How To Make A Stylish Basic Closet For Women After 30

A woman in her 30s combines freshness and beauty in her image, her career is successfully going up, and her life seems stable. The lady has learned to show her positive sides in appearance and hide her flaws. She knows how to dress stylishly and tastefully. But a few tips will not prevent her from looking attractive in all situations.

Woman’s Ideal Image In Her 30s

The basic closet of a girl after 30 years should be distinguished by femininity and elegance. Making a list of suitable things is not difficult, considering personal tastes and preferences. If you used to wear mostly pants, and liked to dress in jeans of various kinds, now be sure to buy a few skirts and dresses for your basic closet. Choosing a cloth, consider the peculiarities of your complexion and not only the belonging of the product to the fashion brand 2022.

An accomplished woman changes her image depending on the circumstances, as well as on the particular place where she is going: to work in the office or with partners at a business meeting, on a long-awaited date or a party, on a picnic or shopping with friends.

Making A Basic Closet For A 30-Year-Old Lady

Women’s fashion will delight fashionistas in the spring and summer of 2022. It offers such products:

  • Dresses of different lengths perfectly fit the figure. At the peak of popularity, midi dresses with lace inserts of different formats. Choose the product’s colour according to your taste – pastel, light or bright shades, the classic black colour is not going out of fashion. On fashion shows, there are summer versions of trouser suits and skirts made of lace fabric;
  • Dresses of a “casing” style. In the spring and summer of 2022, such a product is offered on sale with three-quarter sleeves or without sleeves, in the trend – products from monochrome fabric – office version, as well as from matter in polka dots, in floral and cellular colours – such a version of clothes are suitable for dates and walks.
  • A pencil skirt should undoubtedly be present in the fashionable image of a woman after 30 years. It beautifully emphasizes the figure and all its curves. The skirt can be worn with any blouse, T-shirt, shirt, etc.;
  • Mini-skirts are also acceptable for women after the age of 30 if this style of product suits their figure. But it is not advised to wear such products at work. This model should be chosen for informal settings.
  • A stylish clothing option is classic blouses and shirts. A woman should have a white shirt made of soft and light fabric. Blouses in the spring and summer of 2022 designers offer a variety of – from the usual classic to exclusive products on one shoulder, with an attractive large neckline, with a bow on the neck, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it, be careful with too frank and provocative blouses;
  • Ladies after 30 years of age have dresses or suits for going out. They will be useful to you for different celebrations, trips to the theatre, etc.

Can not do without the lady after 30 years in the spring and summer, as well as in the cold season, without my favourite jeans. They take on a more simple look than the youthful versions of this type of pants.

Colour Scheme Of Women’s Closet

It is not difficult to make a fashionable closet for summer 2018. You can combine your existing skirts and shirts, blouses and tunics with skirts and summer pants. Combine them correctly according to the colour and texture of the fabric.

When choosing the basic colors for a basic closet, proceed from the color type of your own appearance. The classics will always win, it is not boring at all. Among the classic colors are not only black, white and gray. Beautiful combinations in the image can be created using blue, green, beige, cherry shades. Spring and summer is a great time when it is allowed to dress bright and stylish, showing your good taste.

Choose clothes made of quality fabric. Even if the product style is simple, without frills, the quality material will make it elegant and stylish.

Accessories And Shoes In A Woman’s Image In Spring And Summer

Compiling a basic closet of a woman who turned 30, write a list of what else you want to buy from clothing, accessories and shoes. Complete a woman’s image will give the necessary accessories such as handbags, scarves, glasses, belts, etc. If a woman’s outfit is bright, it is better to choose a strict and monochrome handbag. When wearing a classic black or beige dress, choose a bright purse or clutch – it will be an accent to your look, especially in spring and summer.

Women, after 30 years, should buy jewelry made of precious metals – gold or silver, pearls. There should not be much jewelry. Costume jewelry is suitable for younger ladies. It can also be used when going to the beach or for a walk with friends.

A woman’s image is adorned and supplemented by beautiful, stylish shoes, such as the classic style stiletto pumps. They are worn on any occasion: to a classic suit – in the office, to a cocktail dress on a date, worn in a set with your favorite jeans for a walk. A universal option – nice leather pumps shoes in black or beige color. In the summer and spring of 2022 ballerinas are popular among women – colored or monochrome. They are worn both for every day and for going out.

After 30: What A Woman Should Give Up

In the basic closet of a woman after 30 years, there is no place for products such as super short skirts and shorts. A lady in such clothes looks somewhat vulgar and defiant. It is better to play with the length around the knees – slightly above or below them. Do not wear too tight shirts or tops that expose the abdomen and chest. Don’t buy things decorated with teenage prints – they will make your image ridiculous. Choose clothes made of material that perfectly holds their shape.

A woman will create her own perfect style by choosing the right clothes, shoes and accessories for her image. Do not be afraid to show your taste. Find a twist in the image. Learn to look according to a certain situation and choose an outfit suitable for the place and time of action.

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