How To Make Brown Smokey Eyes

A spectacular everyday makeup is considered a smoky eye. The technique involves the use of different shades. But brown tones are suitable as makeup for every day. An experienced master is guided by the color of the eyes, picking up the shade of smoky. Warm brown shades will suit ladies with blue or gray eyes. Cool tones will emphasize the color of brown eyes. Owners of green eyes can add a red tone.

The Advantages Of This Makeup

Girls choose smoky Eyes makeup for its many advantages. Models on the catwalk apply this makeup, but it is everyday makeup. It can be used for visiting friends, work, and business meetings. The advantages of makeup do not end there. It also:

  • It will help hide small imperfections, such as dark circles or bags under the eyes.
  • Smokey is on trend today.
  • A versatile makeup that every lady can have in her arsenal.
  • It is easy to apply. Many people make it smoky themselves.

When applying makeup, make smooth transitions from darker shades to lighter shades, which then transition to skin tone.

What Will It Take?

Before you start applying makeup, you need to prepare all the accessories. To apply smoky eyes, you will need:

  • Sculptor;
  • Toner;
  • Concealer;
  • Eyeliner;
  • Base for eye shadow application;
  • Brow soap;
  • Eyeliner or pencil;
  • Bulk mascara and shadow.

Brushes and other tools will be needed to apply makeup. Shades are chosen depending on the look you are creating. If you can’t find the right shade, you can always ask your stylist for help.

Putting On Makeup

Before applying makeup, the eyebrows are toned, especially if they have a darker shade. The following is a step-by-step process:

  1. Then proceed to the design of the eyebrows. To do this, select a shadow that matches the color of the hairs as closely as possible. For convenience, a beveled brush is used when decorating.
  2. It is possible to correct the density of the applied shadows with the help of a special brush, removing the excess material.
  3. Concealer can be used to smooth out the borders of the eyebrows and lightly arrange the painted eyebrow after it has been smoothed out.
  4. Then coloring around the eye is performed.
  5. Afterward, a liner is applied to the eyelids. The borders are blurred with a fluffy brush.
  6. Then dry shadow is applied with a flat natural brush.
  7. Then choose a lighter shade and apply it to the border, blurring it with a fluffy brush.
  8. Next, the skin under the eyes is tinted before forming the lower eyelids. This is necessary to stay away from the borders of the mascara. The action is performed using concealer and a fluffy brush.
  9. For fixation, the powder can be used. Then proceed to the design of the lower eyelids. Before the application of dry shadows, a liner is applied. A lighter shade is applied on the border and shaded with a fluffy brush.
  10. Afterward, the lash line is decorated with a soft line. For the line to have a smooth transition, it is blurred.
  11. The line can be made more saturated. It is possible to pass a pencil over it, applying shadow. It is also possible to use a darker matte shade near the lashes. You can then go over the eyelid with a brush to thicken the color.
  12. A light matte shade can be used to correct the nook.
  13. Afterward, lashes are painted. A special brush for eyelashes and a spatula are used.
  14. To emphasize the expressiveness of the look, it is possible to extend the lashes slightly.
  15. Then the face is made out by applying a base. It allows a slight smoothing of the relief, smoothing the skin.
  16. Afterward, the face is toned by mixing the necessary tones.
  17. Then a highlighter is applied to the contours of the face, and blush is set. Then the face is sculpted using a sculptor, and additional eyeliner is applied to accentuate the contours of the face. It is possible to perform a little fixation with powder.

The technology of applying makeup depends on the type of face and can be different. It depends on the makeup artist and the makeup owner’s wishes. When using independently, it is better to start with simple techniques, complicating them as you gain experience. Every master should choose the brands of cosmetics and tools for applying makeup. If you don’t have any experience in makeup application, it is better to consult a stylist. He will help you create a unique and attractive look, tell you how to apply makeup better, and give you good advice.

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