” or “Delicate Wash” mode, with mild detergent and a drum spin;
  • If it says 100% silk, you will most likely see:

Do Not Wash icon

Such pillows often have a cover that can be removed and washed separately from the filling. In such a situation, of course, you should not ignore the recommendations and risk an expensive product.

The cover should be washed according to the requirements of the fabric from which it is sewn. If you do not know what kind of fabric it is, it is better to use the mode of the washing machine “Delicate washing”.


  1. Wash and dry the cover.
  2. Iron it with an iron.
  3. Fill the cover with filler.
  4. Zipper it up.
  5. Beat the pillow to evenly distribute the filler.

Tip: To make the cover less dirty, use two pillowcases on top instead of one. Then the second pillowcase will get dirty, not the cover. As a result, you won’t have to manipulate to remove the filling.

If there is no cover, and the pillow is hopelessly soiled, it is better to take it to the dry cleaner.

If you do decide to do the laundry yourself, use the following recommendations.

Laundry Tips For Washing Silk

We figured out that pillows with 30-50% silk content can be washed by yourself. It is enough to follow a few rules:

  • Wash at low temperatures (not more than 30 °C), without pre-soaking;
  • Use liquid detergents, not powders. If the item is not too dirty, you can wash it in clean water, without special detergents;
  • white silk can be washed in a solution of borax (1 tbsp. water to 1.5 l.);
  • It is desirable to soften hard water (10 grams of soda per 1 liter of water);
  • on the washing machine, select the “silk” function – and if not, “delicate washing”;

  • Turn off the spin mode;
  • As soon as the washing is finished, remove the cushion without delay, otherwise it will be deformed in the drum;
  • Do not squeeze the product with your hands – let it drain naturally;
  • Dry on a horizontal surface, in the shade;
  • You can speed up the drying of silk by ironing it with an iron (not too hot);
  • after the cushion is completely dry, whip it to evenly distribute the filler inside.

Even if you follow the above rules – try to wash your silk pillow as infrequently as possible. Frequent washing disturbs the structure of the filler, and it begins to crumple.

Proper care

Silk has dirt-repellent properties, it is not afraid of germs or mites – so it needs less maintenance. But this does not mean that care is not needed at all. Let’s look at what you need to do to ensure that a quality product will last longer:

  1. If the silk pillows have lost their former lightness and are less able to retain heat, put them in the sun for 1-2 hours. The “sun-drying” method helps to get rid of excess moisture and return them to their original properties.
  2. Small spots can be gently removed with a sponge soaked in a cool soapy solution. Rubbing silk is categorically forbidden!
  3. For dry cleaning, the soiled area can be sprinkled with salt, talcum powder, or chalk – and once the grease has absorbed into the mixture, gently remove it.
  4. Regularly ventilate products to rid them of extraneous odors.
  5. Do not place heavy weight items on silk pillows, or they may crumple.
  6. Shake them from time to time to smooth out the filler inside.
  7. Do not spray sprays near silk linens.
  8. Keep items away from dust, in the shade, in a “breathing” case.

Silk pillows are high-quality and expensive items that justify their cost only with proper care. If you follow the above rules, these products will help to make your sleep as healthy and comfortable as possible.

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