How To Style Long Denim Skirt: Tips From The Professionals

Recently, denim skirts have been back at the peak of popularity, overcoming the decline in demand that had dragged on for 15 many years. They were still worn, of course, and designers continued to develop interesting models in denim, rough and dense fabric with a dyed warp rather than a duck thread. But the real excitement erupted quite recently.

Peculiarities Of Choosing Clothes With A Denim Skirt

The practicality of products from denim has long ensured that they have a place in the closet of many women, regardless of their age or social status. Denim skirts – casual style elements allow you to feel comfortable with little girls and gray-haired matrons. This clothing is versatile. It can go to work, shop in stores, walk in parks and squares, sit on a fallen tree, or sit on a huge boulder. Nothing will happen to this skirt. It won’t crumple or spoil.

Various shirts, T-shirts, vests and even smart blouses go with denim skirts. In colder weather, they are combined with pullovers, cardigans and sweaters, knitted from thick threads. Denim products gravitate to the boho and hippie styles, so they use the appropriate trim – various appliques, fringes, ribbons and beads depending on the model, with a skirt of denim worn lightweight panama and straw hats. Among the accessories, we often choose woven bags and baskets. Shoes with low and high heels closed pumps, and sandals with ties are ideal for such outfits.

Denim Skirt Models

Among the huge selection of long denim skirts, do not lose their relevance and look modern, bright and original. They are best suited for girls of high or medium height. With things are easy to create different images, allowing any weather to look stylish. In such a case, other ladies must choose shoes with a platform or heels carefully. The most popular models of skirts made of denim are considered:

  • with buttons or rivets;
  • Straight – with slits and various fasteners;
  • pencil skirts;
  • trapezoidal, flared with a ruffle at the bottom or fringe and patch pockets;
  • Sun skirts with wide belts, one-piece or made of wedges.

Skirt styles and models depend on the thickness of the material. On a thin and dense material the folds are especially expressive.

Who Fits Denim Skirts

Lengthened models like skirts are for those who choose their clothes creatively and can create original looks. The long, trimmed at the waist model allows easy movement, but it is not suitable for everyone, only for thin girls and women with a thin waist. A narrow pencil skirt, below the knee and longer, is difficult to imagine on a short young girl. And a straight model up to the ankles – on a woman of large build with excessive weight.

How To Choose A Denim Skirt

The return to the fashion Olympus of denim skirts did not go unnoticed. New modern models, aimed at a different taste of the public, won the love of many girls. They are worn throughout the year and regardless of the season. The variety of styles requires a conscious approach to the choice of products. After all, your favourite things should emphasize the figure’s advantages and hide flaws.

For those women, whose figure can be attributed to the type of “hourglass”, a pencil skirt of elastic denim will emphasize a thin waist and beautiful forms. However, it should not be chosen by those whose hips are too narrow or massive.

Tulip skirts can be worn by slender and graceful girls and those who want to increase the volume of the hips visually. But this style is not for everyone, as leg length and height will seem much smaller than others.

Thanks to the originality of the cut, the gode skirt hides the puffiness of the hips, making the silhouette slimmer. However, thin or massive calves can spoil the overall impression.

Popular straight-skirt models correct the figure. But still, products with a midi or maxi length will visually make a person much lower. However, this may be the best option for those who want to hide the defects of the legs.

Those whose figure is close to the “apple” type, need to make a slimmer silhouette, reduce the emphasis on the waist. Flared skirts, with a dip and a basque – these are the most suitable styles.

What To Wear A Denim Skirt With

These skirts, as well as jeans, can be combined with clothes of different styles. The availability of shades from light blue to blue-black makes it easy to create a casual look. Tops, shirts, and sweaters would suit the narrow model. The top should not be tight. Sometimes it may look strange. The product of denim is suitable for many styles, even for classic and romantic.


A long denim skirt can be combined with a see-through blouse or a light monochrome, worn under a jacket. In the latter case, you can create a business image. And if you open the jacket and a few top buttons on the blouse, then the perception of the look will change. It will not be so strict and formal. In such clothes, you can go for a walk in the city streets or go on a date.


