How To Properly Dye Eyebrows

Beautiful and expressive eyebrows – the dream of every girl. However, going to a salon to dye your hair is not always possible. In this case, you can resort to dyeing eyebrows at home. It is worth considering in detail the features and rules of the procedure.

When To Dye Your Eyebrows

Dye is a great way to emphasize the contour of the eyebrows and make the image more attractive. Indications for dyeing:

  • light-colored or quickly sunburned eyebrows;
  • the discrepancy in the color of the eyebrows and hair;
  • thick and wide eyebrows;
  • the need to lighten the hairs by several shades.

Also, the use of dye is resorted to if the henna leads to allergic reactions.


Dyeing is not recommended for all girls. The procedure is not recommended for all girls:

  • Allergic reaction to the components of the composition;
  • Fresh wounds, skin irritations, and other damage to the upper layers of the dermis;
  • Sensitive or problematic skin

Also, coloring is contraindicated in the manifestation of inflammatory diseases of the eyes and skin.

Benefits Of Coloring Your Eyebrows

The use of dye will help to make the look more expressive and the image – complete. Among the advantages of coloring are:

  1. Persistence Paint is often more resistant than henna and lasts up to 1-2 months without being washed with water.
  2. Naturality Correctly picked-up shade is an opportunity to emphasize the natural shape of eyebrows and eliminate any flaws in the form of sparse hairs or their excessive loss.
  3. Simplicity It is possible to dye eyebrows at home if you follow the instructions on the package with the composition.
  4. Painlessness The procedure will not cause any harm. The only severe contraindication is the presence of allergic reactions or inflammatory processes on the skin.
  5. Time-saving dyeing will require no more than 20 minutes of free time, and the effect will last for several weeks or even a couple of months with the proper eyebrow care.

Manufacturers of eyebrow dyes offer a wide range of shades, so picking the best color is not difficult.

Dye Choice

The selection of the dye is a critical stage that cannot be left unattended because the shade determines the image’s attractiveness and the eyebrows’ compatibility with the hair’s color. When buying dye, it is worth giving preference:

  • Light brown and beige tones for blondes;
  • black for brunettes;
  • dark brown for brunettes; dark brown for brown hair;
  • Wheat or brown for redheads.

The main rule is that the color must be identical to the hair color or differ by a couple of tones unless we discuss experiments.

Tools And Materials

Before you start the procedure, it is worth thoroughly preparing. For dyeing, you will need:

  • dye;
  • Brush with stiff bristles;
  • cotton swab;
  • container for diluting the dye composition;
  • cotton pads;
  • Paint remover;
  • cosmetic pencil;
  • stencils.

The procedure should be performed with protective gloves.


Eyebrow dyeing at home also requires the preparation of the skin and eyebrows. The main recommendations of cosmetologists:

  • Three days before dyeing, it is necessary to refrain from any cosmetic procedures, as well as to delay the use of scrubs, tonics, and even soap;
  • The day before dyeing, do not pluck eyebrows so as not to damage the skin;
  • Before dying, you should test for an allergic skin reaction by applying a small amount of composition.

Following simple tips will prevent unwanted skin irritation during dyeing.


When everything you need is prepared, you can begin the main procedure. Steps:

  1. Before coloring, it is necessary to wash off all makeup and thoroughly clean the face with special products.
  2. After that, it is necessary to give the eyebrows the desired shape with a pencil and choose the right shade to dilute the dye in the appropriate proportion.
  3. The third stage includes applying cream to the skin around the eyebrows so that it is easier to remove the residual dye later.
  4. Using a brush or a cotton swab, applying the diluted dye to the eyebrows is necessary, taking care not to overstep the contours.

Keep the dye for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with cotton swabs and warm water. You need to use liquid soap if the dye gets on your skin.

Eyebrow Care

After dyeing, the eyebrows do not require special care. It is enough to remove excess hairs to correct the shape periodically. If you want your eyebrows to retain their shade for a long time, you should limit your exposure to the sun and prevent soap or other cleansers from getting on the hair.

How Long The Dye Lasts

On average, coloring allows you to get rid of the need to regularly adjust the shape of the eyebrows for 1-1.5 months. At the same time, cosmetologists do not recommend dyeing eyebrows too often so as not to spoil the hair.

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