How To Make Wide Eyebrows: A Guide To Home And Professional Techniques

Naturalness has come into fashion, and instead of plucking hairs into thin strands, girls are interested in making wide eyebrows – thick and beautiful, as nature intended them to be. Let’s consider the features of such eyebrows and ways to increase hair growth.

Features Of Wide Eyebrows

The popularity of this technique is due to the following advantages:

  • The look becomes expressive, and natural lines and shapes become a harmonious addition to the on-trend nude makeup. If the eyebrows are wide, there is no need for bright eye makeup. You can do it with a minimum of mascara, eyeliner and shadows.
  • The naturalness with regard to the colour scheme. Makeup artists do not seek to paint this area densely; they advocate using a shade palette within the natural hair colour, and individual rods can be brightened in accordance with the new trends.
  • There are no restrictions on the shape. It is important only to refrain from excessive thinning. It is necessary to ensure a raised tip and a soft curve.
  • If you want, you can do a tattoo in a thick line. It will not look artificial.

Since thick eyebrows attract attention, they should refrain from girls with a round oval, uneven complexion, problem skin, redness, inflammation, pimples and enlarged pores.


This variant of makeup is a vast group of techniques that can be classified according to the design. Let’s consider the most popular of them.

“House shaped”

A characteristic curved line that can be difficult to create on your own. Here, there is often a problem with how to make the same eyebrows – you need to be careful. Otherwise, the face will always have a surprised expression.


The optimal solution for skinny girls with an oval faces. Straight arcs visually expand and balance the proportions.


This technique is becoming a thing of the past because identical on both sides, accentuated expressive eyebrows look not natural. This kind of makeup is considered bad taste. It adds age.

Rounded smooth

The shape visually enlarges the eyes, makes a face look younger, and is considered versatile, as it adorns any oval. In this aspect, minimal correction of wide eyebrows is required.


They help smooth out and soften the coarse features of the face and make the large bone structure visibly more proportional. The result is a softer, more feminine look.


This aspect is important in terms of subsequent care and makeup harmony. Consider the main types of eyebrows.


They are a classic variation of natural eyebrows, now at the peak of popularity. They do not need to be accentuated with eyeliner, paint or pencil. It is their natural beauty that is valued.


If you don’t want to thin them out, you should take care of proper styling and grooming. Otherwise, the hair will look untidy and neglected.

Spread wide.

This is the exception rather than a typical example. Usually, you must carefully pluck an area in the center of the bridge of the nose to get two neat, separate eyebrows.

Wide Eyebrows: What Goes With Them

To understand who looks good with wide eyebrows, we should refer to the appearance types illustrated by celebrities. Let’s look at the most popular examples.

Big, expressive eyes

A typical example is the facial structure of Angelina Jolie – she has an open cut of the eyes, plump lips, and prominent cheekbones. Smoothly curved eyebrows beautifully emphasize her beauty and thinness. The oval face holder, Emma Watson, draws attention to the symmetry of her image’s silhouette, charm and naturalness with her dense, wide lines.

Plump, sensual lips

Brooke Shields balances her round chin and prominent cheekbones with thick, manicured eyebrows. They are just as beautiful and elaborate as her beautiful lips.

Wide, pronounced cheekbones

Cara Delevingne designs dark eyebrows as opposed to blonde hair. The combination suits her perky personality, although the thickness and curve of the line could be mistaken for masculine.

How To Make Wide Eyebrows

Experts tell you how to make the eyebrows wide from the thin ones: increasing their density and performing the right makeup is necessary. The first option requires long-term efforts. Here it is necessary to grow the hairs to make the rods stronger and thicker. Makeup involves the right choice of cosmetics and careful shading. There is also a cardinal solution – a tattoo- providing the desired effect for several years.

How To Grow

Experts suggest using the following recommendations:

  • Use a hair balm to wash your eyebrows – it is applied to the moistened shafts, massaged and rinsed off. The gentle composition promotes gentle cleansing.
  • To stimulate blood flow, massage with a cosmetic brush. This measure activates dormant follicles.
  • It is necessary to make a well-thought-out diet that is complete and balanced. The menu must include eggs, bananas, by-products, dairy, buckwheat, and fish. Low-calorie diets and mono diets hurt hair growth.
  • Calcium is important, so you must ensure that the body does not suffer from its deficiency.

