How To Make Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Cut crease tops the list of bold and colorful eye makeup options while being a classic. It is a simple yet unique makeup look that Audrey Hepburn often used in her looks. It may seem that only a professional makeup artist can create such an expressive look, but it is not true! Anyone can master and successfully implement the technique in reality.

Features Of The Cut Crease Eye Makeup Technique

The name of the makeup acts as an instruction manual. The work uses shadows to “crash” into the eyelid’s crease. This gives a dramatic contrast that can visually enlarge the eye and highlight the eyelids. A radical play of light and shadow is introduced. The cut crease makeup is ideal for those who want to highlight their eyelids and separate them from the brow arches (the emphasis should not be on the brow). You can play around with different contours to get the right shape to suit your eye incision. Lengthen the crease of the incision, make it more round – you can manipulate it in different ways to get the desired effect. To create the makeup, you will need this set:

  1. Beveled brush.
  2. A stiff brush for concealer.
  3. Eye primer or lighter shade of concealer.
  4. Eye shadow (a deeper shade for the crease and a lighter one for the eyelid).

Even some of the most experienced makeup artists cannot create an expressive look in the cut crease technique the first time. It takes practice and time to develop the skill, but the result is worth it.

Instructions For Cut Crease Eye Makeup

You can accentuate the inner crease of the mobile eyelid with any color palette. For example, a popular color to perform is brown. Painting the eyes with bright colors is not always easy because flaws will be visible. To hide the mistake with brown shadows is much easier than when performing the technique cut crease blue color. The cut crease technique is done in just five steps:

  1. Apply a primer or concealer to the entire eyelid.You need a texture that dries quickly on the skin and is not too creamy. Especially if the eyelids are moist, any moisture and excessive movement will provoke sweat, and a primer or concealer will protect the shadow from rolling. A light foundation would also work.
  2. Filling in the crease.Fill the natural curve of the crease with a deeper shadow color using a beveled brush. You can put a spoon (or another oval object) to the eye to get the perfect arc. Some makeup stores even sell stencil kits to create the crease, but it can be designed without the extra cost.
  3. Touche in dark color.After the crease has been “cut” with a darker color of shadow, a sharp combination of shadow and light will be obtained. It is necessary to reach an intermediate shade, lightly blending the concealer or primer with the shadows. You need to concentrate only on the crease and the gradation of color from the outer corners inwards. It is important to keep that sharp contrast between the crease of the eyelid and the eyelid, but you should also mix a few colors on the crease line. Pigments should be applied “softly” without any clear lines.
  4. Filling the eyelid.Next, apply a lighter shadow on the eyelid or leave a matte trail (only concealer or primer). It is possible to use more concealer on the eyelid if it is necessary to clear the area with dark shadows.
  5. Eyeliner.The final use of eyeliner (gel, felt-tip pen, or any other). It is used to lift the growth line of the upper eyelashes to create an expressive arrow. Many people like making a sharp corner, as it looks graphic combined with the cut crease technique. Also, the accents can be set with a pencil. The last step is the mascara and the use of false eyelashes. The lower eyelid is lined up as desired.

Who Is Suitable For Cut Crease Makeup

This technique will look beautiful on literally every eye shape. Anyone can create this striking makeup, regardless of eye shape. The finished product may look slightly different, as everyone’s natural crease falls on other areas of the eyelid (some even lift it in the corners, which creates a wing effect). It’s important to keep your eyes open and to look straight in the mirror all the time (when you apply makeup to closed eyelids, it creates a hooded effect). The first layer of primer or concealer is applied along the natural line of the crease and extends to where the artificial “crease” will begin.


This makeup can be considered both evening/holiday and casual/daytime because the brightness depends on the chosen shades. In terms of complexity, it is no different from the Smokey Ice makeup. An essential rule of cut crease makeup is to avoid long shading. A clear, graphic line will add expression. This is the perfect makeup for those who love the “cat-eye” and smoky shades. The technique is done in just a few minutes if you follow the instructions precisely and clearly. You can read the video tutorials to create a neat cut crease makeup.

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