How To Match Jewelry To Clothes

A fashionable woman can be seen by the details: how her clothes are chosen, how the colors match and what accessories she is wearing. Jewelry is a small detail to complete the image in a particular style. You can never have many of them, but it’s better to wear only those that best match a specific outfit.
The basic rules of selection of jewelry for clothes

A common mistake women make is the abundance of different accessories and their contradiction with each other.

It is possible to avoid such troubles only if you follow a few rules on how to wear jewelry:

  • Keep your accessories in the same style as your clothes. Glamour will require sparkling rhinestones and pink flowers. Ethnography goes well with rough, primitive-looking pieces. Boho can afford a mix of colors and patterns. The modern urban style will require restraint, supported by geometric shapes.
  • Limit the choice. Sets consisting of a necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet are a thing of the past. Today it is enough to choose two accessories: a necklace and a ring, earrings and a bracelet, ring and earrings. Sometimes you can add a third element, for example, a brooch.
  • Appropriate to the event and time of day. Although wearing bright stones only in the evening is already irrelevant, in the daytime image, it is better to choose costume jewelry with a minimum of rhinestones and shine. At this time, inexpensive plastic bijouterie, leather and textile are acceptable. It is better to prefer more expensive and original jewelry for the exit. If it is not gold and diamonds, then let it be an author’s piece of leather or metal.
  • Fashionistas often overlook the weight and massiveness of jewelry with clothes. And this is one of the tricky parts. Large, heavy jewelry with coarse clothes, such as a sweater or large knitting, will add weight to the image. Everything will seem bulky and heavy. And overly “airy” accessories can get lost in the overall impression.
  • The combination of colors in jewelry with clothes in which it is important to achieve harmony. Jewelry either supports the color scheme of the outfit or contrasts with it. And in the second case, the contrasting elements should be 2-3, for example, a ring and a brooch or earrings and a bracelet.
  • In addition to the color scheme, the pattern on the accessory is also essential. Intricate jewelry with a complex pattern will suit perfectly single-colored clothing, although some large items in the native style will look interesting. For a motley-colored dress, it is better to choose monochrome and large pieces of jewelry, as small accessories will be lost against the background of the pattern.
  • No less difficult is to choose jewelry for the clothing style: the more original it is, the more straightforward and more modest the choice of accessories should be. They should not interrupt the beauty of the cut. Beads are not needed if there is a rhinestone pattern on the chest. For a short dress trimmed with lace frills, it is better to wear long gloves and not a massive bracelet.
  • Bracelets go well with clothes that leave the arms open: with a lantern sleeve, wing or sleeveless. To the long narrow sleeves can also choose the appropriate accessories. But for the long wide sleeves bracelets that are not suitable, here are more appropriate interesting rings. The combination of jewelry with gloves is an even more complex option.

When choosing a necklace around the neck, you need to keep in mind such a detail as the neckline of the blouse with which the accessories will be worn. They must be combined with each other. Consider how to match the costume jewelry to the neckline of the dress.

Round Neckline

It can be deep or entirely under the throat, respectively, and its decorations are somewhat different. So, if the neckline is under the throat, you can pick up a massive and large piece of jewelry, which will dangle lower. In addition, with it are combined:

  • decorative collars;
  • scarves and shawls tied around the neck;
  • beads of different lengths;
  • chains.

A deeper neckline will suit a little shorter jewelry: chains with pendants, beads, and necklaces.

If the neckline is not in the front but on the back, it can also be embellished. In addition to the classic necklaces, chains with dangling tips are used to sway seductively, touching the back.


Oval Neckline

This is a comfortable classic option that fits many jewelry pieces. First of all, they are chains of different lengths with pendants. They should not be too short. Otherwise, a large part of the body will remain uncovered.

Beads and necklaces are also chosen to be slightly longer to occupy the neckline’s main space. They can consist of several layers of linked elements or be single but worn together.

Boat Neckline

It does not suit every girl, but its jewelry is not difficult to choose. Ideally, these are long beads, perhaps tiered, which will elongate the silhouette a little. It can also be beads in the form of a long thread, which can be adjusted in length depending on the outfit.

The same applies to chains of different thicknesses. They also elongate the figure. It is worth remembering that the dress length is inversely proportional to the length of the beads and their massiveness.

Deaf Neckline

It is typical for turtlenecks, sweaters and some dresses. A blind neckline must be “covered” with jewelry. Then the chest does not look so massive.

In this case, there are several options: a long chain or a string of beads, a decoration under the neck, and a necklace to the middle of the chest. And it is desirable that the color of the accessory contrast with the clothes.


In terms of prevalence, this is the second type of neckline after round one. Clothing with such a notch is quite common, including in evening wear.

The jewelry is desirable to be placed inside the neckline, repeating its shape or covering the neck.

What goes with the V-neck:

  • An active necklace that repeats the shape of the neck;
  • a chain with a pendant;
  • chain in several turns, creating a layered effect;
  • several chains in the same style, including different pendants;
  • A Y-shaped necklace draws out the look.

Suitable and choker – it can be simply encompassing the neck jewelry with beads or it will be present in a pendant that goes down along the neckline.


