How To Tuck In A Shirt: 24 Ways

Every girl or woman’s closet has at least one shirt. It can be a sports or classic model. Usually it is combined with a skirt, shorts or pants. Tucked-in shirt often causes inconvenience. For example, it comes out or gathers folds. It is not difficult to correct the situation. Let’s look at 24 popular and original ways to correctly tuck in a shirt.

Ways to tuck in fashionably

There are models that are recommended to wear over pants, shorts and skirts. These are models with flounces, lace or decorative elements along the bottom. The rest of the shirts can be safely tucked in, using various methods.

Release of one side

Despite the fact that the idea appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to fall in love with fashionistas. This fashionable image is not difficult to repeat. For it will suit a shirt made of material such as chintz or cotton.

The skirt or pants should have an inflated waist. The shirt at the bottom does not have to be fully buttoned. A few buttons should be left undone.

Either side can be left out. Due to the fact that the top of the bow turns out voluminous and massive, it will look stylish with narrow pants or jeans. For this image it is not recommended to choose wide shorts or culottes.

Carelessly tucked

To create a casual look, it is better to choose shirts with a man’s shoulder. In this case the bow will turn out unusual and a little daring. Shirts with jeans with lace or fringe will look good.

Front on the abdomen

This method is appropriate for garments that need to be tucked into jeans with an inflated waist. If the model has a low waist, it should be combined only with long shirts of thin material. If you make a surcharge of dense material, then visually the clothing will add a few pounds to its owner.

Many women who have a bodacious shape do not tuck their clothes into jeans or pants. However, it is recommended to use a version with the front tucked in. In this case, the back will cover the back of the thighs.

On elongation

To create a fashionable bow is recommended to choose a blouse with an elongated back. Many fashionable women wonder whether to tuck it in. It is best to do it in the following way – fully buttoned and tucked in the front and sides. The back should be left. Then while walking it will flutter beautifully.

From behind

You have to undo the bottom button and find the middle of the back. After that – tuck it in so that the shirt hangs in the air.

The latest trend of the season is to tuck clothes in this way into a sun skirt. The overall look is massive and voluminous. It is recommended for such a variant to choose models, in which there are special cuts on the sides.

Skirted Shirt

Skirted shirt is an informal style. So, for example, sports models are worn only in a free form. After all, they do not constrain and do not constrain the movement. Skirted models look good over pants. However, this way of wearing is unacceptable in a formal style.

Fashionistas with puffy forms are recommended to pay attention to this way of wearing. It not only visually hides the flaws of the figure, but also stretches the silhouette.

With an open back or “backwards”

Products with an open back give its owner a mysteriousness. So that a blouse with an open back does not come out, you can use the method of tucking in the front on the stomach. Completely such models are not tucked into pants or a skirt, as they lose their originality.

With rolled up sleeves

Young girls prefer a loose style of dress. To make a tucked in shirt not look casual you need to use a cool way – roll up the sleeves. In this case it will look stylish and effective. Especially well combined with simple jeans.

Per node

Despite the fact that knots on clothing are associated with beach images, today they are used to create an everyday image. And, knots can be made not only on a shirt, but also on a T-shirt, T-shirt and a thin sweater.

Consider the most popular method of tying, which is suitable for any physique of a fashionista. First, you need to gather the material in one hand, and then pull it through the loop that is formed.

Another equally well-known option is to grab the fabric in two hands. The knot should not be too tight. In addition, it is necessary to use loose clothing. This variation looks quite original, and also gives sexiness.

With belt

The belt allows to emphasize the thin waist of its owner. Such shirts look effective with jeans and pants.


Types of shirts


Strict, classic shirts are popular today only in offices. In everyday life use comfortable, voluminous clothing, which does not constrain movement. Such models can be worn both with jeans and with a skirt.

To emphasize the waist in a large model, it is enough to wear it together with the skirt. It is recommended to tuck in only one edge to make the image look original.

Oversize looks good with jeans. It is recommended to wear it loose.


Classic medium length blouse looks good slightly worn with jeans and pants. When combined with a skirt, it is better to tuck it in completely. To avoid discomfort, it is desirable to use a strap.

With jabot

Blouses with jabots are suitable for festive events. They look good with different skirts – pleated, sun flared and pencil. Blouses are harmoniously combined with business suits. Blouses with jabots are usually tucked into skirts in a classic way.

With rolled up sleeves

A shirt with rolled up sleeves goes very well with a loose or sporty style. It does not have to be completely tucked inside. Tucked in half will look original with shorts or jeans.

