How To Make A Leather Pencil Skirt Look Fashionable

At the shows of famous designers, leather skirts began to appear more and more frequently. Such a closet item allows us to create original and interesting images each time, suitable for different occasions. The most important thing is to learn how to combine this element of clothing with other things. If you know what to wear a leather pencil skirt with, you will no longer have to be afraid to use it in everyday life.

Leather Pencil Skirts: What Models Are There?

Stylish and stylish models of pencil skirts in leather are represented in a wide range. The tight silhouettes and decorated options allow you to choose exactly what will fit perfectly into your closet and look harmoniously with different blouses, tops, and shirts.

Designers each season try to come up with something original in the line of leather skirts. And many products look exquisite and even luxurious, representing a kind of work of art.

With a high waist

The high fit gives the skirt a unique, yet laconic severity. If we are talking about leather, you can add a touch of sexuality to these characteristics. But this model is not suitable for everyone.

Leather pencil skirt with an exaggerated waist will look perfect on slender and tall ladies, who have an elegant figure. If the waist is sufficiently expressed, this style may also afford girls magnificent forms. In this case, a correctly chosen model will help to further elongate the silhouette, give it a slender and proportionate appearance.

Look original with an overstuffed leather skirt with a t-shirt tucked into it. And it would look romantic with a chiffon blouse in small polka dots.


This elongated model ends just below the knee and touches the calf area, exuding restrained elegance. Such a skirt can be easily worn at work in the office or at a business meeting, which takes place without a strict dress code.

Due to the graceful curves of the speaker, this closet piece will positively impact important negotiations. You can combine this piece with snow-white blouses, velvet jackets, strict jackets. Additionally, the image is complemented with shoes with high stiletto heels.

Down to the knees

A leather pencil skirt that reaches the knees is considered a universal option. It harmonizes with absolutely any image: from casual outfit to evening version.

Such a product can be worn for a walk, a meeting with friends or even a date. To choose a model that is comfortable to move around in, it must not be too narrow.


A leather tapered skirt that reaches above the knee is considered extravagant. Such a catchy style will allow you to create a fashionable, modern image. The main thing is not to overdo the sexuality of the image.

As a complementary top, choose a monochrome tight top. And this version of the outfit is suitable for attending a friendly party. In this form you can go shopping or have a picnic if you wear a plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves under the short skirt.

With leather inserts

Those who like originality and singularity in their image will like the leather skirt with leather inserts. Due to the contrasting textures used to create such a model, it is possible to create a product that can emphasize the advantages of the figure. Even if a girl has a small flaw in her figure, this piece of clothing will hide it.

Combinations with this product are endless. You can choose one of the following options:

  • a brightly coloured cashmere sweater;
  • trendy jacket;
  • sports turtleneck;
  • shortened jacket.

Skirt with leather inserts will complement any closet.

With a zipper

The pencil model, equipped with a zipper, is a seductive option. Only self-confident girls who like to attract attention and be in the center of events can wear such a skirt.

The combination of metal and leather creates a wonderful tandem. An item like this looks stylish and catchy in a design like this. The main thing is to choose a skirt so that it will perfectly fit your figure. Therefore, you should not deviate too much from your own size. Any imperfections will immediately attract attention.

For Plus Size Women

Girls with puffy bodies can also wear this version of clothing. And if the cut is well done, the appetizing figure will look more advantageous. If you wear a skinny cut, it will stretch the proportions of the body and elongate the legs. If the skirt is made from a dense material, it will help tighten and hide extra volumes.

Modern fashion designers are trying to create interesting models of leather skirts for women with full shapes. And if such a style is complemented by a loose blouse of chiffon, the image is casual. If you choose a top with flounces and ruffles, then you get a romantic and delicate look.

Fashionable Colours And Their Combinations

Whether in black or white, a leather skirt looks elegant and sophisticated in any colour. So every year, designers experiment with style solutions, such as offering to choose original colors.

Black is always in demand. Cool shades have gained popularity this season, with leather pencil skirts looking especially luxurious.


Never goes out of style is the black leather skirt. It is part of the basic closet of any fashionista. This product always looks appropriate. Wear a black leather skirt to a business meeting or to work in the office.

As for the winter version, this product is perfectly combined with the following things:

  • coat;
  • parkas and sheepskin coats;
  • elongated cardigans;
  • Pullovers with geometric patterns;
  • Heeled boots and boots.

In autumn, a black pencil skirt can be combined with light blouses of coquettish character, as well as with snow-white shirts. And if you want to create an evening image for a night out, then you should complement the product with a pink lace top and high stilettos.