Simple shirts made of natural cotton fit with denim skirts. They can be checkered or striped, most often vertical. Denim models made of coarse fabric can be successfully complemented by a denim shirt, lighter and finer. A khaki shirt, properly matched tonally, will give a light military-style patina to the outfit. However, you will have to take care of additional accessories and appropriate finishing in this case.


Classic options, which give an image of severity and simplicity, are considered monochrome t-shirts and shirts in black or white. They are also worn with a jacket, vest, or cardigan. A more cheerful and mischievous image is created with a jeans skirt and multi-coloured T-shirt of different styles.

Cropped top

In the height of summer, when you want to bask in the hot sunlight, a light denim skirt and a cropped top will come in handy. For a trip to the beach, you should take with you a large denim bag, in which it is easy to put all the necessary things. Such an image would be suitable for a holiday at the country house or for a walk around the city. Denim skirts with an elastic band will not fail in all conditions: they will not break zippers, and buttons will not break off.

Things in stripes

Combining a denim skirt and a striped blouse can look stylish. If the stripes are vertical, they will visually “stretch” the upper half of the body, which will become, in addition, much thinner. You can experiment with the length of things with stripes – shirts, shirts, sweaters, achieving the best effect and correcting the figure. A correctly chosen thickness of stripes and their colour scheme will be a real outfit decoration.

Denim jacket

Skirts are worn together with denim jackets, styles and colours, which are very different. Among them:

  • fit and straight;
  • short and long;
  • adjoining and vacant.

Hippie style will be reflected in scuffs, as well as patches and appliques from other fabrics. On such jackets as a decorative finish can be seen fringe, spectacular leather details.

Sweater, sweater

Excellent suit to the skirt made of thick denim warm sweater or sweater. In the cold period, such an outfit can become casual. This practical image is so comfortable that it is considered their favourite clothing worldwide.

Turtleneck sweater

Most often, the peak in the popularity of turtlenecks (sweaters with high collars) increases in the winter. But even in other seasons, their demand cannot be called low. This type of clothing refers to the basic elements of an everyday closet. Therefore, these sweaters can be easily combined with various things, including jeans and skirts. A tight turtleneck sweater usually wears puffed tulip skirts, flared models, and others are suitable for certain types of figures.

What Is The Best Way To Wear A Long Denim Skirt

Depending on the thickness of the denim, the material is very rough, with a twill weave, giving it density. Sew different styles of denim skirts, and pick up their clothes and accessories. For lightweight summer items of light blue fabric, you can choose white lace t-shirts made of cotton thread, hand-knitted, tight or loose t-shirts.

Denim jackets will keep you warm in any weather. The same style outfit will look spectacular, the more so that some products often use collars of fur or faux fur.

In spring, along with long skirts, sweatshirts are worn – a very popular type of insulating garment made of knitted, sporty style in recent years. This clothing with long sleeves, a round collar, hidden side pockets and a hood. Sweatshirts are not only functional. Many of them are fashion brands with their logos and prints. They are worn as uniforms by college and university students, athletes, and members of various youth movements and cultures. Denim skirts in the same look as sweatshirts look natural, create an organic look.

Denim maxi skirt is worn with different styles of leather jackets. Universal models, suitable for any weather, can be called a product of medium length. However, look good images and with short jackets of leather or synthetic leather, modern dressing. Often they are decorated with a lot of metal decor in a certain style.

You can always see models made of sturdy and reliable denim in the collections of fashion houses and famous couturiers. Today the eyes of fashion fans are directed to the long skirts, suddenly becoming the objects of close attention. Such clothes conceal flaws of the figure (e.g., the completeness of the hips, too thin legs) and allow you to feel comfortable in the cool morning. Different styles, textures and colours can emphasize the figure’s beauty and femininity or demonstrate your inner philosophy, expressed in different styles.


Many women choose a long denim skirt with buttons, as these models are very practical. Young girls and older people create unique images that match their inner attitudes. The vertically elongated line of shiny buttons creates accents that make the figure slimmer, together with other elements and decorations, to form a complete image. The trapeze skirt, one of the most popular models, is preferred by girls with different physiques.


