How To Make A Witch Makeup For Halloween

Halloween is one of the most mystical, original, and long-awaited holidays, which is about to come. So it’s time to take care of an unusual and interesting image. Of course, a common option is a witch. It is worth considering more detail on how to make an amazing and unique witch makeup for Halloween.

What It Takes?

Before creating an original look, you should thoroughly prepare and find the necessary tools and materials. For the makeup, you will need the following:

  • dark and bright shadows;
  • primer;
  • eyeliner;
  • Glitters and any loose pigments;
  • lipsticks in rich colors;
  • false eyelashes;
  • water makeup paints;
  • brushes, sponges;
  • rhinestones.

When all the necessary things are prepared, it remains to clean and moisturize the skin, and then you can get down to the fun part.


There are several ways to create an unusual witch’s makeup for Halloween. It is worth considering the most popular options that will suit any girl and help you stand out at the party.


An unconventional option for lovers of experiments. With the help of this makeup, it will be possible for one evening to turn into a real old witch with a hooked nose and disgusting warts. Basic Recommendations:

  1. First, you need to transform the color of your face into the green. This can be done both with the help of shadows and through aqua makeup.
  2. It is worth using artificial warts or special overlays on the nose for a better effect.
  3. When creating the image, the eyebrows should be curved and bushy, as all the emphasis is on them.
  4. The contour of the lips can be emphasized with a dark pencil, and black lipstick will complete the image.

This makeup will make the girl stand out from the crowd, and everyone at the party will remember her. When choosing such a variant, it is necessary to think carefully about the image of a witch and to buy or make the props required in advance. Otherwise, the green face with warts and a false nose will look inappropriate.


A look for those who want to emphasize their sexuality. Features of the makeup:

  1. It is better to take your skin tone as a base and make it a little paler. You can add a little green tone.
  2. The emphasis during the creation of makeup should be made on the eyes. With the help of dark shadows and shading, it will be possible to make a mysterious and alluring look. You can dilute the image with bright sequins or neon arrows.
  3. The lips are suitable for lush shades of lipstick.

Makeup can be done with your own hands. An important rule: the brighter the result, the better.


So, Halloween’s classic witch’s makeup is an alternative to the previous options. A girl choosing such makeup will not shock the crowd and, at the same time, will demonstrate her individuality. Step-by-step sequence:

  1. First, you need to even out your skin tone. This can be done with a light foundation
  2. Next, you should take care of extending the life of your makeup, and here you will need a primer
  3. The third step is the shadow. First, it is worth applying a bright pink shade to the upper eyelid. If you wish, you can also choose another color. Then, it is recommended to emphasize the lower eyelid’s line and the upper eyelid’s crease with a darker shade from the color palette selected. If it is pink, it is worth using purple shadows. The finished result should be shaded with a brush.
  4. The next step involves drawing the original arrows. The shape can be chosen independently, but it is better to consider the type of eyelid and the shape of the eyes to emphasize their attractiveness.
  5. After that, you can add a small number of sequins or rhinestones on the eyelids.
  6. Then it is worth proceeding to the eyebrows. Here you will need a black charcoal pencil, which will help to highlight the eyebrows and, if necessary, make them dense.
  7. Do not forget about the blush. It should be applied under the cheekbones, gently moving from the temple to the corner of the lips and back.
  8. The last step is the lips. Using a black pencil and purple or dark blue lipstick is better.

To enhance the effect, you can use colored lenses. When your makeup is done, you can go to the party.

Attributes Of The Look

Not everyone has enough makeup to create a unique image. In this case, you should think through the whole character and take care to find the necessary attributes. For the witch, these elements will be:

  • a wide-brimmed pointed hat;
  • wooden broom;
  • dark cloak with hood or cape with stand-up collar;
  • long fingernails pointed toward the end;
  • loose and slightly curly hair;
  • jewelry;
  • faithful companion.

The latter include cats, bats, and even spiders. It is not necessary to look for live pets. You can buy a moulage in any store of attributes for the holidays.

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