How To Remove Eyelashe Extensions At Home

Fluffy and long eyelashes make the image more charming and mysterious, so girls and women often ask for eyelash extensions. But over tipretty quite logical question arises: “How to remove the false eyelashes, without harming their own?” It is worth considering a few possible ways.

Safety Precaution

Procedure’s external simplicity does not mean that it will be easy to remove the lashes. Doing it yourself is not always as easy as you would like it to be. If there is no possibility and desire to resort to the help of a professional and if you plan to remove the hairs yourself, it is consideringccount a few rules. It is forbidden:

  1. Pulling off the false eyelashes, tearing out the bundles. This technique will cause you to lose your hair, which will take months to regrow.
  2. Trying to wash hairs with soap or other detergents. There is a great chance of damaging the skin around the eyes and causing conjunctivitis.
  3. Removing eyelashes when you have eye inflammation or any disease. Such shenanigans can worsen the condition of the body.

Also, beauticians are not advised to remove the eyelashes a few days before menstruation because during this period, the pain increases.

What To Use To Remove Lash Extensions

It is not uncommon for women to prolong the wearing of false eyelashes, which is extremely undesirable. The eyelids should rest, as the artificial hairs have a tangible load. The signal that it is time to remove the eyelashes will be their active falling out.

Before you start the procedure, you need to prepare the tools and materials:

  • disks and cotton swabs;
  • olive oil or burdock oil;
  • tape;
  • facial tonic;
  • debonder or cream.

Now it is worth considering the two main ways you can safely and quickly remove the lashes.


Manufacturers produce two kinds:

  1. Liquid The product promptly penetrates the adhesive film, softening it and allowing you to remove hairs easily.
  2. Gel It has a thicker consistency, so you must work in a sitting position.

It is not recommended to use the drug, the components of which can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, before using the debonder is worth carefully studying the instructions, which provide a detailed scheme for removing false eyelashes in addition to the composition. Before using the drug, a cotton disk should be cut in half and cut out a semicircle in the center so that the material is pressed tightly against the eye. The absorbent cotton is needed to absorb the excess solvent. Tape, if desired, you can fix its position.

The standard scheme of using a debonder:

  1. A cotton swab is moistened with the composition.
  2. Soften the glue with gentle rotating movements until it disappears completely.
  3. Remove the lashes.
  4. Remove traces of glue with a tonic.

The latter will prevent skin irritation and inflammation. It is recommended to comb your eyelashes at the end with a soft brush and make a small compress to soothe the skin.

Greasy Cream

Not every woman has a debonder. But this does not mean that getting rid of false hairs at home will not work. It is possible to remove eyelash extensions with the help of ordinary baby cream. To do this, you will need:

  1. Remove all makeup on your face, rinse and dry your skin thoroughly. Particular attention should be paid to the area around the eyes.
  2. Apply a lot of cream on a cotton pad, cut in half in advance, and gently wipe the edge of the upper eyelid where the hairs are.
  3. Sustain the composition for 15 minutes. During this time, the components of the cream will soften the glue.
  4. After that time – remove the artificial eyelashes. If all the hairs cannot be removed, it is worth repeating the procedure.

If artificial eyelashes are on the lower eyelid, it will be necessary to do the same. It is better to pull out hairs with sterile tweezers, as it is not always possible to remove only artificial material with your fingers.

Quick Options

If you need to remove false eyelashes urgently but at hand is not a cream or debonder, you can use several simple recommendations:

  1. Sleep with your face on the pillow. Masters strongly recommend not doing this because most eyelashes can fall off while you sleep.
  2. Trim the hairs, giving them a natural length. Then the eyelashes will stop getting in the way, and the image will look as natural as possible.
  3. Wash your eyelashes constantly. The most dangerous way can cause inflammation or skin irritation. Rinsing your face twice a day will help remove most hairs in a week.

Removing eyelashes at home can lead to not the most pleasant consequences. Therefore, to avoid serious problems, it is better to do it in a professional salon. With the help of effective remedies, the specialist will remove the artificial hairs quickly and painlessly.

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