How To Make A Beautiful Pedicure At Home

All women have a deep desire for a flawless image. This also applies to beautiful feet. If you want your feet to look amazing, you don’t need to go to a beauty salon. Both the simplest and the most stylish pedicure, with a variety of details, can be done at home quickly and independently, saving you lots of time. How do I get a pedicure myself? Technically, this procedure is simple, if done step by step and correctly, your feet will look flawless with and without shoes, and your heels will remain soft and smooth.

Before the pedicure procedure, you need to wash your feet and remove the coating from your nails, if present. Tools should also be disinfected

Pedicure Mistakes

When performing a proper pedicure procedure for beginners, the following mistakes should be avoided:

  1. Do not soften your feet in too hot water: keratinous cells will begin to separate intensively, besides, you risk getting a burn. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Just keep your feet in the water longer.
  2. Never remove corns and corns from the feet with scissors or a blade. This is a very common and risky practice among women, which leads to unpleasant consequences. You will only need a scrub, pumice stone or scraper to remove the excessive areas on your feet.
  3. Do not cut the cuticles off your nails. You risk hurting yourself with these procedures, and cut cuticles that have been cut on their own will quickly grow back in the same place. When treating the cuticle, use a special orange wand to push the cuticle back.
  4. Pay a lot of attention to the nail plates when getting a pedicure. Do not clip the nail or cut the corners of the nail, as the nail may start to ingrow. To avoid such troubles, trim your nails correctly in a straight line.

Tools For Doing Pedicures At Home

In order to competently make a beautiful pedicure at home, you will need a set of basic tools for beginners:

  • massage mat for pedicure. Budget and excellent device. Its coating is an imitation of the seabed with pebbles, perfectly massages and stimulates the right points of the feet;
  • A professional pedicure scraper. For home care, there are commercially available scrapers that have small blades that create smooth and healthy heels;
  • set of orange chopsticks for pedicure procedure. Such a tool is versatile, orange wood chopsticks are used, among other things, in manicures for gentle cuticle care.

Let’s proceed step by step to the pedicure procedure.

Steam Your Feet

To soften it easier to treat your feet, you need to steam them, to soften them softer. To do this, dilute moderately warm water in a bathtub with any soapy substance. To soften such a bath more useful, you can add a small amount of sea salt. Take a bath for about 15 minutes to soften the keratinized cells of your feet softer. After the bath, wipe your feet with a towel and proceed to the next step.

Nail And Cuticle Treatment

  1. After the bath, to start creating a competent pedicure, you must cut the protruding edge of the nail with scissors or wire cutters in a straight line. Leave the shape of the nail square, to prevent ingrowth of the plate. Using a nail file, make the cut nails straight.
  2. Prepare an orange wood chopstick or manicure spatula and gently move the cuticle. Use a special product to soften the skin on the nail to make the process easier. Use a spatula to clean the nail plate from the remaining skin. It is also necessary to treat the area under the nail, removing dirt and dead cells.
  3. After that, use a nail file to clean the rough spots on your fingers and get rid of cracked calluses.
  4. For a shiny and healthy looking nail plate, polish your nails with a polishing file. This is done to ensure that the nail is evenly coated.

Pedicure At Home: Foot Skin Care

For a complete pedicure, close attention should be paid to the feet. First remove the rough skin. Use a pumice stone to remove the skin. In addition to the pumice stone you can use various kinds of peels and scrubs for your feet.

After hydration and nutrition, you put a nourishing cream on your feet and massage them.

Feet With Corns And Chapped Heels

There are times when a regular pedicure procedure can’t help. This happens when the calluses and corns of the feet are neglected. Many folk remedies can help you with such problems.

There is a simple tip to soften chapped heels and corns. Wrap any cellophane around the feet, then apply a nourishing mask and wear warm socks on top. You can leave such a mask on overnight, rinse it off with warm water in the morning, and moisturize with a moisturizer. Do the described process several times, and you will be surprised by the result.

Spa Pedicure At Home

For those ladies who are able to devote more time to themselves, they can treat themselves to a SPA pedicure at home. Such pedicure may consist of a relaxing bath for your feet and a soothing moisturizing mask.

  1. Make a bath by adding to warm water any essential oil of your choice. Soak your feet for about half an hour. Then clean your feet from excess skin.

The next step is a moisturizing foot mask. For this you need to apply a thick layer of moisturizer, then wrap cellophane around your feet and put on socks. Apply such a mask should not be less than two hours.

Any lady at home can prepare natural masks to care for your feet. It is necessary to apply regularly, as the result promises to be excellent.

Shellac: The Finishing Touch

The final step in the home pedicure process is the application of nail polish (shellac) on the nail plate. At this stage, rely on your taste, experience and favorite colour scheme. If neutral, you can apply colourless enamel to strengthen the nail. You can come up with any shade and pattern of nail polish (shellac) for a flawless look.

Before applying lacquer or a drawing on the nails, degrease the plate from the residues of applied cosmetic compositions, for smooth and even application of lacquer (shellac).

Place finger spacers between your fingers for a pedicure so you can gently apply nail polish (shellac).

The initial coating should be a colourless base. It provides protection from the toxic substances of the base coat (shellac), and the varnish will be smooth and durable. The pedicure will look fresh and bright for a long time.

After the base has dried, apply the base colour. To emphasize your style, use shades of nail polish (shellac), relevant to the current fashion movement. During the summer, you can experiment with different colours and shades, while in winter, you should opt for more neutral shades of nail polish or gel coating – beige, white, or colourless. Pedicure can accentuate your clothes, or, conversely, look detached and original.

When applying a bright coloured polish, do at least two coats to make sure the colour is bright, persistent and saturated.

To extend the life of your pedicure, apply a coat of nail polish fixer.

Nowadays, it is recommended to use shellac for a long-lasting pedicure. When shellac is applied, the coating stays bright and fresh, and the shellac itself does not crack and retains its integrity.

Hardware Pedicure At Home

A separate point should be made about the care of a hardware pedicure. In order to apply a hardware pedicure at home, you will need a tool with low power.

  1. Soften the skin on your feet. There is no need to bathe and steam your feet during the hardware pedicure procedure. You only need to apply a special lotion to disinfect the surface.
  2. Treat the skin around your nails and on your feet with the designated nozzles. Such a device is equipped with a variety of nozzles. Some are used to treat the heels, others remove keratinous residues at the nail, and others are specifically used for the cuticle.
  3. Remove any remaining softening agent from the surface of your feet. The softened skin is removed with the nozzle designed for this purpose.
  4. Apply a foot mask after the hardware pedicure procedure. Professionals recommend using foot masks containing paraffin. Apply a thick layer of the mask on your feet with socks on.

This treatment should be done independently twice a week. The result of your efforts depends on the regularity of proper care. Your feet will be aesthetically pleasing, healthy and attractive.

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