The model in dark blue looks elegant and expensive. It effectively emphasizes all the curves of the figure. Choose outerwear made of guipure or natural silk to complement such a bottom. And it will look interesting with a denim jacket.


The burgundy shade will undoubtedly add a touch of chic to the image. You can create different looks with such a bottom. Dignified and stylish looks burgundy leather skirt, complemented by tops in a creamy, cool blue tone.

You can also choose blouses in crimson or pale pink. Such a thing will look stunning with a shimmering top or a pearl jacket.


Leather skirts in brown are available in chocolate, reddish and bronze shades. The model looks the most actual with a white blouse of a light cut or with a nude-coloured beige satin shirt.

Add extravagance to the image by a fitted denim jacket, worn under a silk top of a dark shade and black shoes on thick soles.


Leather skinny product in beige helps to create an incredibly chic image. The skirt of this colour is ideal for spring or summer. It can be complemented by blouses of flying fabrics, voluminous pullovers, one-button coats of similar colour.


The red leather pencil skirt conveys a sexual and passionate message. Every girl, confident in her feminine charms, sooner or later gets such a closet item. A little soften and balance the red skirt with a white blouse, black turtleneck or sweater of wine colour.


Greenish, marshy or grassy leather products add to the originality of the image while also adding some severity. You can wear such a bottom with a beige turtleneck, a black blouse, a white shirt, and complement it all with a pair of nude-coloured pumps or dark boots.


The gray color of the leather pencil skirt gives it a particularly noble appearance. Most often the following shades are used for sewing the product:

  • pearl;
  • smoky;
  • graphite.

And in different light the material begins to resemble satin, silk and sometimes even linen. This uniqueness and versatility of the skirt allows it to be perfectly combined with a variety of tops. Regardless, the look will be harmonious.

The colour marsala

Leather skirt in marsala colour looks stunning. This deep, muted wine shade perfectly emphasizes the figure. And to create an exquisite image, the skirt should be worn with a blouse, turtleneck top or a velvet black jacket.


Add freshness and romance to your image with a white pencil skirt. It should be combined with feminine and sophisticated shoes, as well as with a red top, a white lace T-shirt, a black guipure blouse.


A pencil skirt in turquoise looks luxurious. In it a girl finds a new gracefulness for herself. When putting together a look, it is important to choose the right top. It can be a cashmere sweater in a pistachio palette, a flying blouse with thin straps and sandals.

Khaki Color

The natural and natural khaki colour of this product exudes a sense of mystery and extraordinary sophistication. Do not choose a bottom with a too variegated and bright.

Laconic white thin sweater or black loose pullover will create a suitable companion for such a skirt. And if you add suede boots to it, the image will get an aristocratic twist.

How Should It Fit

The distinctive feature of the leather pencil skirt is its unique cut. Many people may think that it is too strict and even uncomfortable. If, however, the cut of this piece of clothing is chosen in accordance with the silhouette, it can be comfortable and convenient.

To choose the right model for yourself, you need to pay attention to some details:

  • the entire length of the skirt should lie down and fit well;
  • There should not be any visible creases;
  • The seams and zippers of the product should not dig into the body;
  • Even with active movement, such a leather piece maintains a perfect fit.

When trying on a pencil skirt made of leather, you should try to make a few sharp movements. You can walk around in it, and the steps should be wide. It is necessary to sit down and then stand up sharply, to make a few bends forward. In such a product, the body must also be turned. And if there is no stiffness and discomfort, and the skirt is not creeping up and twisted on the hips, then the choice of model is correct.

What Kind Of Top To Choose

Some girls don’t buy this model because they don’t know how to wear a leather pencil skirt and what to pair it with. The right combination is critical, otherwise the leather skirt becomes an element of vulgarity.

To look stylish and at the same time enjoy wearing such a product, you need to clearly understand, with what things it will be in harmony. You also need to understand, with what items of clothing it does not fit.

With a jacket

You can create a fashionable modern image with a leather skirt and jacket of the same material. In this case, the top and bottom can match in colour combination and may differ in their shades.

It would be interesting to wear a leather beige jacket and the same skirt with a green or white top. This option has an incredible elegance. If you want something unusual, you can wear a denim jacket with a tapered skirt.

With a shirt.

To complement a leather pencil skirt, a monochrome shirt in cotton or satin with a be appropriate and laconic. Add extravagance to the image with a plaid shirt, then the bottom should be chosen in black or red.