A strapless dress is a bold choice. More often, it is an outfit for an evening out, which is better adorned with jewelry: a chain with a pendant or a necklace. The length of the accessory is small: it either covers the neck, slightly descending in the collarbone area, or does not reach the edge of the bodice by 2-3 cm.

Sometimes you can do without beads, choosing a smart bracelet or earrings.


Shirt-neck is usually casual wear, and the decorations to it are chosen more democratic, but this does not mean that they can not be dressy.

In recent times, it is fashionable to wear the shirt buttoned under the neck and to attach a bright necklace on top, repeating the collar of the blouse. The accessory can also be in the shirt’s open collar, like a chain with a pendant.

Square neckline

A successful combination with a square neckline creates jewelry of geometric shape: round, triangular, square. It is better if they are laconic and occupy all the cleavage space.

Heart neckline

A dress with a “heart” neckline is spectacular in itself, so when choosing jewelry, it is important not to overdo it and not to spoil the image.

The best option for such a neckline would be a classic princess necklace, elegant and discreet. Do not choose bulky necklaces and long beads: they will weigh down the outfit’s look and make it defiant.

Asymmetrical neckline

If we consider the hypothesis that ideally, the necklace should repeat the shape of the neckline, then with an asymmetric neckline, everything is very complicated. It is effective in itself and can be entirely complemented by earrings but not by necklaces. If you want to pick up a necklace, then it is worth carefully considering the options: usually, a short necklace, slightly covering the neckline, is used.

Choosing The Right Color Scheme For Your Appearance

Traditionally, people by color type are divided into four categories: “winter,” “spring,” “summer,” and “fall.

Each type has a different combination of skin tone, hair and eyes, respectively, and the jewelry on them will look different:

  • For a girl’s “summer” suit, accessories of pink, blue, silver, and wine-red shades.
  • For “autumn,” all tones of gold, copper and honey-yellow colors are topical. It also goes well with wooden accessories and products made of seafood.
  • For “winter,” which has a contrasting appearance, discreet and transparent shades are ideal.
  • For “spring,” you can choose a black, pink or bright yellow accessory.

All of this is important to consider when buying jewelry.

How To Properly Care For Jewelry

The only way to ensure the long life of your accessories is to take good care of them. It should be remembered that cheap products made from low-quality materials quickly break down and fall into disrepair, regardless of how they are cared for. Therefore, it is worth preferring high-quality, albeit more expensive, accessories.

Many fashionistas know that while wearing jewelry, you should avoid contact with harsh substances:

  • seawater and chlorinated water;
  • with aggressive chemicals (detergents, solutions, etc.);
  • cosmetics.

These substances can react with the materials of the items and make them unusable. High humidity is also dangerous to jewelry.

The accessories should be stored so that they do not touch each other, as this can lead to mechanical damage. If there is enough space, in a jewelry box, but not piled in one pile. You should also try to protect your costume jewelry from direct sunlight.

The jewelry should be cleaned from time to time, but the care method depends on the type of jewelry. For example, for plastic jewelry, a weak soapy solution will do. Rhinestones will shine brighter if treated with a mixture of water, ammonia and soap. Metal items will restore color after rubbing them with a soft flannel cloth.

Face Shape And Costume Jewelry

When selecting jewelry, it is important to remember how to match the shape of the face. It concerns, first of all, necklaces and earrings. The easiest choice is for those with an oval-shaped face – practically all kinds of jewelry suit them.

Beauties with a round face should prefer long dangling earrings and long necklaces or chains with pendants. Massive earrings of geometric shape (except for a triangle) and openwork pendants will be suitable for a triangular type. Necklaces, chains with medallions and even chokers can be used on the neck.

For a square face, it is better to choose elongated oval earrings, and for the neck – jewelry of elongated shape will look more elegant. It is topical to buy hanging, but not long earrings and carnations to the diamond type. The neck will be decorated with accessories of medium length.

Outerwear Accessories

Not only a dress or blouse can be transformed with accessories. The same rule applies to outerwear. Hats, scarves and gloves are the basis for this. But a brooch pinned to the coat’s lapel or a bracelet peeking out from under the jacket sleeve will add elegance and completeness to the image.

How To Choose Accessories To A Dress: The Secrets Of World Designers

Any designer will tell you that no one can create a unique closet at once, in which every detail will be in its place. The taste needs to be trained. For this, you should regularly review new items and get acquainted with the images offered by experts. And also to visit exhibitions of works of art, because no one knows the colors better than artists. And, of course, periodically practice at home in front of the mirror, try on and compare which accessories go with the clothes.

Another rule is to choose only quality products that look nice and are expensive. A broken clasp or a peeling edge can ruin the whole impression.

Adhere to the rule of minimalism. It is better to have not enough jewelry on a woman than to have a lot of it. Unfussiness is a sign of aristocratism, but the garish brightness will immediately make the image cheap and vulgar.

The Magic Of Accessories

Women at all times could not resist the magic of jewelry. Even ancient tribes used the available materials to make the means of adorning a person. However, properly chosen accessories help create a unique image and save on clothes that will look different with different products.

Jewelry is an integral part of any girl’s closet. They complement any image and make it complete. Choosing the right accessories for your clothes and color type is important.

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