How To Tuck Shirt In Pants

Fashionable does not mean stylish. Outfits that look organic on the catwalk, in real life are often quite absurd. So, how to tuck the shirt into the pants of a girl to look beautiful and elegant, not boring or ridiculous.

Do I even need to refill it?

There is no set of rules that would prescribe how a shirt and pants should be worn. Strict canons are a thing of the past. Only the dress code of a particular organization may require wearing a fully tucked-in blouse.

In other cases, each girl has a certain freedom of choice. But still, we should not forget that pants are quite a strict form of clothing. It is jeans or sports pants, allow absolutely all options. But the classics assume the presence of some “frames”.

How do I refuel?

Each thing can be worn in different ways. The main thing is that it should be beautiful and appropriate.

Chinos are also pants and can be worn with a shirt. But it is unlikely that such a tandem would be suitable for the office or the theater.

The “right” outfit must be chosen with three components in mind:

  • admissibility;
  • type of figure;
  • own style.

Only by determining a personal end goal, will be able to choose a successful outfit that will look fashionable and at the same time individual.


A shirt completely tucked into your pants is not necessarily a strict and boring option.

Source: @shortstoriesandskirts

Original clothing models will make a familiar pair – unrecognizable.


Even the classic “office” version can be enlivened with stylish suspenders, a tie or accessories.


The contrast of severity and carelessness will help to create your own style, emphasizing the originality of the image.


To remove partially is not necessarily “on one side. The option to hide only the front has already become almost a classic. This way you can even fashionably tuck in a blouse for school or office with a loyal dress code.

Both long models and short wide tops are acceptable for this method. You can tuck in just one edge of the shirt, as in the photo below.


This option of wearing it will help to hide the small imperfections of the figure.

But it is necessary to think carefully about your own image. There is a risk of getting an “unkempt cabbage” effect.


No one tip of the hat will make an oversize look like an elegant blouse. So when choosing how to wear it, you need to pay attention to the type of outfit.


It is not necessary to wear wide models worn outside. Yes, it is comfortable, especially for full girls, but this image often lacks “zest.

Voluminous shirts are tucked in only partially. Or they hide the lowest part behind the belt, so that it does not come out, but is free. You can’t hide the width neatly anyway, and a “roll” of pleats in the waist area will only spoil the silhouette.


Long shirts may not be tucked in. If you want to emphasize the waist, it is better to do it with a belt, a knot, a lap bag, or a brooch.

Narrow models can be partially tucked into breeches, but large shirts (oversize) is better to leave it completely off.


A properly tucked top does not fall out of the pants with a sudden wave of the hand. If you can’t lift your arms so that the bottom edge doesn’t peek out, you don’t tuck it inside.

For other shirts there are no restrictions, all options are allowed.

Type of figure

Each female figure is unique in its own way. But still we can distinguish a number of basic types.


Some people call this type of appearance “model”, others call such a figure “hourglass” – the essence is the same. This type of girl wears all kinds of clothes with equal ease, in any way.

High waist

All variants of wearing this tandem are also acceptable for girls of similar appearance. But there are little tricks. It is desirable to “lower” the waist line. To do this suit breeches with low slimming. Tucking the blouse into them, you can get a more proportional figure.


In this case, not only the emphasis on the waist is important, but also the “right” blouse. It should balance the wide and narrow parts of the body.

You can also compensate for the imbalance with the right selection of shades.

A wide white shirt with flounces will add missing volume to the top, and a dark bottom will visually reduce the hips.

But this method is suitable only for slender girls. Battle-sized ladies may accidentally accentuate extra centimeters instead of the waist.


This type of female figure is corrected in two ways:

  • The waist line is moved higher or lower. Emphasizing the chest or hips can hide existing shortcomings in the abdomen area. In this case the shirt is worn outside;

  • The blouse is partially tucked in. It is better to hide it in the front. This way the waist will be marked, but there will be no obvious accent in this place.

In the absence of complexes, you can completely remove the shirt. The main thing is to be comfortable in the chosen image.

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