How To Style Bermuda Shorts

To get Bermuda shorts out of the closet, 2022 is just right. This option of shorts is one of the most unique components of a woman’s closet. You can use them to form an eye-catching image in any style and for any season.

Bermuda Shorts 2022 – Fashion Trends

In any season Bermuda will be appropriate with the right combination with other items of clothing.

In the coming 2022 Bermuda shorts with a classic straight cut and length just below the knee will be in trend. You can choose and play with a successful model for a strict office suit, as well as for a romantic and delicate image.

What To Wear With Bermuda Shorts In Fall/Winter

Those who think that shorts are only summer clothes are deeply mistaken. To stay warm in late fall or winter, choose bermuda made of thicker fabrics, such as tweed or leather.

Warm Bermuda will look appropriate in monochrome turtlenecks or blouses with wide-cut jackets.

As for outerwear, the winter shorts is best to choose a long coat, sheepskin coat, or an elongated down jacket, abandoning the short jacket.

When combining Bermuda shorts with insulated tights, it is worth bearing in mind that the owners of the low growth should not wear light Bermuda over dark tights.

What To Wear With Bermuda Shorts In Spring/Summer

In the warm season Bermuda successfully harmonizes with different top options:

  • With light strappy shirts.
  • With loose light shirts.
  • Tight-fitting tops that open up the belly.
  • Loosely tucked-in T-shirts.

In spring you can throw on top of this design denim jacket with raglan sleeves or a long thin cardigan.

Bermuda Shorts For Work

For the office style, Bermuda of all models of shorts is most suitable. Particular attention when choosing Bermuda for work should be paid to their coloring. Quieter colors and monochrome fabrics without prints will look perfect in the office.

Also for the working image, there are sets, consisting of elongated shorts and jackets of the same color: with a discreet top under the jacket, such a suit will look elegant and stylish. Strict models are also combined with all sorts of turtlenecks, blouses, and modern vests.

Bermuda Shorts For Vacation

For holidays in hot countries, choose models of light, flowing fabrics, which will allow a long time to be in the sun.

Unlike the office, vacations allow you to wear Bermuda shorts with a combination of tops in a variety of colors and prints. Juicy red and green shades, as a trend of summer 2022, will add brightness to any image, selected for a casual walk or vacation.

Denim Bermuda Shorts

Denim Bermuda shorts are most often used as a bottom for walking or sports style. The most daring wear denim shorts and in the office in the absence of too strict a dress code.

In general, denim Bermuda shorts are versatile and look good with a short bright top, as well as a business white shirt.

The stylish solution would be to choose a black top to the blue color of shorts in a variant of “total black”, whether it be a leather jacket or just a black T-shirt.

Leather Bermuda Shorts

The latest trends suggest ladies wear leather Bermuda shorts in addition to the voluminous multicolor sweaters, sweaters are coarse knit, or tight-fitting turtleneck sweaters.

Leather Bermuda shorts are most often presented as skirt-shorts, which makes any image with them feminine and attractive.

As outerwear to the leather model can choose:

  • Men’s tailoring jacket.
  • Belted raincoats in light shades.
  • Leather jacket in contrasting Bermuda colors.

Bermuda Knit Shorts

Knitwear as a material is known for its lightness, breathability, and wearing comfort.

Therefore Bermuda made of this fabric should be worn in the warm spring or summer in harmony with the “fluttering” shirts, tops with thin straps that emphasize the figure, or T-shirts made of cotton, which would be appropriate to tuck into shorts with a high sling.

Bermuda Shorts Outfits

To form a light image you can pick up the same white tops to white shorts: blouses or tops, and separate the white borders with a contrasting belt, for example, brown “plaiting”.

It is more practical to wear white Bermuda shorts in the summer, so it is difficult to miscalculate with the top: suits almost any product of light fabric bright, patterned, or, conversely, a quiet color.

Beige Bermuda Shorts

With this color, you can also pick up a few dramatically different options. Beige, being a calm and not bright color, is ideal for office style. Bermuda of this color looks beautiful and stylish in combination with both dark and light jackets, blouses, and turtlenecks.

In addition, beige Bermuda shorts can help in constructing a kind of “safari” style: a light white or the same cream T-shirt to shorts, lace-up boots are suitable for long walks and trips.

Black Bermuda Shorts

Black shorts are often used in images of imperishable classics, familiar since school days: white top, black bottom. Paired with a light blouse or T-shirt and with the right selection of accessories, black Bermuda shorts look good in any season and weather.

Long Bermuda Shorts

Most often lengthened models are made of thicker fabrics, which allows for wearing them in winter or in late autumn. To long Bermuda shorts should be selected insulated tops: pullovers, sweaters, or turtlenecks with long sleeves.

As the warmest model of shorts, elongated Bermuda shorts are best combined with warm tights, stockings, and boots with high shins.

Bermuda Sport Shorts

Option shorts for fitness and sports have the freest cut, not hampering the active movements. Gym-goers can be seen more and more often in Bermuda shorts and short tops, which together create a light athletic look and do not constrain the body. Also, a great addition to these Bermuda shorts will be sweatshirts, which can be thrown on when jogging in cooler weather.

Bermuda Shorts And Blazer Set

To form a business image with Bermuda shorts combine them with jackets and jackets in oversize style. In stores, you can find both ready-made sets of jackets + shorts, and independently pick up a blazer or a jacket in style and color to your pair of Bermuda shorts.

If, on the contrary, you need to reduce the austerity of the image, try wearing a lightweight crop top under the jacket, and the set immediately becomes more relaxed.

What Shoes To Wear With Bermuda Shorts

According to current fashion trends, in the summertime, Bermuda shorts are recommended to wear with rather feminine shoes, low or high, but necessarily a thin heel.

So, in the spring-summer period perfectly suit pumps, classic mules, any flat sandals, or ballet flats. If you need a more comfortable variant of shoes, then the sneakers will be just right here, but not too massive, but rather neutral, so as not to overload the image.

And if you want variety, you can experiment with the coloring of socks, especially the bold manage to combine the brightest versions of socks, even with the classic shoes!

In the cold period, the Bermuda shorts are best combined with tall boots, fitting tightly on the leg. However, the fact of wearing shorts in winter is very risky, so take care of insulation, and pick up warm tights to Bermuda sho in a quiet or, conversely, in bright colors.

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