How To Style A Leather Vest For Women

This type of product will perfectly fit into your closet if you want to emphasize your independence and autonomy but never want to deny the attention of your opposite sex. Women’s leather vest is a kind of cherry on the cake: without it the look may seem boring, but if you have the courage to buy such a sleeveless jacket, your every appearance in society will be accompanied by admiring and envious glances.

In order to look natural, relaxed and neat, you should plan ahead with what to wear a leather vest with in the coming season. Fashion designers offer a variety of variations and combinations that can please fans of popular styles: in 2021-2022 the vest can be worn with restrained work looks, with kits designed for parties, and it is admissible their introduction in romantic and age images.

How To Choose The Perfect Length?

Shorts are more versatile: they can be worn over a dress, tunic, make an outfit with a shirt, t-shirt, and pants of any style. They usually have an oblique zipper, shaped bottom (the front may be noticeably longer than the back, less often – vice versa), and catchy metal trim and accessories.

These medium-length vests reach the middle of the thighs and are often trimmed with fur – either completely or only on the shelf. Fluffy trim implies that the product will be regarded as outerwear. This is because under it, often worn with an additional thin jacket in synthetic fabric, for example, from a raincoat or the same leather texture. The lock can also be oblique, as seen at the shows of fashion houses with two rows of polished metal buttons and a neat stand-up collar.

This is an extremely useful item – it protects the most vulnerable parts of the female body from the wind, it can be worn with almost any outfit and serves as a bright, yet chaste decoration.

Long models, as a rule, end just above the knees. Fur vests are made in this format, and the trend is clear: light tones from white to dark beige are being used, while brown, red, and color give way to laconic basic tones. Such clothes are suitable for dry autumn and spring weather – they are worn:

  • with turtlenecks;
  • with thin sweaters;
  • With pants, jeans;
  • simple flat-soled shoes.

It will be difficult to implement the long vest into the usual casual interpretation of sports style: it is not appropriate, and in general, sweatshirts with hoods and hoodies are being relegated to their niche as equipment for training and home use.

Current Colors

Black color remains timeless and trendy: just like suits jackets, such stylish vests are combined with any outfit in a practical urban style. Matte black leather is advantageously shaded by silver metal fittings and fasteners, even in the absence of additional accents such a product will look rich and self-sufficient.

White, beige and all derivative shades are usually chosen by very slender individuals, as light colors can weigh down the silhouette. The optimal solution would be to choose a short skinny model, in this case the accents on the chest and waist will be placed correctly.

Monochrome is considered bad form, as the texture of the material requires a natural color, all other variations look cheap and vulgar.

Harmonious Bottom Options

A win-win “companion”, which can be dressed skinny girls, are skinny jeans – blue, black, navy blue, gray. People who have a trim figure are also suitable for trendy, ultra-fashionable girlfriends.

Such combinations with a leather top have brutal motifs, but they only reinforce the image of a confident girl, no more than that. If you want to look more playful and liberated, you should pay attention to jeans with neat, horizontal rips, grunge style fans can recommend pretty tattered pants made of dense dark denim.

If you opt for stylish high-waisted jeans, you should choose a short vest with an oblique zipper or with a traditional zipper, barely reaching or slightly covering the top button of the pants. Look for models with a shaped bottom – here they will emphasize the framed jeans rounded hips and slim waist.

An interesting alternative to the usual jeans is the pencil skirt. And don’t let this unusual, at first glance, combination scare you: short leather vests paired with hip-restrained skirts look very sexy, while underlining decency at the same time. A black sleeveless jacket, a neutral color blouse or shirt, a gray skirt of thick fabric look gorgeous together! If the figure is far from ideal proportions, it is worth choosing laconic boots or boots with high heels, skinny girls can afford a flat sole.

Flirty Looks With A Leather Vest

Stylists will be allowing emphasized feminine items to be combined with quite tough elements like leather jackets and oversize jeans. The feminine arsenal can be used here – airy flying dresses, cute prints, playful length variations, seductive combinations of fabrics, light colors. Relevant footwear here will be sandals, sandals and open high-heeled shoes.

If your workplace dress code allows some liberties, a fashionable vest can noticeably diversify a boring everyday closet. Laconic monochrome shirts of pastel colors, narrowed chaste skirts of chaste length will complement the look perfectly. Optimally, if you manage to get the pencil to the middle of the kneecap, the mini here will look too informal and flashy.

The following combination will suit grunge fans: a cozy flannel or thin cotton plaid shirt with a trapezoidal cut plus a short or elongated leather sleeveless jacket. Additional details will clutter the image, so the latter should have a laconic execution. In this case, other prints are acceptable for the shirt.

The usual cotton T-shirts with interesting prints make a great base in the spring and summer, and in fashion these days it’s not about “size in size”, but more about oversize and masculine style. Such knitwear can be partially or completely tucked into jeans / shorts / skirt, roll up the sleeves and put on top of a vest. This set should look slightly sloppy. Optimal footwear is sneakers and boots with laces.

If you have a classic vest in your closet, it can also be a stylish addition to the leather vests, if you pick up a large necklace and stylish high-heeled shoes.

Finally, for cooler weather fashion designers have suggested combinations with thick sweaters and turtlenecks, sweatshirts and sweaters – an actual solution in the era of layered looks. As accessories here you can choose a hat and a scarf of calm colors or platform sneakers and a sock hat.

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