How To Make Perfect Eyebrows

For several years now, thick female eyebrows have been in fashion. It does not mean you can not follow them to look natural and natural. The eyebrows should be beautiful, well-groomed, and properly plucked. Today we’re going to talk about how to make perfect eyebrows on your own without going to professional makeup artists.

The First Step Is To Determine The Right Shape

Look at your eyebrows – are they thick enough? If not, help the hairs to grow more actively. Buy special gels at the drugstore, which accelerate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Or smear them daily with natural oils: olive, almond, etc.

Now let’s talk about which eyebrows are suitable for which type of face:

  1. On round faces, brows with a bend look perfect: wide at the beginning and thinning at the end. Arc shape is not suitable in this case.
  2. The square shape of the face will emphasize rounded eyebrows with a high arch. Short “threads” over the eyes will look ridiculous.
  3. Owners of the triangular shape of the face fit raised evenly curved eyebrows.
  4. Girls with an oval face shape should have arched or straight eyebrows.

Once you understand which shape is right for you, start shaping it. It would help to determine where the eyebrow begins, where it ends, and where its highest point is. Use the “triangle formula.”

  1. Arm yourself with an ordinary pencil and put it parallel to the back of your nose. Where the pencil crosses the arch of your eyebrow, that’s where it should start. Leave a small mark at this point.
  2. Next, determine the highest point of the arc. Apply the same pencil to the wing of the nose so that it passes through the outer edge of the eye’s iris. At the point of intersection with the eyebrow, make a mark again.
  3. To find the end of the arc, position the pencil so that it connects the nose’s wing and the eye’s outer corner. The eyebrow should end at the point of intersection.

The Second Step Is To Pluck Excess Hairs Properly

Before you start plucking, you need to draw the lower contours of the eyebrows. Use a pencil to connect all the points carefully. Consider that the eyebrow’s tail should “look” at the dimple near the ear. Then remove all the hairs that remain below the white line and those that grow on the bridge of the nose. Tweezers should be disinfected before work. If you have experience and skill, you can use floss. This will allow you to remove several hairs and speed up the process.

Using a special brush, brush your eyebrows upwards. Try to grasp the hairs closer to the base with the tweezers, and then pull sharply toward their growth. Otherwise, you may traumatize the skin, causing breakage and ingrown hairs. To make the process less uncomfortable, remove the skin a little tighter. If you want the arcs to be symmetrical, adjust them in parallel on one side and the other.

It is not recommended to trim hairs with scissors. Otherwise, they will grow in the other direction. It isn’t easy to correct this point. At the end of the procedure, wipe the skin with lotion, milk, or moisturizing cream.

The Third Step Is Color Matching

There are no tricks here. Blondes should use eyebrow makeup a little darker than their natural color. Brown-haired women can use a pencil or shadow the same color as their hair. For brunettes, eyebrows should be a little bit lighter than the hair. At the same time, it is impossible that the color there are shades of red or red.

If you do not paint eyebrows with henna or make a tattoo, you need to emphasize the hair’s natural color, picking up cosmetics in the right shade.

Step Four – Apply Makeup

There are several options for eyebrow makeup:

  1. The most popular is the use of a pencil. With its help, it can give eyebrows density visually to emphasize their naturalness. First, comb the eyebrows and start drawing them, moving from the middle along the growth line. Do not forget to emphasize the curve. Make it natural. Paint over the problem areas. Don’t make the lines brighter than necessary. In the end, fix the hairs with gel or mascara. The tip of the eyebrow should be outlined so that it does not just disappear.
  2. Makeup with shadows will make your eyebrows more dense and expressive. Start by combing the eyebrows as well. Then on a brush, pick up a bit of shadow of a suitable tone and apply it evenly to the skin under the hairs. Brush it out, brush your eyebrows again and fix it with gel.
  3. Stencils help to solve several problems at once. With their help, you draw the eyebrows symmetrically, smoothly, and neatly. Using a stencil, touch the eyebrow with a pencil and draw the shape. The resulting contour is painted over with a pencil or shadows.
  4. Mascara and gel were invented for the laziest people. They visually thicken each hair, making the eyebrows denser. These means are used not only for coloring but also for fixation.

As you can see, making perfect eyebrows at home is not difficult. The first time this procedure may be delayed, but with experience, you will get faster and faster. Do not forget about eyebrow care, as well as timely correction. Be always fashionable and beautiful!

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