How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Almost every girl wants to transform her face, adding expressiveness and emphasis to her eyes, especially if they are by nature narrow and small. And help in this skillfully done makeup, which will visually expand the look, making it incredibly clear. If you know which shadows to apply, your eyes will be large and attract attention.

Makeup To Visually Make Your Eyes Larger: Tips

Certain tricks and nuances you need to know if you want a makeup that enlarges the eyes. Such a makeup will not be difficult to make. The main thing is to experiment a few times in front of the mirror, and then everything will turn out like a professional.

The following guidelines will help to make your eyes larger visually:

  • The main tip to help widen the eyes concerns the care of this face area. Your eyelids should be moisturized before applying makeup. This will eliminate the puffiness and swelling that diminishes the eyes.
  • If you think about enlarging the eyes with makeup, you should bet on the light shadows. They widen the contour and open up the look.
  • “The eye can be opened with a light-coloured pencil for a makeup look. Such eyeliner is refreshing, but the main thing is to choose not white, but some other light shade. And it is necessary to move the eyelash contour. Then it will be possible to achieve the desired goal.
  • The black eyeliner should be replaced with a blue pencil. This will help brighten the whites, making your eyes look larger.

Adding expressiveness to the upper part of the face is also possible with a mascara with a lengthening effect. But it is necessary to apply it only on the top lashes, moving the brush at right angles.

To Create A Big-Eye Effect, Use A Double Shadow

This technique is used by a famous makeup artist who works with many celebrities. Two tas of paint, taken from the same series, will instantly give the result of large eyes. The light ta is applied to the inner part, and the darker shade can frame the outer corner of the mobile lid.

In Makeup, We Need The Right Colour Accents.

An extremely crucial point to consider when creating makeup is the precise placement of all shade accents.

In this case, an abundance of the chosen tone should be placed just above the eyelash line in the middle of the eyelid. The main emphasis is placed in this part of the eyelid, as it is considered to be the widest. And if you start pushing away from it, it will be possible to make the rest of the colour lines smooth. In this case is inappropriate.

Do Not Be Afraid To Use A Bright Pencil Or Eyeliner

Several people are afraid of saturated crayons with bright colors, believing that they will make their eyes smaller. But this is absolutely not true. You can experiment safely with bright eyeliners, and then your makeup will look more expressive. Especially when it comes to purple, emerald or bluish tones. If you use such colours, it will be possible to give eyes more depth.

For The Open Look, Follow The “Crease Rule”

A makeup artist who has dealt with many Hollywood actresses and international music stars is always guided by the “crease rule. Every girl has one on her upper eyelid.

You should use a black liner here and avoid reaching the crease. This will help to avoid narrowing the cut and beautifully emphasize a neat contour. The main thing is not to make the line too greasy.

The Ombré Technique Can Be Used Not Only In The Case Of Hair

Many people have heard about the ombré technique used on hair. It can also be used for makeup, because it will show you how to make your eyes look wider with shadows.

The main point is that the same shadows’ lightest shades and darkest colours are applied to the area of the eyelid folds. Thanks to this method, the eyes will be enlarged.

You Can Give Your Makeup A More Natural Look With Beige Tones.

Applying too many different shades of makeup is not recommended. If you want to enlarge the cut, the following tones are suitable:

  • beige;
  • ivory colour;
  • milk;
  • brown;
  • cappuccino.

These eyeliners look natural and neat. So you can use them to widen your eyes. And they are more suitable than the whites with the addition of various sequins. If you do not want to apply shadow, you can use pearl eyeliner to slightly outline the eyes.

Highlight The Eye Contour With Shadows To Make Them Brighter

It is possible to achieve the effect of openness with a technique where both eyelids are highlighted with light brown makeup. Pearlescent and lighter shades are applied to the outer part.

It is imperative to apply light shadows to mark the part that is located under the brow arches. Then the eyes will become bright, there will be an enlargement.

The Classic Smoky Eyes Technique Will Help To Make Your Eyes Rock.

The smoky eye technique gives a languid look, but many are afraid to use it for fear that it visually reduces the cut. If you apply the shadows correctly, there will be no such effect.

You can make the look more expressive with this technique if you first apply a nude tone to the mobile eyelid. Only then can you start using the dark pencil. With it, the thinnest line is drawn along the contour of the eyelashes. It is done on both eyelids. These lines need to be shaded. The corner should be marked with white.

Eyeliner Using Only Shadows

To give a languid appearance, use eyeliner, made with shadows of brown or darker shades with a small fleck of pearl. The step-by-step technique looks like this:

  1. White pencil marks the inside.
  2. The moving part is decorated with shadows.
  3. A gray tone is applied to the eyelash line.
  4. The underside is outlined with pearlescent colours.

After the application, you need to remove excess makeup from the face.

