How To Make Your Eyes Bigger With Makeup

Big, expressive eyes with long fluffy lashes – every woman’s dream. How to achieve the effect of large open eyes if the nature of the eyes is not very big? The answer is simple – with the help of decorative cosmetics. And as in any other case, there are secrets.

How To Make Your Eyes Big And Expressive

First, you should avoid the most common mistake of all beginners and not try to enlarge the eyes, outlining them with a dark pencil. Makeup is more of a sculpture than a painting, and it is much easier to achieve the desired effect with a play of light and shadow, dark and light shades, and a slight unobtrusive glitter.

So, the first thing we need is a shadow of at least three shades – from dark to light. It is better to choose the color of shadows individually, depending on the type of appearance, clothing color, etc. The main thing is that the shadows should not be bright or colored – shades from dark gray to light gray, or a similar version in the brown or taupe colors will be quite suitable. Separately you will need a shadow of a light, almost white shade, or any other product with a shimmering effect – a pencil, a highlighter, a glitter powder, and so on. Next, you will need a dark-colored eye pencil and an eyelash extending mascara. The eyeliner is optional, it can be used if you desire, but you can easily do it with an ordinary eyeliner pencil as well.

Facial Preparation

Before you apply the shadow, you should take care of thorough preparation of the face. It is advisable to use a special base for shadows, allowing them to lie more evenly, hold on longer, not to roll, and not to collect in the eyelid’s crease. Apply the shadow as follows: shade darkest shade underlines the outer corner of the eye, closer to the edge of the eyelid, and slightly pull the shadow line out of the eye, gently blur it. Then, just above the edge of the eyelid, apply a shade or two lighter, blending the border gently. And finally, the uppermost part of the eyelid should be emphasized with the lightest shade of shadow.

Eye Makeup

The outer edge of the eye can be emphasized with a dark eyeliner pencil or eyeliner; only in our case the line should start from the middle of the eyelid and then to the outer edge. And should the liner corner of the dark eye color is categorically not necessary! The pencil line should also be slightly shaded. After all, makeup, enlarging the eyes, does not require clear, sharp lines. The lower eyelid along the edge can be emphasized with a white kajal – a soft eye pencil, which can be applied along the border of the mucous membrane. Such a light stroke will as if brighten the eyes, visually enlarging the whites, making them brighter and more expressive.

Next is the turn of the glitter pencil, which can be white, pinkish, or creamy shades, liquid or creamy highlighter. Add light, luminous highlighting touches at the inner corner of the eye and under the brow. And the final touch is dark mascara, which increases the volume and length of the lashes. You can add one or two small bundles of artificial lashes, but no more. The shadow of such lashes will softly fall on the eyes and visually enlarge them, making them look deep and mysterious.

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