How To Tie A Belt: The Nuances Of Creating Beautiful Knots

It isn’t easy to make a fashionable look without various accessories. Belts have always had not only functional but also decorative value. Modern accessories, made from multiple materials, decorate the image and can visually correct the silhouette.

Types And Materials

Modern fashionistas should consider not only the color and style of the belts but also the quality of the materials from which they are created.
There are many techniques for making accessories.

Some technologies are considered outdated and are used in the creation of handmade things:

  • Thanks to weaving on a fork, a needle, a block, weave products of different shapes (round, square);
  • knitting belts with needles crochet from a variety of threads (linen, wool) and ribbons;
  • The accessories are woven on a reed, planks, or a special loom.

Factories use a variety of fabrics (wool, cotton, silk). They reinforce products with corsage tape or dublerin, adhesive fleece. Typically, manufacturers sew accessories and clothing models from one material. In today’s world, textile products are gradually replaced by belts, which are tightened with a buckle.

Choosing The Right Fit

It is difficult to overestimate the decorative qualities of belts. However, many fashionable women appreciate the opportunity to correct the silhouette with accessories visually.

Owners of an hourglass figure feel the most confident – ladies can wear any belt on the waist or on the hips. The optimal choice is a sash (a wide belt made of leather or textile).

For ladies with other types of physiques, it is essential to choose the right accessories:

  • Owners of a narrow waist and wide hips will suit thin belts worn at the waist.
  • Fashionable women with broad shoulders, narrow hips and undefined lines of the waist want to create the appearance of puffy hips. Therefore, decorated belts are worn on them.
  • Girls with a busty bust are recommended to choose thin sashes and tie them at the waist.

When choosing an accessory, always take into account a woman’s height. Short ladies shouldn’t tie a wide belt. The optimal solution – is a narrow strap in the tone of the clothes.

Basic Models

Among the various accessories, it isn’t easy to give preference to anyone.

Naturally, you will need several different straps to create exciting looks:

  • Elegantly emphasize the narrow waistline models of fabric, suede, and leather. Accessories will decorate dresses, cardigans, and loose shirts. They should be in the closet of any fashionista.
  • Standard models up to 5 cm in width, made of leather, textile will effectively complement pants, jeans, shorts, safari dresses, and long skirts. A stylishly decorated buckle can become the main decoration of the image.
  • Wide girdles and corsets – a great opportunity to slightly tighten the waist and visually give the figure an “hourglass” shape. This effect can be achieved with products made of thick materials or leather.

Do not forget the decorative accessories which stylishly decorate the holiday closet. Elegant thin chains or original braided straps will give an image of sophistication and tenderness.

Fashion Standards

Just a few past seasons, designers recommended combining belts with other accessories. But the modern style rules are not so categorical, and the choice of decorative elements is given freedom. The modern trend is gold or silver straps. These accessories are especially relevant in summer and look great with clothes made of light-flowing fabrics. Thin jackets, jeans, and cardigans will wonderfully complement the brown leather straps.

In general, today stylists advocate creativity, individuality and call not to be afraid of experiments. Always refresh your closet belts made of fabric, leather, buttoned over a cardigan, coat, dress, sweater.

How To Tie: Fashionable Ways

It is not difficult to give an exciting look to a familiar accessory if you periodically tie or fasten it in different ways. There are several ways to fasten the belt on the waist or hips. Consider the most popular of them.

Free loop

You can tie long belts made of lightweight leather, leatherette, or non-smooth textiles in this way. Because products made of slippery fabrics, such as silk or satin, will not hold and slip easily.

The scheme of how to tie the belt on the coat: the accessory is folded in half and wrapped around the waist so that the loop and the ends are in the front. Then the tails are threaded through the loop, and the belt is lightly tightened.


This knot design scheme is suitable for long accessories sewn from non-slip materials.

How to tie a belt:

  1. The product is attached to the dress at the waist level’s front side. The ends are placed on the back, crossed and brought forward.
  2. The ends of the belt are aligned and tied at the waist with a single knot. The half-belt is straightened out.

Similarly, knitwear and outerwear are usually belted in the same way. It is not necessary to wrap the accessory twice around the waist before tying the belt on the coat (as in the photo).


A look tied with this method visually resembles a flower. This is a great decoration for a romantic outfit or vintage clothing.

The easiest way to tie a knot is on loose textile accessories:

  1. The usual half-bant is tied.
  2. The noose of the half-belt is taken by the middle of the back side and pushed under the knot.
  3. The resulting two semicircles spread out.

To make the tie, resembling a flower, held securely, you can secure the knot with a pin.

Corrugated bow

Forming such a knot requires a wide belt of soft fabric, which can easily be folded into an accordion.
To create a beautiful look, it is enough to lay four folds on the ribbon and then proceed according to the scheme:

  1. Folded belt tied at the waist with a single knot. Do not tighten tightly.
  2. One end of the accessory is pulled under the top of the knot.

Choosing not very long decorative items is recommended to attract attention to the puffy bow shape rather than ponytails.

Classic look

This is the most common option for tying accessories. Depending on the materials, the belt stylishly adorns a festive outfit or originally complements an everyday closet.

It is not difficult to make a classic bow:

  1. The accessory is tied with a regular knot.
  2. Both ends are folded into loops.
  3. One loop is wrapped around the other and threaded into the resulting ring.

