How To Properly Care For Eyebrows After Tattooing And Tinting

If your eyebrows are not beautifully shaped and do not have other parameters considered ideal, a beautician’s skillful hands can help correct the situation. With the help of tattooing and henna colouring, it is possible to create a miracle with your appearance. It is important to know how to care for the eyebrows at home after creating permanent makeup and henna tinting.

Eyebrow Tattooing AfterCare

Tattooing is the creation of eyebrows on the skin using a dye pigment. Permanent makeup remains on the face for 2-4 years. There are two methods of tattooing – hairline and tattooing. The hairline method is tracing each eyebrow hair with a needle. In a second way, a form is drawn with a needle, then filled with pigment in the form of a flow. Immediately after the procedure, the skin becomes inflamed and reddened. Since during tattooing, a needle is used that pierces the skin.

Unlike the use of henna and chemical colouring, tattooing lasts a very long time. This is what makes it so attractive.

Hair tattoos and tattooing require not only proper preparation but also proper care after the procedure. Not taking the healing period of permanent makeup seriously can lead to these consequences:

  • Uneven colour is a consequence of the use of cream with hormones and antibiotics;
  • Because of the self-removal of crusts from unhealed eyebrows, both the hair tattoo and the stippling can take on an uneven colour;
  • An inflammatory process on the skin can occur due to untimely disinfection of the skin at home;
  • Inflammation occurs for other reasons – sunburn, poor hygiene, use of cosmetics, the use of creams and ointments that are not allowed after the tattoo, the use of
  • of tap water for washing;
  • The colour change can occur as a result of tanning, application of alcohol lotions;
  • Allergies and swelling are caused by drugs used without a prior allergy test.

To avoid deplorable situations, it is important to provide proper eyebrow care:

  • At home, strictly follow the post-tattoo care rules prescribed by your beautician. Use all eyebrow care products prescribed to you;
  • Do not perform any manipulations with the eyebrows immediately after the procedure. Swelling and redness of the skin are normal during this period. The next day, you can start taking care of your permanent makeup;
  • the skin of the eyebrows will peel, but the crusts must not be removed. It is also forbidden to scratch your eyebrows, even if it feels itchy. You could get an infection;
  • The skin should be cleaned with a special cleanser or boiled water. It is forbidden to use tap water for facial hygiene during the healing period of permanent makeup;
  • always contact your beautician if you have any questions. For this purpose, get his phone number in advance. Consult a specialist for every question, do not do it on your own;
  • Use pain medication if you are in pain. If the pain is very severe, see a doctor immediately;
  • It is forbidden to go to a tanning salon and sunbathe until the tattoo has healed;
  • Use moisturizing creams, and apply them to the skin with a cotton swab;
  • Do not do eyebrow makeup while the tattoo is healing;
  • After creating permanent makeup, you can use a colour fixer;
  • Do not rub your skin with a towel, do not scrub;
  • Do not pluck or shave your eyebrows. Removing the hairs will cause a longer healing period;
  • Do not do steam facials;
  • Use clean cotton swabs to remove the blood suds.

It would be best if you had as little skin exposure during the healing period as possible.

While the tattoo is healing, you should not allow the crusts to dry out. Therefore, you should regularly apply an ointment to the skin for healing – Panthenol. It is important to do it carefully to avoid damaging the crusts. Because of their independent removal, the healed tattoo will be uneven. The place of permanent makeup should also be disinfected at home. Disinfection is carried out before moisturizing.

If there is severe swelling in the tattoo area, you must take antihistamines.

Seasonal Tattoo Care

Since winter increases the risk of viral and bacterial infections, it is necessary to use antiviral drugs and antibiotics after the procedure.

In winter, the care of eyebrows after the tattoo has its peculiarities:

  • Do not wash or apply skin care products before going outdoors;
  • Do not expose eyebrow skin to hypothermia and chilblains while it is healing;
  • If you come in from the cold, don’t take a hot bath right away;
  • Protect yourself from viruses and infections, and do not visit crowded places.

In summer, heat and ultraviolet rays are dangerous factors for the skin. During this period, there is a risk of pigment burnout and inflammation. If you have had permanent makeup done during this season, follow these rules:

  • Do not use greasy creams for care. They can disrupt the skin’s water metabolism, which slows down healing;
  • Wear a hat. This will reduce the chance of getting a burn;
  • Do not swim in bodies of water or sunbathe during the healing period.

Traditionally, one month after the tattoo, a correction is made. It is necessary if any lines of the eyebrows are unclear or if there is asymmetry or uneven colour. If you are satisfied with the result after healing, you do not need correction.


A new type of tattoo is created not with an electric machine but with a hand instrument with a needle. This technique is more complicated and requires a high level of skill.

After the master has done your microblading, you need to apply a healing ointment to your skin. After 2-3 hours, you should wash your face to remove the ointment. Then gently blot the skin with a towel and apply petroleum jelly to your eyebrows.

After 3 hours, you must wash your face and apply petroleum jelly. On the day you did microblading, you must wash 2-3 times. On the following days, you will need to wash twice daily – in the morning and evening until the crusts come off. Always use petroleum jelly after washing. To remove excess moisture, make blotting gentle movements.

Care After Henna Tinting

Biotattooing or henna correction is an alternative procedure for making eyebrows expressive and changing their shape. The henna colouring is not as resistant as a conventional tattoo. But it has its advantages. One of them is the natural composition of the henna.

First, do a sensitivity test to ensure that henna correction does not cause allergies. After the procedure, the dyed eyebrows must be taken care of.

To improve the penetration of henna pigment, use a scrub before the procedure. After tattooing, take care of your eyebrows with castor oil and olive oil. These oils are excellent for eyebrow and eyelash care.

Correction of eyebrows with henna at home is an excellent substitute for chemical pigments. It does not involve a deep impact on the skin and does not traumatize it. Correction of henna is a procedure that came to us from India. The palette of colours is not less rich than the other types of dyeing. Indian women have been using henna for a long time; thanks to it, their beauty is known worldwide.

Care After Chemical Tinting

Unlike henna dyeing, chemical dyes hurt the skin and hair structure. Use oils for eyebrow care after such treatment. Immediately after the procedure, apply burdock oil to the eyebrows. It is irreplaceable if the care of eyebrows and eyelashes is necessary.

Now you know how to care for your eyebrows after the colouring and tattooing procedure. This knowledge will help you keep your eyebrows in perfect condition.

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