Such models are suitable for creating romantic looks. Fashion styles with pleats and ruffles, trimmed at the waist, go well with blouses made of delicate, see-through fabrics. Straight maxi or midi length models are ideal for casual style. With a long denim skirt worn, most jackets, blouses and sweaters are available in every lady’s closet.

Choice By Colour

In addition to the classic navy blue in denim clothes, a lot of other colours and shades. In the summer, models of skirts from denim are found to be completely white products. They are relevant for hot weather conditions, and their popularity does not depend on the selected style. Slits, leather inserts and lace details are characteristic of lengthened models.

A Khaki skirt is the basis of a stylish image. In fashion, its shades, such as ash, marsh, and bronze, can combine many currently relevant colours. Models in the military style are worn by self-confident people, who often complement them with camouflage clothing, berets or pilot coats, backpacks and bags.

The variety of colours allows for a more precise choice of products. White-haired fashionable women suit gray-blue models of skirts, and redheads – black.

Tips For Choosing Oversized Skirts

In fashion catalogues, there are models for women of different shapes. Among them – are long denim skirts of large size for large women. Their number, different designs and styles help to create acceptable images, hiding flaws and emphasizing seductive curves. Do not hide the increased volume in the waist area with loose clothing. After all, the elegant models of skirts will emphasize graceful movement and make the figure more slender. To look better, you need to consider a few tips:

  • Do not choose models with large prints, drawings or bright applications. If stripes, it is preferable to thin, and the pattern is small and discreet.
  • A high waist and a rigid belt will help to make the silhouette more perfect.
  • The product’s fabric should be flat and smooth, providing a perfect fit.

The best models of skirts of large size are considered flared, “pencil” with a high waistline, with tightening elements in problem areas.

How To Wear

Summer models of long straight skirts made of thin denim can be worn with tops, blouses, and shirts freeform and decorated with various folds and ruffles. Long denim skirts (pictured in catalogues) are worn with straw hats, baseball caps, caps and Panama hats. Very interesting turn out to be such a look, complemented by a bag made of the material, similar to headwear, and light sandals on flat soles. You can wear a tight blouse if there are folds, basque, and basque on the skirt. During the cold season, long denim skirts are combined with thin sweaters and sweaters, light windbreaker jackets.

Stylish skirts of the upcoming season will please many women with various colours, styles and lengths. Denim models are a real must-have, the clothes everyone should wear in his closet. Relevant shades are considered to be deep indigo, light sky blue, as well as the jam. Other options were added to the already familiar colour scheme – various white shades, red, purple and pink.

Stylish Images

Casual sets can be created with a straight denim skirt of dark blue colour and a light beige jacket. The outfit is completed with a light T-shirt with a soft print, a small black shoulder bag and comfortable black shoes or sandals.

For skinny girls of taller stature a set of a long flared skirt in dark blue and a white shirt without a collar of free cut may seem interesting. Do not fasten the buttons on the placket all the way to the bottom, it is better to leave a kind of “cut” to the knee, which allows you to make the image looser.

A hippie-style look can be created with a skirt with decorative scuffs and dangling fringe. In this case, you can buy handmade jewelry – various beads, pendants, medallions and amulets with folk ornaments and designs.

Helpful Tips

Long single-coloured skirts noticeably reduce the height of the person. Therefore, low-grown girls should seriously think before adding them to their closets. They can fit a model with a high waist and a wide belt. High-heeled shoes with floor-length skirts are not always comfortable to wear, so it is better to choose midi or mini models.

Do not choose long loose cardigans or raincoats to puffy floor-length models. The image will look washed out and sloppy.

A long denim skirt is a beautiful thing, which perfectly combines with any clothes. It comes in different styles and is presented in a variety of colours. Before composing a stylish look, you should use stylists’ advice. The main thing is to choose the product with taste based on the life situation (to the beach, on a date, to a restaurant, etc.).

Those who wear skirts of large size should avoid models with wide pleats or tiered ruffles, visually increasing the lower part of the body.

To lengthen a denim skirt and make it more fashionable, you can sew a flounce on the edge from a suitable thickness and colour of denim or a ruffle. On summer models of thin fabric will be appropriate lace or ribbons from crocheted motifs.

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