How To Style White Ballet Flats: Casual And Wedding Styles

White ballet flats are unique shoes that can easily be combined with many types of clothing. With them, you can create both casual and festive images. Brides often wear white ballet shoes for comfort and looseness at the wedding. Today we will tell you what is the best to wear white ballet shoes with and what types of clothing are better to avoid.

White Ballet Flats: Where Can I Wear Them?

Such shoes are suitable for almost any occasion:

  • School classes and university couples.
  • Work. It can be standing or sitting. Ballet shoes will be comfortable in either case.
  • A date with a loved one.
  • Visiting the theatre, movies, and exhibitions.
  • Daily walks in the summer and spring.
  • Wedding Banquet.
  • Attending a birthday party or a party.

As you can see, this shoe is suitable for any occasion. It is believed that you should not wear ballet flats to sporting events. However, fashion designers have managed to create interesting sports ballet shoes in which you can train and walk.

What To Wear With White Ballet Flats: Successful Bottom Choice

  1. White leather ballet flats go well with fitted pants. They create a stylish image for the office or school. Pants can be light shades: milk, coffee and gray. However, you can choose a model in black, which will contrast with the shoes.
  2. Women’s ballet flats are perfect under jeans of any colour. Just do not wear a flared model. It will not be able to emphasize the beauty of the shoes.
  3. Summer ballet flats can be worn with a long, light skirt. It can be monochrome or coloured. If the shoes are decorated with accessories, try not to overload the skirt with jewelry. Denim models will also successfully harmonize with ballet flats. Wearing a mini-skirt should be done with caution.

Wedding Ballet Flats

This type of footwear was invented for a reason. It is quite difficult for a bride to walk around all day in heels, taking pictures, dancing and having fun. For such an active time, you need comfortable, practical shoes. And white wedding ballerina flats are just perfect for the style of the dress.

Often such shoes are not worn all day. At the ceremony the bride wears heels, and during the banquet she uses wedding ballerina flats. Note that the first dance of the young will require a lot of grace and comfort. Therefore, this kind of shoes will really help and simplify the girl’s life.

It is important to wear ballet shoes to a wedding a couple of weeks in advance. Even if the shoes were comfortable when you tried them on, they might start to chafe on your foot after a few hours of the party. It is best to buy leather models, which are the easiest to break in advance. Wear white ballet shoes with a thick toe on the foot to simplify the process. Then the shoes will expand slightly and take the proper shape of your foot. After a couple of days, remove the sock, and you will feel how easy and comfortable it is to walk in ballet shoes.

What Dresses And Sundresses Fi Ballet Flats?

  1. Beautiful models with floral prints can be combined with bright summer sundresses. Try to match the shade of the pattern on the shoes with the colour of the clothes.
  2. A white, airy sundress is the perfect solution for ballet flats. You will get a delicate, feminine image suitable for a romantic date.
  3. It is better not to wear short sundresses with ballet flats. Shoes without a heel do not go well with short models. You should be especially careful if you are a low height.
  4. An evening dress is a good choice for white ballet shoes. Long models to the floor are perfect for the prom. For such an outfit, you can take lacquered, monochrome ballet flats. If they will have stylish rhinestones or shimmering stones – that’s only a plus. But try to have white ballet flats with no other shades than white. You can take a dress in cream, gray, beige and yellow. Boldly combine women’s white ballet flats with dark options – with blue, black and burgundy dresses.

Choosing The Perfect Top For Ballet Flats

  • Under the delicate shoes, you need to choose the appropriate blouse. It should not be an open shirt or a sports T-shirt. Excellent suit model with embroidery, ruffles and lace. Then you will be able to create a delicate evening image.
  • You can wear a feminine t-shirt with rhinestones or a pattern for everyday walks. Try to ensure that the ballet shoes, in this case, are not classic. They can also be decorated with a print or fabric inserts.
  • Shirts or blouses should be worn under the business work look. They fit perfectly under white shoes. The shirt can be light blue with thin stripes. The sleeve length should be up to the elbow.

Selecting Accessories

  1. Only light bags and clutches will suit under white ballet flats. Choose models of milk, beige or cream colour.
  2. The belt should harmonize in colour with the ballet shoes. However, if you have light-coloured pants, you can wear a thin black belt for contrast.
  3. Glasses should have a monochrome white frame. It is desirable that it is large and partially covers the face. Glasses in the form of a “cat’s eye” will do.

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