Highlight Only With Light Shimmering Shadows Around The Eyes

The eyelid area may have sunken areas that become noticeable and give the eye a “heaviness”. In this case, you can use light colours with shimmering particles. They will open the eyes. But they should be applied along the contour – then they will become magnified.

Basic Techniques For Enlarging The Eyes

If you do not know how to make your eyes look wider, it is better to use proven methods and techniques. They will allow you to open your eyes and make them very expressive.

Adjusting The Eyebrows To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The line and shape of the eyebrows are of particular importance, especially when it comes to making the eye look open. Too thick, overhanging and black eyebrows will visually diminish the eyes. Therefore you should try to raise the line of the eyebrows.

You can use a pencil a shade lighter than the colour of your eyebrows. It should be used to draw a neat line just above the hairline. Under the eyebrows must be applied a flare of light shadows. Makeup should not stand out from the general makeup, but rather complement it.

Using Concealers

Dark circles also visually make the eye picture appear more small and narrow. That is why it is necessary to use concealer. It is applied to the lower and upper eyelids and the area under the eyebrows. Such a technique will make the picture appear more expressive.

Highlighters can be used to open and enlarge the eyes, as well as to slightly raise the eyebrows. In addition, it will camouflage the existing dark circles.

Combining Shadows Correctly

The right combination of shadows will allow enlarging the eyes. It is better to choose shades that are in harmony with each other. Do not use more than three shades at the same time. It is better to bet on the following:

  • sandy;
  • beige;
  • pastel pink;
  • nudes.

The second shade should be chosen according to the colour of your eyes. It is imperative to take into account the range of cold and warm tones. For sandy shadows warm brown shades will do, and to pink ones you can add purple or gray. But it is necessary to shade them.

Drawing The Eye Contour Step By Step

The contour can simultaneously enlarge the look or narrow it several times. This will depend on the correct technique. Its drawing looks as follows:

  1. Dark pencil first draw a line near the outer bottom corner.
  2. Then a thin line is carefully drawn on top.
  3. A circular underline finally connects both contours.

The thin line must necessarily be higher than the growth of the lashes.

Brighten The Corners Of Your Eyes

The effect of an open and wide-open look can be achieved with a light corner of the eye. The inner corner of the eye should be highlighted with lighter shades from above and below.

The main rule is the right choice of tone. It is better to avoid white, but bet on the following tones:

  • milk;
  • ivory colour;
  • warm porcelain;
  • natural beige.

Putting a light dot should be applied as a barely noticeable haze, not accentuating it.

Paying Attention To Eyelashes

Makeup will not be complete without the use of mascara. And if you choose this product wisely, it will also help to enlarge the eyes. Only lengthening mascara should be chosen. It is applied to the upper lashes, the lower lashes are not covered with this product.

Before painting, it is recommended to curl the eyelashes with tweezers. The look will become open. The mascara is applied at an angle.

Makeup Products And Tools: How To Properly Widen Your Eyes

It will not be possible to make a beautiful day or evening makeup that will open the eyes without the following items:

  • A brush for applying shadows and for shading;
  • cosmetic applicator;
  • Brush for combing eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • A sponge and a puff pad for treating the areas under the lower eyelids;
  • A miniature-sized sea sponge that will absorb the excess crumbled shadows;
  • dark and light pencil with sharpener;
  • concealer and highlighter;
  • A palette of different shadows.

A set of tools and means should be available to every beginner makeup artist.

Major Mistakes

To get an expressive look, you should not only know how to create the right makeup, but also try to avoid mistakes that narrow the eyes. Typical misconceptions include:

  • Sketch the bottom area with black pencil or too dark eyeliner. The eye will appear narrower.
  • You should not go overboard with pearlescent tones when applying light shadows to the moving area.
  • An abundance of fluffy, false eyelashes. The look will become doll-like, and the eyes will seem small.
  • Frequent use of arrows that elongate the eye, thus making it even narrower.

It is also a common mistake to colour lashes with mascara in several layers. Makeup artists say that an abundance of paint will add to the image of vulgarity and definitely will not widen the eyes.

How To Prepare Your Face For Makeup

Before applying makeup, the face should be prepared in advance. The skin around the eyes should be moisturized or patches should be applied to eliminate puffiness and swelling.

Then you can use concealer and highlighter. They will help to brighten up all the darkened areas. This is especially true for the under-eye area. The complexion of the face has to be evened out to create a harmonious makeup that highlights all the advantages.

How To Apply

You should first apply concealer to your eyelids. It will help hide redness and vascularity. Shadows should be painted from the inner corner to the outer corner. But dark colours are painted in reverse order. At first, the outer corner is highlighted, shaded to the eyelid’s central part.

The pencil or eyeliner is always applied slightly higher than the lash contour. This technique will enlarge the cut.

