How To Repair Broken Shadows

Broken shadows are not uncommon. If you make one careless move, your favorite shadows break or fall apart to the point of powder because you can break them without any effort. They can still be used, they don’t spoil the makeup, but it’s not very comfortable. For this reason, many women throw them away. But such shadows can be restored. The only difference is that it is more challenging to restore entire palettes than single shadows. And it can be done at home without much effort. By the way, the same methods can be used if you have similar problems with blushes.

Proper Shadow Gathering

If the makeup had broken inside the case, the job was easier than it could have been. But if the shards or powder were outside the container, the crumbled shadows must be collected so as not to harm their future condition. It won’t be easy to collect every particle. That’s why in the first place, one should take care of the larger particles. For this purpose, it is recommended to use dry paper towels. This will reduce the risk of crushing the rest of the shadows or introducing germs from your finger pads.

Recovery With Alcohol

This method is more popular, so it is worth talking about first. For the work, you will need:

  • toothpick/pencil/wooden stick;
  • leftover broken shadows;
  • dropper/syringe;
  • plastic container from cosmetics;
  • alcohol;
  • tissue/tape;
  • sachet;
  • spoon/coin (if it is larger than the diameter of the package).

The resuscitation procedure consists of a few simple steps.

  1. The collected shadows need to be finally crumbled to become a homogeneous powder. This can be done with a wooden stick directly in the case. Or you can crush them by hand in a cellophane bag and then pour the powder into the same plastic bag.
  2. In a pipette or a syringe, take a little alcohol. Its amount depends on how much powder you need to bring to the pristine form. A few drops will be enough for a small case.
  3. Add alcohol to a container and, using a toothpick, gently stir in the scattered shadows. In the end, you should get a thick, dense mass with a creamy consistency. If the mass turns out to be liquid, the shadows will not only not crumble anymore. They will never be what you need to use.
  4. The surface of the resulting mass should be covered with a film, then use a spoon or a coin to press the consistency to the walls of the plastic surface and thereby compress the shadows.
  5. After pressing, the film should be removed. Leave the shadows open for about 24 hours to let them dry. During this time, the alcoholic smell will also disappear.

Once the shadows are completely dry, they are ready to use again! They retain their shade, the original texture, and therefore almost no different from the new ones. Except that alcohol dries the skin, so people with dry or sensitive skin are not recommended to use them. But there are other options for saving on cosmetics, which in this case will be more relevant.

Recovery Without Alcohol

It is possible to save a broken palette without using alcohol. Vaseline or glycerin can be used instead. But in this case, the shadows turn out creamy. As for storage conditions, shadows with a changed surface should be placed in a new compact box.
But if the shadows are needed dry, the shadows can be saved by a method that involves heating. The work will involve:

  • iron;
  • bag;
  • remnants of broken shadows;
  • a metal container from a case;
  • spoon/coin.

You need to take a few simple steps to recover, but by no means should you rush.

  1. The iron needs to be plugged in so that it heats up quite a bit.
  2. While the electric appliance heats up, pour the shade into a baggie, thoroughly crush it to a fine particle, and return it to the case. Then you need to take a small metal container out of it, in which they usually place the colored pigment.
  3. A spoon or coins can help to crush the resulting powder
  4. Wrap a thin cloth around the metal container so that if you are not careful, you will not damage the iron’s soleplate, and then bring the switched-off electrical device to the walls of the container several times in a row.
  5. The shades should be allowed to cool completely and removed from the cloth. And lo and behold, the shadows are usable again without a hitch!

Quality Of Reconstructed Shadows

Once ruined, the shadows can be restored to their former appearance. You can choose any of the three methods and renew your favorite palette. Some methods are versatile and help restore lipsticks and highlighters, not just loose shadows.
The quality of the cosmetic product in the form of eye shadows remains unchanged after the performed actions if Vaseline or Glycerin were not used because only they change the structure. The shadows look the same: the colors and properties remain. But the use of alcohol will make them more durable than the way with the iron.
Glued shadows are used confidently – they will not adversely affect the makeup after application.

Thus, it is not difficult to repair shades at home, even if they are badly crumbled or broken. Once they are restored, all of their functional aspects remain intact!

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