The resulting bow is beautifully straightened. Such a variant is good because it forms an elegant tangle in the middle, it is not difficult to regulate the length of the ends and the size of the bow. Naturally, bows, tied with wide silk or chiffon belts, look especially elegant and magnificent. Most often, so decorate airy and beautiful dresses of girls. And you can tie an elegant ribbon on the front of the dress, and on the back.

How To Tie A Belt Into An Elegant Bow

Not always appropriate in clothes bouffant bows. Look elegant with narrow or medium-width belts tied with a beautiful knot. The process of forming it is not complicated. The ponytails are made into loops tied into a stylish small knot.

What Are The Benefits Of The Belt

Thanks to the belt, you can support the halves of clothes that do not fasten. You can feel much warmer and more comfortable by girding up in the cooler seasons.

Properly chosen and tied decorative element brings elegance and variety to the closet and helps to correct the silhouette visually. Owners of wide hips should not tighten the belt on the waist strongly – a slight overstretch of clothing will visually level the figure’s proportions. Short fashionable women should choose narrow straps and wear them at the waistline – it will visually “elongate” the silhouette.

How To Choose A Belt By Color

Buying things in the right shade or a complete set is not always possible.

Adhering to the advice of stylists, it is not difficult to make fashionable bows:

  • Of course, the contrast of the belt and clothing will give a bright image, but such experiments can afford slender fashionistas. For example, a white belt on a black dress will visually make a plump lady even fuller. The optimal option – is an accessory, which is a couple of tones darker than other things.
  • Choosing a product in the tone of the clothes or other closet elements will significantly simplify the process of creating the image.
    As a rule, belts or belts are combined with gloves, shoes, and bags.

Stylists recommend to match summer clothes with light belts and decorative belts (white, gold, silver). And outerwear of neutral shades (gray, brown, black) will complement the accessories of dark colors.

How To Choose The Width Of The Belt

When choosing a product, we are guided by the clothing style and consider the body’s peculiarities. Casual will perfectly complement the medium-width products, tied at the hips or waist. Stylishly look tunics decorated with wide sleeves.

Romantic Greek or empire-style dresses are tied with ribbons, laces or belts of medium width. Narrow braided accessories are also a great addition to a boho-style closet.

What’s The Best Place To Wear A Belt

A timeless classic is an accessory tied at the waist. However, the location of the decorative element can be changed. This takes into account not only the closet’s style but also the fashionista’s physique.

The belt above the waist

This way of tying the accessory is suitable for dresses with an inflated waistline. Such clothes will decorate ladies with any figure. This is a trendy style of summer sundresses and holiday dresses, sewn in the French Empire style. Effectively look both mini-dresses and clothes in length to the floor.

Hip belt

Leather, suede belts with buckles stylishly decorate jeans with an understated waistline. Another suitable cut of clothing is a tunic and a dress check. Choosing this version of the accessory, it is important to consider the peculiarities of the figure, as it visually reduces the length of the legs. Choosing clothing with a belt on the hips is also not desirable.

The belt around the waist

The traditional way of arranging the belt will always be relevant. Because by varying the way of tying the belt on the dress, and the size and color of the product, you can visually mask the figure’s flaws. Originally tied accessories or brightly decorated products will always give a zest and personality to the outfit. A special plus is that the belt at the waist can be tied with a stylish knot on any clothing season.

Where To Wear

Modern fashion welcomes bold solutions and original ideas. Therefore, belts can be placed on different parts of the body. Wear accessories tied to the waistline, hips, and under the chest. The choice of location of the decor is chosen by the style of the closet, the time of year, and the type of clothing.

What To Wear With

But there are also popular standard solutions: jeans are decorated with belts with buckles, and light, thin dresses are decorated with narrow belts or even cords. For outerwear, choose belts of medium width, sewn from leather or suede, and tie the products at the waist. And you can use different techniques to tie the belt to the coat.

Tie a belt with two rings and a long end on the cape by threading the end through the rings in the traditional way. And then roll up the loop, placing it under the belt, and put the ponytail through it.


The embroidery will give the accessory a bright and unusual look. This method of decoration is suitable for thin items. To make the pattern stand out from the background, pick up threads of contrasting shades.

Fans of glamour will love the decor created from beads or rhinestones. Of course, it will take more time and skill to do the work, but the result is worth it. It is easier to glue rhinestones on thick belts. And thin items can be embroidered with beads. The pattern will be more embossed if you use beads of different sizes.

Original Looks

Clothing with bows always gives an image of romantic and cute.

Designers offer several options for holiday use of the accessory:

  • Elegant and delicate look wedding dresses, girthed with long lace ribbons. Models with an open back and a long plume, if the bow is located on the back, at waist level, have a spectacular appearance.
  • It will accentuate the waistline but will not attract attention. A decorative product is sewn from the same material as the dress. If you want to embellish a little accessory, you can embroider it with beads, sequins, and silk. An exciting and uncomplicated method is to paint the belt with textile paints. An unconventional option – is to fix a small brooch on the knot.

It is not difficult to make a beautiful belt with your own hands. Unusual kinds of belts for dresses: lace braid, beautiful ribbons made of silk, chiffon or satin. You can even use just a stylish braided cord.

A fun improvisation on vacation is to roll up a colorful kerchief or a thin chiffon scarf and tie it on a sundress, skirt, summer pants, or jeans.

Accessories help emphasize the wearer’s personality and make the image brighter. When selecting products, you need to consider the peculiarities of your body and clothing style. The stylists’ recommendations will help you choose a strap and create an elegant look.

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