How To Make A Lace Manicure

Luxury, glamour and tenderness at the same time! Lace is all about the unique material. We are used to designers often using it in clothes, but today lace manicures are no less popular.

Wedding lace manicure

What Is It

Nail design with lace can be very diverse:

  • tulle imitation;
  • ruffles;
  • mesh;
  • lace strip decorated with flowers, etc.

Many think this nail design is only suitable for brides to create a wedding look. This is a huge misconception! If you pick up the manicure correctly, considering your style, it will be suitable for every day. In addition, it is unnecessary to use white lace.

Lace manicure with roses and rhinestones

For an evening outfit, you can create a black grid on your nails, embellishing it with sparkling black rhinestones or crystals.

Black lace manicure

The Best Material

There are two types of lace, which are used to make nail designs: special manicure lace and ordinary lace. Their appearances are similar, but they differ in their impregnation. Special lace has protective properties and preserves the beauty of the manicure for a long time.

The real material looks more sophisticated, stylish and elegant.

Lace manicures are done with stamping, needlepoint or stickers. Each of these methods has its pros and cons.

Manicure with imitation of a transparent assembly

Blue manicure with white lace

Color Scheme

As for the colour palette, there are no restrictions. It is important to combine your nails with your clothes and overall image.

On a side note: to keep the pattern from merging, use lace on your nails with contrasting nail polish. A combination of white and black or blue and red, for example, looks very striking.

It is also worth noting that the lace cobweb in white or black harmoniously complements absolutely any colour of the base coat.

Black and gold lace manicure

Floral lace wedding manicure


You will need:

  • nail polish;
  • nail polish base;
  • cosmetic glue;
  • lace.

1. Create a base coat on your nails.

2. Wait until the first coat is completely dry and then apply the nail polish in whatever colour you like. Again, let your nails dry completely.

3. cut the lace according to the size of your nails.

4. work your nails with glue: drop a small amount where the lace will be.

As a side note, lace looks great on the nails in the form of strips, squares, or circles, and you can add sequins, rhinestones, etc. to complete the manicure.

5. Carefully glue the pieces of lace to your nails and secure everything with colourless nail polish. Use a toothpick for more convenience.

Manicure with flowers and twigs

Lace manicure with green accents

Lace Manicure With A Needle

This original nail design can be done even if there is no real lace at hand:

1. Apply base nail polish and let it dry.

Now, with a contrasting lacquer, using a needle, draw a lace pattern.

3. Apply a clear nail polish.

Stylish lace manicure ready!

Here it is worth remembering that this method is quite complicated. If you have never drawn on nails with a needle before, you may not succeed at the first time.

Black and green manicure

Lace French

French Manicure With Lace Design: An Ageless Classic

French lace manicure is especially chic and incredibly popular among fashionistas. This is a universal design, which is suitable for both formal occasions and for everyday life. The lace on the nails gives it a special airiness and emphasizes the shape of the nail plate!

This manicure typically has a white or pink base, with a light unobtrusive pattern applied on top. This is really a classic. The ornament can be located in the center of the nail plate, along its edge or at the base.

Lovers of bright, saturated colours will love the expressive French with lace, decorated with coloured beads, rhinestones, sequins or other decorative elements.

Another original option – lace only on one of the nails, and the rest of a French manicure.

So, let’s do French lace on the nails step by step:

1. Let the base coat dry completely on the nails.

Now, paint the base with pink nail polish (the classic colour for French women).

Separate the top part of the nail plate with white nail polish (how long – you decide).

4. Glue on the nail lace, pre-cut into separate fragments, and secure with colourless varnish.

On a side note: you can use a manicure stencil for lace French manicures: first, the polish is applied to it, and then with a rubber brush it is transferred to the nail plate.

Winter lace manicure

Lace manicure is very stylish and incredibly beautiful! Create an original nail design the way you like it best. All in your hands.

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