How To Make Your Eyes Stand Out With Colored Arrows

Every member of the fair sex does not want to lag behind fashion trends. She wants to look elegant and modern. Therefore, girls and women spend a lot of time selecting closets and makeup. They want to look stylish but not provocative. This is especially true for the face. A few years ago, bright makeup was very fashionable. Ladies often colored their eyes so that they couldn’t see the pupils of their eyes. And they called this type of makeup smoky eyes.

In modern cosmetology, naturalness has become fashionable. Girls no longer apply a large amount of shadows and mascara to their eyes. It is enough for them to draw arrows and highlight the lashes. But fashion does not stand still. Recently, a new trend has appeared. Models on the world catwalks began to go out with eyes lined with colored arrows. Fashionistas immediately picked up the novelty and wanted to repeat the images at home. So colored arrows for several seasons in a row remain relevant and stylish.

Classic Or Modern Look

Arrows have always been considered a classic in eye makeup. With them, women highlighted their eyes and made them more expressive. They also made the eyes look deep and penetrating.

Modern fashion makeup artists suggested diversifying the classic version of makeup. They decided to try applying colored arrows. For this purpose, they began to use the following tools: liners, pencils, and eyeliners. With the help of such makeup, it was possible not only to accentuate the eyes of the model but also to emphasize the color shade of the pupils.

Fashion shows lately are filled with models who have colored arrows. Each has a different eye shape, so the makeup features are different. Any lady will be able to find her successful option for eye coloring. And first of all, she evaluates their color.

Types Of Colored Arrows

There are many variations of this makeup. Arrows can be different both in shape and shade. But, the main thing is that they match the color of the eyes. For each of them is suitable for a specific tone.

  • Green eyes: This shade of eyes will be suitable for eyeliner of different colors. But the best will look: red, maroon, brown, purple, khaki, olive, turquoise.
  • Blue eyes. This eye color is gorgeous and pleasing. To highlight it more, suitable eyeliner in the following shades: purple, terracotta, orange, and bronze.
  • Brown eyes This color of the eyes successfully emphasizes the pencil or eyeliner in the following shades: lavender, purple, gray-purple, indigo, sapphire, plum, and dark green.
  • Gray eyes Many colors are suitable for this type: sandy, emerald, brown, gray, plum, and dark blue.

Shapes And Variations Of Colored Arrows

A lot of eye makeup depends not only on the color but also on the shape of the arrows. After all, not every girl is suitable for wide and bright arrows. And some people don’t like narrow lines.

Types of colored arrows by shape and variation:

  1. Graphic, The peculiarity of these arrows is that they are presented in great variety. Such colored arrows can be wide and narrow, with a long tail and short, cat-shaped. It is important to know the following information: the line should be clear, and there should not be any gaps or jagged lines. The flatter the arrow is drawn, the more it will look like a graphic arrow.
  2. Double This type attracts attention by its strangeness and originality. There are several options for the drawing of these arrows. It is possible to draw the first line in one color and then repeat it, but using an eyeliner of a different shade. It is also possible to draw two arrows on the lower and upper eyelid. There is also a trend: after drawing the line, split the tail.
  3. Brushed Ideal for girls-beginners. It suits everyone, and it is practically impossible to make a mistake when tracing. Especially well-blurred arrows look like for ladies with deep-set eyes, Asian cuts, or overhanging eyelids.
  4. Fancy This type is suitable for a celebration or themed party. It is possible to let the imagination run wild. The more unusual the image, the more fashionable it is. But these arrows are not suitable for classic makeup.
  5. Gradient Arrows of this type are applied in different shades of the same color or other colors.
  6. Metallic Such options are fashionable not only in lip makeup but also suitable for the eyes.

How To Create Colored Arrows

The drawing of this type of arrow fits a variety of cosmetic products. In today’s fashion world, there are many such products. It is possible to choose for all tastes and colors.

Tools for drawing colored arrows:

  • Colored liquid eyeliner.
  • Colored gel eyeliner.
  • Colored pencils.
  • Colored eye marker.
  • Under-eye shadow.
  • Liner.

Fashion trends do not stand still. Girls and women always keep up with the latest trends in makeup. But it is also important to remember that matching the image to your parameters and the shape of your eyes and lips is necessary.

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