How To Style Fashionable Light Jeans

Light jeans – one of the constant favorites of world catwalks – display the qualities of stylish clothing for every day wear. Fans of comfort combined with elegance and grace adore the pants. Models are in demand for street, office, and holiday outfits. When choosing what to wear light jeans with, consider the nuances of style and the nature of the image. What do trendsetters offer and what is the secret of the success of compositions with denim pants of sensual shades?

On the pedestals of fashion Olympus, the denim trend remains steadfast. Moreover, designers manage to intrigue the audience with fresh interpretations of classics, fresh accents, and unique executions of denim clothes. Designers present a variety of denim solutions in light performance in their collections for the upcoming season. Under the influence of the vagaries of fashion, the same models-favorites already appear differently, in the form of pants in the style of grunge, flamboyant “boyfriends” or the same charming skinny.

This season’s fashion trend is light jeans in various designs:

  • With scuffs and rips. Scuffs are actual both local on the knees and buttocks area, and along the whole length of the pants. Ripped models are now offered not only to girls of young age, but also to stylish ladies a little older. In this case, the options for young beauties are made with both a large number of holes throughout the entire area of the product, and with a minimum of slits in a few places. Solutions for middle-aged fashionistas show some restraint of execution.
  • Flared. As noted by fashion critics, the relevance of this style with each season is only increasing. Spectacular image with light flared jeans in tandem with the shoes on a high steady heel allows you to stretch the bottom part of the figure, creating the effect of slimness. Flared from the hips or from the knee models with length just below the middle of the heel are trending.
  • With decor. Rows of laconic denim models were diluted by solutions with gamy applique and original stitching. The variety of beaded and openwork components impresses, the trim of textured fabrics with a catchy colour accent fascinates.
  • With lapels. The favorites of the past collections with lapels are back on the catwalks in intriguing design. New for the season are denim pants with lapels of coloured format, original drawings, inserts of stones, beads and lace.
  • Cropped. Seven-eight cuts still hold their positions, as well as variants of the length up to the middle of the calf. Only now the waistline has shifted: skinnies with ultra-low fit have replaced high models.

Denim and stretch “puffer” trousers remain relevant despite the return of “bananas” from the 80’s.

Color scheme: how to choose light jeans

The natural shades of the light palette are in favor. The focus is on traditional denim colours in the gray-blue range, combined with decorative trim elements of a similar tone or contrasting performance.
Among the trending solutions:

  • colours of classic pastel-toned denim in the form of blue-blue compositions, sky-blue palette, gray-blue and pale blue variations;
  • shades of ash colour;
  • white.

The catwalks show spectacular models, in which original solutions prevail, such as:

  • sensual gradient;
  • boil-off effect;
  • discolouration in the form of shapes with clear edges, geometries and patterns.

Fashion experts also recommend paying attention to charming monochrome jeans ivory in delicate colours of pink, green, and beige.

Girls look fashionable in the upcoming season will help:

  • Straight cut jeans. The classic cut is absolutely in vogue in the collections for the stylish middle-aged and older audience. Younger individuals will also be interesting to choose among the solutions of straight free cut length 3/4 or 7/8 with ripped edges or a wide lapel.
  • Flared. The pants flared from the knees in maximum length are a priority. Although the masters of fashion still do not let the versions of a flared from the hip out of sight. Models with high waist and medium fit line are trending.
  • Skinnies. Designers propose to emphasize the graceful lines of the figure with tight solutions. However, it is time to put aside variations of low fit, in the foreground – high skinnies.
  • Oversize. Loose cut clothes still dominate the fashion collections. Light oversize jeans of a shortened cut are of particular interest.
  • The culottes. Wide model just below the knees, reminiscent of a skirt-pants, at the peak of popularity fashion-industry. Denim versions look win-win in stylish sets with a jacket or coat to the middle of the thigh. Summer samples of thin denim allow you to create irresistible images with a blouse, shirt or top.

Jeans-boyfriends remain the leader among the variety of styles are presented mainly in a brutally restrained version. Ultramodern versions of free cut pants are decorated with original embroidery.

Men’s jeans: current looks

In the men’s fashion of the coming season prevail models expressly-democratic line, but there are also classic jeans:

  • Straight cuts are a standard offer for men of all ages and complexes;
  • free cut – the pants sit more loosely than in the previous version;
  • very loose styles – this category includes such versions as hip-hoppers, “pipes” and “bananas;
  • Slim jeans with the characteristic narrowing of the pants at the bottom.

Deciding what to wear light-coloured jeans for men, you should pay attention to the following top options:

  • T-shirts tight model of muted tones of consonant colours;
  • Denim shirts or textured fabric versions;
  • Longsleeves made of thin knitwear;
  • Jackets made of thick fabrics, jeans;
  • leather leather leather suits;
  • Sweaters, pullovers with textured knitting made of gray-blue, white or cream-coloured yarn;
  • Hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatshirts of non-contrast design;
  • Bombers, cropped down jackets, parkas, sheepskin coats to mid-thigh in muted shades.

Slip-ons and espadrilles are preferred as shoes. Boots with fur, insulated sneakers of urban line, and boots with an embossed sole with high lacing are suitable for the cold season.

Light jeans look spectacular in the closet of slim girls. Ladies with appetizing forms can be risky, although if you want large women, pay attention to the version of a muted tone of cold colours. Choosing “that” denim style in the right colour, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure, it is easy to create a stylish urban image for all occasions.

