How To Tuck Shirt In Shorts

A shirt never goes out of style – and it’s in every woman’s closet. How to nicely tuck a shirt into a girl’s shorts for a sophisticated or rebellious look?

With the right clothes, as well as accessories in your power to look completely different depending on the situation, mood and purpose.


According to the type of figure and the recommendations of stylists, you have probably already decided on a model that will advantageously emphasize the advantages of the silhouette, and hide flaws.

Speaking in general, slender girls fit almost all styles of shorts, and for an average and full build is better to choose lengthened models with high landing. For girls of extremely fragile build the fit of the shorts can be any.

In terms of fabric composition, texture, density and color – for every taste. It is better to have several options to create different ensembles. Below in the article are some stylish images that will inspire you.


Short sleeves or long sleeves? Checkered, striped or solid color? Our answer – any to your taste, and even better – several different ones, for a basic closet. After all, this garment is so versatile and is worn with a jacket in the office, and a summer city evening, and on the beach to protect against the sun, etc.

The composition of the fabric should be chosen as natural as possible.

The best fit is:

  • cotton;
  • flax;
  • viscose.

Or choose a blended composition with a high percentage of cotton, for example. It’s nicer on the body, it’s not hot even in the heat.

Where to wear it?

This is such a versatile combination that you can wear it literally everywhere – you can create images from festive to beach. Not to mention the office, city walks or a romantic date.

The right choice:

  • Office: classic elongated shorts in strict colors with a monochrome fitted top (can be white);

  • Date: delicate colors of clothing, cut styles emphasizes the silhouette;

  • walking around town: denim is the perfect choice;

  • To study: as well as in the office, more austere models are suitable here;

  • for a meeting with friends, a party;

  • for a festive occasion.

Tips for combining

The art of combining closet pieces is a delicate matter:

  • To the denim bottom will suit the light or denim top models;

  • A monochrome bottom is good to dilute the bright or variegated top;

  • And vice versa – a colorful eye-catching bottom can be balanced by a top of calm tones;

  • Do not forget about the good old classics – a combination of different shades of blue.

Let’s move on from the advice to the burning question: should we tuck the shirt into shorts, or leave it on?

Is it worth refueling?

There can not be a single answer here, it is necessary to start from the styles top and bottom, from the characteristics of shape, from the situation.

First of all, not every shirt can be tucked in. And not every shirt will look beautiful:

  • If the top is slit on the sides – it will constantly slip out when you move, turn, bend. This is uncomfortable;
  • If this garment is the size of an oversized piece of clothing, it may not look good either. Such a closet item is better worn loose, partly tucked in or unbuttoned (for example, with a T-shirt or top).

You can choose another option – to knot the bottom.

Another option is to wear a top with an unbuttoned shirt.

How to tuck in in style?

There are several options, you can try them all on and choose the one that suits you best:

  • Classic.

  • One floor of the shirt is tucked in the front.

  • Only the front of the top is tucked in, the back remains skipped.

  • The opposite option – tuck the floors in the back, and leave the front skipped.

Any of the options presented are interesting and attractive.

Choosing shoes

The free fashion of our days does not dictate strict rules. The shoes are chosen according to your taste: you can wear them with cowboy boots, sandals, sabots, etc.

  • For the office will do strict models of shoes;

  • For walks with friends – comfortable flat-soled shoes;

  • For everyday life – sneakers or sneakers;

  • Sandals or clogs for sultry days.

Choose comfortable and beautiful models – these two closet items are combined with most types of summer shoes.

Inspired by

Here are a few more examples of a successful combination of these two closet items:

  • The rigor of the appearance is emphasized by the use of only black and white colors without additional bright accessories;

  • A romantic look is created by accessories and delicate floral fabric patterns;

  • rolled up sleeves, striped T-shirt, white bottom – in front of us the best choice for a vacation at sea;

  • Urban style – monochrome clothing is diluted with metallic accessories.

We hope these images have inspired you.

Final Word

With the right choice, a shirt and shorts is the perfect duo for a girl’s closet. Options on how to beautifully and fashionably tuck the top into the bottom are available to choose from. The main thing is not afraid to experiment, combine, surprise and be amazed!

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