However, the classic version of the model with rolled up sleeves will look perfect with pants or even a skirt.

With stand-up collar

Women’s blouse with a stand-up collar usually refers to the classic style. Therefore, it is appropriate to combine it with a skirt, pants and jeans. It is worn loose with pants or completely tucked into a skirt.

With chest pockets

Models with pockets on the chest are ideal for slim girls who want to visually increase the volume of the chest. When worn with a skirt they can be safely tucked in the classic method. With loose pants it is recommended to wear the shirt outside.

With a deep cleavage

Blouse with a deep neckline gives its owner sexuality. Especially interesting these models are combined with a classic skirt or pencil skirt. It should be fully tucked into the skirt. Not bad looking blouse with a deep neckline with jeans.



The fitted blouses are a great opportunity to emphasize a slim figure and a thin waist. If the length allows, it is better to wear it over pants. In combination with a skirt, it must be tucked in completely or half.


This clothing allows you not only to create a harmonious image, but also to get rid of worries about your appearance. Unlike other products, the bodysuit sits tightly on the body. It does not need to be constantly tucked in. Moreover, the body-body blouse covers the body from the cold.

There are models with a loose top, so outwardly these clothes are indistinguishable from the usual blouse. The bodyshirt fastens at the bottom with panties.

With basque

Blouses with a basque look original and unusual. Most often, it is a festive variant of clothing. Because of the basque, they are not tucked inside, but look good on top of the clothes.

How do I wear a tucked-in shirt?

With jeans

Shirt with jeans is a great option for work, walk and study. Thanks to a huge variety of models, you can choose a casual and festive look. Shirt worn with jeans will look good on tall and slender girls. If there are cuts on the side of the model, it is recommended to wear it over pants.

A classic option is a white blouse combined with jeans. Today over-size models with jeans look especially original.

With pants

Not all girls know how to wear a blouse with pants. For example, if it is a formal style, it must necessarily be of a restrained tone without a print. It is tucked into the pants in a classic way. The waist line can be emphasized with leather or lacquered belt.

For a casual look choose an oversize shirt with pockets on the chest or stand-up collar. If it is voluminous, it is better not to tuck it in. If you choose a classic model, it is advisable to tuck it into pants.

With a skirt

Any shirt with a skirt looks spectacular, attracts, as well as emphasizes the impeccable taste of its owner. It can be tucked into a skirt in the classic way or halfway. If the blouse is short, it can be left over the skirt.

With shorts

Owners of beautiful hips and thin waist should tuck the shirt into shorts. Stylish strap will emphasize the bow. Skirted shirt makes you feel more comfortable and confident. However the shorts should not hide completely behind it. Shorts with an inflated waist are recommended to combine with a tucked in blouse.

To refill or not to refill?

This is an individual choice for every fashionista. Properly tucked shirt looks original and neat, and loose – informal and careless. If some models necessarily need to be tucked in, then the sports variants are worn loose.

It is not recommended to tuck shirts for owners of puffy forms, as they emphasize the flaws of the figure. Loose articles look original, as well as visually elongate the silhouette.


Useful and fashionable tips that will benefit every modern lady:

  1. Clothing must always be true to size. If the shirt is torn, it’s too big. It will look ugly and create a “parachute” effect.
  2. Ladies with curvy shapes should avoid folds around the edges. Otherwise they will visually give the figure extra volume.
  3. Properly chosen length of the blouse is a guarantee of comfort. If it is not long enough, it will be constantly knocked out of the pants. If the product is too long, then it will gather in folds and create additional volume.
  4. The line of buttons blouse should coincide with the line of the zip fly.

Spectacular Images

Bow #1. Despite the fact that this is a business style, the image turned out attractive and feminine. The hat and suspenders give it brightness and originality. Such a bow is suitable for the office or even a romantic date.

Onion #2. It is perfect for the fall and spring period. This look will make its wearer stand out from the crowd. A white shirt tucked into white high-waisted pants looks spectacular!

Bow #3. This is a casual look that will suit both for work and for a walk. The black and white striped shirt tucked into the flared jeans looks unusual. A purse on a gold chain adds femininity to the image.

Bow #4. Feminine combination of a blue shirt with open shoulders and fashionable jeans. Shoes with bright print will add originality to the image.

Bow #5. It is suitable for young girls-students or even schoolgirls. Stylish image is represented by a white classic blouse tucked into a red-checkered skirt. Black leather handbag completes the look.

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