How To Tuck A Shirt In Jeans

The beautiful half of humanity has long and tightly occupied the male closet. But how to beautifully tuck a shirt into a girl’s jeans? After all, the same clothes can look very different, depending on the accents and overall style.

The first thing to remember is that there is no “right” or “wrong” option. Everything is chosen individually. Everything must be taken into account:

  • figure type;
  • clothing model;
  • color and texture of the fabric;
  • event.

In the same outfit, one girl can look stylish and another – ridiculous. What’s the secret?

Shirt type

The modern industry offers a huge choice: from frankly masculine shirts, to elegant and feminine blouses. Each type has its own peculiarities of wearing.

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One of the most popular options. You can wear such a shirt with jeans, skirts, pants, shorts. It is suitable for almost all figure types and different clothing styles.

Tucking in long shirts is quite difficult. You need to distribute the folds beautifully and evenly if the model is wide.

Such blouses have to be tucked in the bottom. A lot of folds can visually increase the size of the waist and hips, which will not suit everyone.

When tucking in a long shirt completely, you should try to make all the curves and folds as inconspicuous as possible (you should do this step by step). Better yet, tuck just part of the blouse inside (front or back), or leave it completely untucked.

The tucked-in variant is suitable for the office, school and business style, the other ways – for rest and walks. Any of the tandems can be made original, using non-standard accessories, or a peculiar way of wearing (photo below).


Such clothes are not tucked in at all. This style implies freedom. Frames and boundaries are not appropriate here. Yes, and to put such a shirt in the pants smoothly and neatly is almost impossible. At most – remove one edge, emphasizing the “hooligan” attitude.

With cuts

Women’s shirts with slits, come in all variations: long and short, wide and fitted, with a flat hem and asymmetrical.

These models are versatile – due to the cuts it is convenient to tuck them inside completely and partially, or wear them completely outside. Depending on the style of the event you can create any image.


Asymmetric blouses have been in fashion for several years, but stubbornly do not want to leave the shelves of closets. Regardless of how exactly to wear such a blouse – the outfit turns out to be stylish and not boring.


Tight-fitting outfits are considered “classics”. Therefore, they are suitable only for more strict and businesslike tandems. The option of “hiding half” is not suitable here. Either completely “inside” or completely outside.


There is no point in tucking in a short shirt completely. A sharp wave of the hand – and one edge is sure to unkemptly come out of the pants. It is better to prevent this scenario by removing the hem only partially, or by leaving the top completely off.

Filling method

Hypothetically, any model can be worn in different ways. The main thing is to choose the right image and accessories. But still, each style has its own nuances.


The older generation does not accept this option. This way is considered more youthful and informal.

The shirt can be lifted from either side:

  • front. The most popular option. It looks original and slightly careless. But this way of wearing is suitable only for girls with a slender waist. The tucked in front of the shirt will emphasize the “tummy”;

    White shirt with big sleeves, tucked in the front with jeans

Source: @merca_creative_studio

  • at the back. For a more casual outfit, the floors in the front can be tied in a knot. Ladies who love to shock the public are not limited in their fantasies;

  • side. This solution is one of the most unconventional. Such an image must be thought out in detail. Otherwise, from stylish, it will turn into unkempt and silly.

Partially tucked in a blouse no longer causes obvious condemnation or negativity, but for work or study it is better to choose more familiar options.

Tucked in completely

The classic, time-honored way. This style will be appropriate for all events. White or plaid, loose or tapered – any shirt can be hidden entirely. But you need to consider not only the color and type of the blouse, but also the cut of the pants.

You can tuck fitted tops into jeans with a high waist, but the wide or long, with this way of wearing, visually add a couple of pounds.

Do I have to refill it?

How to wear a shirt with jeans – everyone decides for himself. If you don’t want to tuck it in, you don’t have to.

After all, even the classic models are still a free form of clothing. It is better to choose your own style, based on personal comfort, rather than imposed “rules”.

Features of the figure

The era of body positivity insists that anything is possible. But one must consider the level of self-acceptance.

If your own shortcomings in the figure cause discomfort, it is better to choose options that hide the flaws.

It is easier for those for whom other people’s opinions do not matter – they can wear shirts and jeans as they like.

High waist

A girl with a high waist is better not to wear shirts fully tucked into jeans. In this case the disproportion is emphasized, which visually spoils the figure.

Blouses with an inflated waistline, worn outside, will make the figure more proportional and classic.

It is acceptable to wear jeans with a low or medium fit. In such pants you can remove the top halfway. This will “lower” the waist and make the silhouette more harmonious.


The owners of the figure “pear” on the contrary, it is necessary to focus on the waist. It is better to choose pants with a medium or high slim fit and tuck in the shirt partially or entirely.

If the abdominal area is not ideal, then the attention should be shifted higher – giving preference to blouses with pockets and trim around the chest and shoulders.


A dressing down shirt will help to hide the lack of proper curves. It is acceptable to hide it partially, as if marking the waistline, but not accentuating it. Completely retracting the blouse inside should not be done – it will emphasize the discrepancy in proportions.


The “triangle” can be straight or inverse – the shoulders are wider than the hips and vice versa. In any case, the emphasis on the waist will help smooth out the imbalance. It is acceptable to stylishly tuck the shirt in the front, or hide it entirely. But it is desirable to choose not too long models, so as not to shift the attention to the hips.


Using fashion trends, you can create a stylish and beautiful look. But is it worth it if it is uncomfortable? When choosing whether to remove one side or leave the hem completely free, you should first of all rely on personal comfort.

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