How To Tuck Shirt In Skirt

An image with a tucked-in shirt is attractive, shows the presence of style, and gives confidence. However, many fashionable women refuse to tuck in a blouse because of the resulting uneven folds and crumpled fabric. If you are faced with a similar problem – do not worry, because we will tell you how to not only beautifully tuck the shirt into the skirt but also to combine it with different styles.

Basic Rule

Whatever the cut of your outfit, there is a basic procedure for tucking a blouse into a skirt. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Put the shirt on first, and then the skirt. Make sure that the material near the buttoned buttons does not tear.
  2. Lift the skirt and pull the blouse down.
  3. Lower the skirt and raise your arms so that part of the blouse comes out.
  4. Looking in the mirror, gently straighten the top.

An Unconventional Method

If you lead an active life, constantly riding in transport, you are faced with the fact that you always have to adjust the blouse that did not come out.

There is a secret weapon for such an occasion – a simple rubber band for hair. Tie the bottom of the back of your shirt with a rubber band and then tuck it into your skirt.

This way, you can forget about the problem of slipping.

Knowing how to tuck a shirt into a skirt is half the battle. We suggest you consider a couple of options for creating a genuinely magnetic look.

No Folds

A classic way to wear a tucked-in shirt. The fabric is free of irregularities and lumps; it does not tear. An elegant and presentable look is assured.


It will take you 30 seconds to tuck it in this way. The main idea behind the look is to look like you intentionally tucked in half of your shirt rather than carelessly tucking it in as you ran out of the house.

Unbuttoned shirt

A win-win option for going to the club. The point is that the blouse is buttoned only at the bottom; above the waist of the skirt, all the buttons are undone.

Combinations With Skirt Styles

1. Pencil

A blouse and a pencil skirt will look good in the office and the cafe. In this image, you can immediately, without changing clothes, go after work to a meeting with a friend or a friend.

2. Plissé

Combining it with a discreet top is right, without a screaming print. This image will not allow you to worry about excess weight because the clothes will refine the figure.

3. cylinder

With such a fluffy skirt, organically look shirts made of light fabric (poplin, denim). The clothes are suitable for a solemn occasion and everyday wear. However, low girls are better at giving preference to another style.

4. tulip

It is considered one of the most feminine and eye-catching skirts. In combination with a blouse beautifully highlights the curves of the figure.

5. The Sun

Monochrome shirt with a sunny skirt – a super stylish combination. Suitable for the business, casual and festive environment. In addition, it hides extra weight and visually harmonizes the silhouette.

Since we touched on the styles of skirts, it makes sense to go to the blouses.

Types Of Shirts

1. Long

The classic version is not worn outside. Those who like casual style tuck the long shirt in the front.

2. Fitted

This closet item can be both tucked in and worn outside. Perfectly combines with the styles: ballon, pencil, sun.

3. overzealous

Dimensionless shirts are successfully combined with a skirt with a high waist. Loose style suits especially for full girls, as it hides the protruding belly.

Tucking in a shirt to look beautiful and coherent is not that difficult. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to succeed!

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