With an high waist

Light, high-waisted jeans this season compete with the low-waisted models. The collections of almost all brands include denim versions in the style of the 80s, and they are in favor with fashionistas of all ages. However, pants of soft shades with an overstated fit are not a universal option for women of any complexion.
Who fit and how to choose the right light-coloured jeans with a high waistline:

  • cut looks complementary to a slender or slightly thin ladies, allows you to emphasize the graceful curves of the figure;
  • Because of the height of the landing visually increases the length of the legs, creating the effect of elongated figure, it is an attractive option for girls of small stature;
  • The emphasis is on the waist, a win-win style for fashionistas of the “rectangle” type.

Light-colored clothing tends to visually add centimeters to an object. High waisted pants are not suitable for women with an apple figure. Ladies with pear figures should choose pants with caution.

With a low fit

The style, relevant for several seasons in a row, begins to lose relevance. However, designers still support the desire of millions of fans for naughty and sexy models and let out on the world’s catwalks jeans solutions with an undersized fit. Most often these are “boyfriends” with deliberately rough lapels or ripped edges of the pants. At the same time, skinny jeans with a low waist line have been replaced with versions with a medium and high fit.


Skinny jeans with a length of 7/8 or to the ankle are found in most women’s clothing collections. The cut is ideal for a stately figure with a proportional volume of hips and shoulders. The solution looks gorgeous on girls with different skin tones if they are paired with a top of a similar design. Choosing a pastel-coloured skinny, it is worth bearing in mind that the model is suitable only for slender ladies.


As noted by experts of the fashion industry, in the denim fashion of the coming seasons there is a trend toward free cut models. Denim pants of sky-blue color will become a highlight of a stylish outfit if paired with a turtleneck or denim shirt, and shoes with a stable heel. This is a win-win solution for a businesswoman’s capsule wardrobe. Suits for street sets have a wide lapel, scuffs, torn edges, original embroidery, and other decorations.


The length of the “boyfriends” is considerably shortened: they are either cut, leaving torn edges, or tucked several times. As the ankles are opened up, the choice of shoes to wear with pants of democratic design expands. Among the most popular are “boyfriends” with a medium fit, although designers offer many options with a low waist.

Stylish images with light-coloured jeans

Women of all ages consider denim pants in soft shades as well as dark colors an essential part of their capsule wardrobe.


In a casual wardrobe, monochrome jeans with high waist in a set with a plaid shirt. The composition will shine with new colours if you complement the image with a blouse or a strappy top. A casual variant for cool weather combines a turtleneck with a cardigan or vest made out of denim in a similar color.

A gentle combination

Composition of white “puffer shoes” and pale coral chiffon top with open shoulders emphasizes grace and sensuality. Cream sandals, a pink clutch and a set of elegant silver jewelry complete the combination of top and bottom colours.

A feminine look

In a feminine image for a romantic meeting, a snow-white top and knitted cardigan look beautiful with jeans in an ivory tone. With tight denim pants in a soft blue colour and a blouson with a sensual neckline paired with an openwork vest in pastel shades, you can also create a seductive look.

Choice of accessories

Stylish outfit with light-coloured jeans and bright accessories. However, stylists recommend selecting shoes and a bag from the current collection in muted colours to accentuate the neckline. An exquisite set of jewelry with a pendant on a thin chain and twinkle earrings will bring a touch of tenderness and grace into the image.

What kind of shoes to wear light-coloured jeans

Summer compositions incorporate sandals and ballet flats, selected according to the jeans’ color. Sneakers and slip-ons in a bright design combined with a white free cut T-shirt or a crop top are also suitable.


Light skinny jeans look gorgeous with high heels. Choose muted shades of the current palette, if you create an office set. For a meeting with friends in a cafe, wear light-coloured jeans and shoes in bright colours. For example, the image in the style of total colour in a soft blue scale will beautifully complement the turquoise pumps on a stable heel.

Black shoes.

The trend does not lose relevance in the coming season: the combination of light-coloured pants with black boots is a sure way to emphasize the urban style of a self-confident lady. This brutal and provocative duo is only suitable for girls with tall statures.

What to wear with

The bottom of gentle shades of denim is perfectly combined with the top of pastel colours, although pertinent and images with light-coloured jeans with an accent of bright colors.

Light classic jeans

To dilute the laconic straight cut gray-blue model, pair it with a sensual top of dark colour, for example, in blue version. Support the urban style of the closet with slip-ons, sunglasses, and a tote bag.

Light skinnies

Narrow models will create a successful company tunic, silk top or blouse with a jacket. A skinny pair of shoes with a stable heel is complementary to a miniature girl’s aesthetic, and fashionable women of high stature can safely wear tight jeans with a low-heeled version.

Light boyfriend jeans

Pants in the democratic style dictate the laconism of the top: monochrome shirts or fitted blouses look perfectly with “boyfriends.” For the cooler months, appropriate additions such as a knitted cardigan, a warm blazer or a leather jacket. As for footwear, models with a block heel, wedges, options on a high platform are preferable.

Light high-waisted jeans

Going to a party, combine light high-waisted jeans with a top in saturated shades. Couples with a blouse made of textured fabrics are also complementary. Complete with a cream-coloured top, it’s easy to create a sensual look for a romantic encounter. Accessories in the form of sandals or heels in tone with a small handbag will help to beautifully complete the composition.

Men and women can choose from a variety of light-coloured jeans. As casual wear for the warm season, they allow you to create a stylish and striking image. It is imperative to properly compose an image to look flawless.

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