Taking tests, you can find out what vitamins are missing, and on the advice of the doctor to adjust their intake.

Why Eyebrows Don’t Grow

Frequent causes of loss and poor growth:

  • Careless plucking, resulting in ingrowth or deformation of the rods;
  • burns, injuries, which resulted in the painful recovery of the skin;
  • regular use of aggressive colouring cosmetics, as a result of which the structure of the rods was damaged;
  • traumatism of hair follicles, resulting in the cessation or slowing of growth;
  • hereditary predisposition.

Adherence to unbalanced strict diets – a frequent cause of lack of necessary nutrients and vitamins in the body, in this case, can also cause problems with the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Folk Remedies For Eyebrows

Decoction of chamomile in the form of lotion with regular use promotes hair growth. The cores gain expression and healthy shine.

A mixture of honey and ground red pepper intensely nourish and stimulate blood flow. The paste is applied briefly, ensuring that it does not come into contact with the mucosa. The skin must be pre-cleaned. The mask can awaken inactive follicles. It is washed off with cool water.

Castor oil in the form of a monotherapy, as well as burdock, camphor, peach, provides additional nutrition of the roots, makes the rods thicker and denser, delicately cares for the skin. If the dermis is prone to the formation of comedones, the product is applied for a short time and washed off with a shampoo.

A pharmacy alcohol tincture of marigold is good for your eyebrows. You can make your remedy with a decoction of fresh or dried petals. It strengthens the structure of the stems, activates the growth of new hairs, provides gentle care for the area, and helps eliminate imperfections and minor defects.

Care And Correction At Home

First, to make wide eyebrows at home, turn to care and decorative cosmetics. The following products and tools are a priority:

  • Mascara is resistant and deep in colour, suitable for dark-haired girls;
  • The cream shadows are optimal because they last longer, have a pigmented structure, and should be a shade lighter;
  • Gel – necessary for styling and creating the desired shape;
  • a small flat bevelled brush;
  • brush.

First, the hairs are brushed, following the direction. At this stage, the gaps are revealed. Use the brush to draw the shadow, and without pressure to draw the line, the movements should be jerky and short, and the voids and gaps should be carefully worked out. The space should not be uniformly filled. It does not need to be painted completely: on the side of the bridge, the eyebrows are lighter, and as you move to the temples, the colour becomes thicker and darker.

The mascara not only fixes the hair, but also makes it more groomed and accentuated. The result is secured with transparent gel.

Who Doesn’t Like Wide Eyebrows

This method is contraindicated to owners of small, narrow features and small faces – they need to pick up another form. This solution adds age, so it is recommended only for young people and young women. The skin of the face must be clean, without redness, inflammation and acne. Swelling and circles under the eyes are undesirable – thick eyebrows will attract attention to them.

Beautiful Examples

Wide, thick arcs should look neat, so professionals style their hair to hair, ensuring a harmonious soft curve. Clean, well-groomed skin is a must, and moderate use of cosmetics is important – in this case, you can achieve an elegant, attractive look.

Thick eyebrows are ideal for those who do not like to do makeup every day. The lines above the eyelids serve as the main accent, they balance and frame the face, create expressiveness and emphasize naturalness.

The width of the brow arches can be increased with careful makeup – this illusion is formed due to the skillful use of mascara and shadows. The eyebrows can be enlarged with careful makeup – this illusion is created by the skilful use of mascara and shadows.

Helpful Tips

It is desirable to brush the brow arches every morning after washing. You can, at the same time, brush them with a balm or oil mixture. This measure, especially when using essential compositions, helps to increase blood flow and promotes faster growth of new hairs.

After each facial cleansing session with cosmetic cleansers, the rods should be nourished. Express masks and compresses will be helpful. Regular attention will make this area shiny and well-groomed.

At least once a week you should perform a local brow massage, a general facial rubbing will also be advisable. The procedure helps to get rid of fatigue, prevents headaches, improves the condition of the skin and hair.

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