How To Make Vampire Makeup For Halloween

Guests often pick up bright images of fictional creatures for themed parties, clubs, and creative events. Vampire girl makeup is trendy. There are many inspiring works from professional makeup artists on the Internet, but we need to figure out how to make vampire makeup ourselves.


Let’s break down the characteristic features of vampire makeup, which should be taken into account when creating the image:

  • The pale skin of the face and neck without a blush;
  • expressive eyes are usually dark colors: black, brown, and maroon, but a modern solution would be emerald, purple and blue tones;
  • A bright, saturated arrow can replace Smoky Ice;
  • to visually enlarge the lips, a pencil in the tone of the lipstick can go beyond the natural contour;
  • lips that are “kissed” or bitten are made by blurring the lipstick with your finger;
  • Dark veins or tears around the eyes and bruises on the lips are also drawn.

How To Make Vampire Makeup

The vampire image is considered one of the most popular Halloween seasons. Any girl can make an expressive costume if she pays enough attention to create quality makeup.

Makeup should be combined with hair and clothing not to create a ridiculous sense of a masquerade.

Step-by-step instructions

To create unique vampire makeup, you need to take your favorite makeup in the right colors and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Clean your face with gel or foam.
  2. Moisturize your skin with cream
  3. Apply a primer or makeup base.
  4. Apply your foundation or a half-tone lighter to create a whitened skin effect. Don’t forget the neck and décolletage area if they are exposed.
  5. Use concealer to conceal redness and bruises.
  6. Powder the skin to secure the foundation.
  7. Beautiful volumes of the face will give contouring on the forehead and under the cheekbones in cool shades.
  8. The eyes should be mysterious and expressive, so apply dark shadow on the eyelids in the “smokey eye” technique. Black, maroon, and brown shadows are applied to the entire mobile eyelid, shading dark shades to the outer corner of the eye. It is better to inhabit the bridge of the nose with silver shades to give shine to the eyes.
  9. If desired, draw a classic black arrow.
  10. Carefully apply mascara or glue on false eyelashes
  11. Particular attention should be paid to lip makeup. Pouty lips will emphasize the red lipstick in different shades. Lipstick can be used strictly along the contour or spread with your finger for a kissed lip effect.
  12. Fix your eyebrows in a comfortable shape.
  13. Add silver highlighter to cheekbones, under the brow, and in the inner corner of the eye.
  14. Fix the makeup with a spray.

Additional attributes

To make your makeup unforgettable and authentic, you need to buy additional details to the image.


You can’t imagine a vampire costume without fangs, which are sold in stores in the fall before Halloween. Some are worn over the native fangs, while others are worn over all the teeth in the form of mouth guards.


Artificial blood for themed parties or scary photo shoots is purchased ready-made and poured into tiny bubbles. It is harmless to the body and repeats the natural color of the liquid. “The blood can be made yourself home, for which food colorings and syrups are helpful.

Bite marks on the neck

According to legend, vampires suck the blood of their victims. They bite into the skin with their sharp fangs and leave a distinctive mark. Let’s draw the famous teeth marks step by step:

  1. With a black eye pencil, you should draw dots of about 4 mm.
  2. Then burgundy shadows should be used to draw rims around the dots, imitating inflammation and redness from the wound.
  3. Bruises are imitated with purple and green shadows.
  4. For a vivid image, artificial blood can be added. It is enough to apply one drop at a time and let it drip off.

Hair and clothing

Complete the look with the right hairstyle and outfit. Unwind your hair and curl careless curls, gothic jewelry, and wear a corset and clothes with leather and metal inlays. It is important to keep a sense of proportion in everything and find inspiring references, not to overload the image and making it vulgar. Wear beautiful gloves, chains, and earrings in a gothic style.

Despite the popularity of vampires, each makeup is unique and unusual. It is suitable not only for girls but also for men. The makeup is not ideal for everyday use at school or in the office, but everyone at the party will remember the outfit.

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