With a sweater

Leather skirt and sweater can also be a stylish look. The top should be discreet and made of thin wool threads. Also the following options can be an interesting solution:

  • pullover classic look;
  • Irish sweater;
  • Sweatshirt with a funny inscription;
  • cashmere sweater.

Bows made from a sweater and leather skirt help create a cozy and mysterious look.

With a blouse

Pencil skirt of leather material is successfully combined with a variety of blouses. So pick up the perfect image for any girl will not be difficult. These closet items look great together.
If the leather skirt will be chosen in a darker shade, then you can wear a brighter blouse with some interesting prints. To create a romantic image, preference should be given to blouses of light fabric and a fitted silhouette.

With a top.

If you can’t choose what to wear with a leather pencil silhouette skirt, a top will help. Especially when it comes to creating a spring look. The top can be chosen from the following materials:

  • lace;
  • comfortable knitwear;
  • elegant silk;
  • light atlas.

The top style can be both long and tight, or short and looser. In all these cases, the tandem will look harmonious.

If the top is tight, it is critical to ensure that this version of the outfit sits well on the figure. Otherwise all the imperfections of the body will immediately stand out.

With a turtleneck sweater

A pencil skirt together with a turtleneck creates a sexy and sophisticated image. In such an outfit you can walk around the city at night or head out on a date. If we are talking about warm weather, then the turtleneck may be made of jersey. And in cold weather it is better to wear a blouse made of wool.

With a T-shirt

When it comes to wearing a leather pencil skirt, some girls wonder what to wear with it to make it look original. Stylists suggest betting on a T-shirt. As a result, the image appears bold and sometimes even flamboyant.

A skirt of a calm colour can be complemented by a bright T-shirt. Top with prints looks original, especially if the outfit is paired with high-heeled slim shoes.

Shoes To Wear With A Pencil Skirt

Before composing an image with a leather pencil skirt, it is imperative to choose the appropriate shoes. This will allow you to create a complete stylish image, which its vulgarity or some inconsistency will not mar.

With boots.

If you want to wear boots under a leather tight skirt, it is better to choose those that will match it in colour. Then the image will be complete. Boots can be both with a high stiletto heel and without it. Especially fashionable is an elongated leather skirt, which slightly closes the boot’s cuff.

With sneakers.

The original combination of a classic leather skirt and athletic sneakers loved by many young ladies. And do not worry that the image will be too extravagant. It was also important that the top had a sporty or urban style.

With shoes without a heel

You can try to combine a leather product with shoes without a heel. In this case you can wear loafers or slip-ons. Such a look is ideal for creating a casual image.

With boots.

Look stylishly stylish with a leather skirt and rough boots of masculine character. Models of shoes decorated with voluminous buckles, zippers and shiny inserts will look beautiful.

With sneakers

With footwear such as sneakers, leather goods also go well together. There is no contradiction in this image. It is important to choose the right outerwear. This can be a long cardigan, coat or sweatshirt.

With booties

Leather tapered skirt looks spectacular with boots. They can even be with an open toe, giving a note of sexuality to the image. As the top you can choose a turtleneck, fishnet top or a shirt with a very unusual pattern.

With high boots.

A leather skirt can be worn with high boots to create a bold image of a femme fatale. However, it is imperative to observe one rule: such shoes should match the shade of the skirt’s material, only if the leather is not very bright.

With shoes.

A refined classic look will be achieved when the skirt is paired with neat pumps with a medium stiletto heel. You can wear this outfit to work, a business meeting and a date.

Who Should Wear These Skirts, And Who Shouldn’t

Leather skirts have a particular style that is not suitable for everyone. And this should be taken into account before making a purchase. You can buy this stylish item if your figure has the right proportions and is slender.

You can also buy a leather pencil skirt with a tighter and shrinking shape if your form is a bit puffy. Any extra centimeters should be hidden by the cut. But if the figure is “apple” type, then it is better to refuse such a closet item.

The Places You Can Wear Leather Skirts

A leather skirt can be worn in any situation thanks to its different colors. The main thing is to choose the right top and complement the image with the appropriate accessories.

For walks you can choose a loose and casual top, as well as a skirt of light colours. Complement the image with comfortable shoes. For a party, you should choose a black leather skirt and a shiny top. And in the workplace, it is appropriate to wear a chocolate product with a white shirt.

The leather pencil skirt is versatile, as it can be worn for both business and evening, as well as romantic and hipster styles. It all depends on what the diet will be supplemented with. For a girl to feel confident in such clothes, it is necessary to combine the closet items correctly.

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