The Right Combination

The makeup should look harmonious and neat. And for this you need to be able to do it correctly and to combine the colours used, as well as cosmetics. In addition to the eyes, attention is paid to the entire tone of the face and the lips.

Before choosing a palette of shadows, you must take into account what kind of range will be used. If it is a warm shade, then the rest of the makeup is done in the same tone. Combining cold shades with similar colors is a good idea.

Using An Outline Pencil

For the contour pencil not to look sharp and pretentious, it is necessary to know how to choose and apply it correctly. It would be better to give up the black shade.

To widen the incision of the eyes, a white pencil should be applied. It is applied to highlight the line of the lower eyelid in the mucous area. And only then a darker shade of pencil can be applied just below. It can be:

  • gray;
  • brown;
  • deep purple;
  • dark blue.

The upper eyelid is framed with a pencil in the same way.

With The Eyeliner.

A correctly applied eyeliner will emphasize the open look. But you have to know how to use it correctly.

The area near the eyes is treated with concealer. It is better if it is a caramel shade. Then an eyeliner line is drawn in the direction of lash growth. It is lifted to the eyebrows. And here the external part of the eye is underlined with a pencil, but not black.

Types Of Arrows

Makeup arrows matter. Drawing them incorrectly will diminish the look. Therefore, you need to know how to make arrows that enlarge the eyes. They should be thin and located closer to the growth of the lashes.

Massive and thick lines will weigh down your look. Only a thin arrow can open the eyes, but its tail does not extend beyond the eyelid. To give the eye a bit of a cat effect, the arrow should be drawn in the form of a thin line that becomes thicker in the outer corner of the eye.

The lower eyelid should not be emphasized with a clear arrow. It should be slightly blurred.

With The Inner Corner Of The Eyelid

The inner corner should always be highlighted with light, gentle colours. This will allow you to widen your gaze visually. However, the shadows should not be snow-white or iridescent. It’s better to take beige and milky matte shades. As a result, the cut of the eyes will be wide.

How To Visually Make Eyes Bigger With Makeup If The Shape Is Narrow

Experts recommend betting on a palette of light, warm shades. You should avoid clear, dashed and abundant lines, as well as dark eyeliners.

Smoky makeup should also be avoided. Makeup should be based on techniques that allow you to round out and enlarge your eyes.

With Deep Set Eyes

In this case, it is more prudent to use dark eyeliners and shimmering shadows. The main goal of the makeup is to bring the eyes to the forefront.

It is forbidden to use dark shadows to the area of the existing crease. Light shadows with shimmer are placed to the moving part and the area under the eye. Shadows of an intermediate character are placed along the orbital line and above the crease itself. Dark shades can be placed to the upper outer corner, but the lower eyelid cannot be touched.

Round Shape

If you have a round face, it is easy to make your eyes larger and more expressive. And such an idea can be realized if you choose almond-shaped makeup. In this case, you can safely use an abundance of light colours, but not pearlescent. Otherwise, the look will be heavy.

With a round shape, it is allowed to use eyeliner and make arrows, even if they are double. Shadows with a shimmering effect would look good.

With A Droopy Eyelid

A drooping eyelid cannot be accentuated with shadows. In makeup, the transitions should be very smooth if several shades are used at once. This can be achieved only if tone by tone is applied step by step. There should not be any clearly delineated lines.

If the upper eyelid is drooping, you must whiten the lower part to open the eye. And the eyebrow will have to be raised as high as possible. This can be done with a shade of nude or ivory.

The Meaning Of Eyelashes

Long neat lashes will help to visually enlarge the eyes. It is therefore necessary to paint the hairs from the roots. If your eyelashes are sparse, you can attach a couple of bundles of false hairs in the outer corner.

To make the look open and expressive, you can resort to a curler (especially if your lashes are straight). Slightly curled and raised hairs will enlarge the eye.

Adjusting The Eyebrows

The wrong and unsuitable shape of the eyebrows can spoil all the makeup made for small eyes. Therefore, it should also be paid attention. You must draw a line between the eyebrow area and the shadows to make the appearance look advantageous.

The excess hairs are plucked, and the brow arch is raised as much as possible. The end of the brow should also point slightly upwards. If it’s pointing downwards, it makes you look gloomy.

Contraindications To Makeup For Small Eyes

An expressive look and large open eyes immediately catch the eye. Therefore, the owners of small eyes need to know the secrets of make-up to achieve enlargement. It is imperative not to make mistakes that will work in the opposite direction, further reducing the cut.

Such contraindications include:

  • An abundance of dark colours;
  • bold arrows, the tip of which extends beyond the eyelid;
  • overdone with the pearlescent shadows;
  • accenting the lower part of the eye.

Such mistakes should be avoided if you want to visually enlarge your eyes.
There are many simple techniques for enlarging the eyes with makeup. Any beginner can cope with them. It is only important to take into account the recommendations of makeup artists.

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