How To Make A Beautiful Blouse With Your Own Hands

The possibilities for bold and creative experimentation are endless. The same piece of clothing can be modified more than once.

A simple white blouse can be decorated with your hands, even with a minimum of decorative elements. Here are the best options for decorating white clothes:

  1. You can buy a mini bouquet in bijouterie stores or special handicraft locations. For example, blue forget-me-nots or daisies. The boutonniere is attached in any convenient way to a white shirt. If the clothing is supplemented with a breast pocket, the bouquet can be positioned as if it only slightly looks out of there;
  2. Beads are used to decorate the seam line of a garment. In this case, the decoration can be massive and catchy, or the beads decorate the clothes point by point;
  3. Appliqués of bright textured fabrics looks more complicated. A white chiffon shirt can be decorated with strips of fabric similar in texture but not colour. From the ribbons form and volumetric shapes. For example, flowers;
  4. The applique of ribbons, beads, and embroidery looks interesting. Decorate a white cloth exclusively with elements of similar colour.

Black Blouse Decor

Many of the ideas described above can also be applied to the decoration of a black blouse. The main rule: to make the decor look smart and form a light textured look, it is necessary to refuse the “total black” format and choose colourful decorations.

For example, you can embroider colourful plant ornaments on the chest or sleeves of a blouse with your hands. The collar is usually left untouched.

A win-win embroidery option – bright colours (red, orange, turquoise) in a delicate frame of green, olive and juicy lettuce ornaments. The rich pattern can be made even more voluminous by using beads or ribbon decorations.

A “portion” of glamour

Rhinestones look quite expensive and stylish. The black background serves as an excellent basis for creating all sorts of patterns. However, it is important to consider the garment’s texture. Chiffon products and clothes made from fabrics with a velvety texture are quite tricky. Decorating them with your own hands with rhinestones is difficult.

Simple knitwear, linen, and cotton are more fertile ground to work in. On these fabrics, you can create real pictures with rhinestones. However, it is worth remembering that it is easy to overdo it in this case, turning the originally stylish thing into the embodiment of the notorious “rural glamour.”

To significantly update an old black shirt, sometimes 6 to 12 small rhinestones are enough to decorate the collar. You can take three to six pieces of fairly large stones. They are attached to the corners of the pockets or decorated with the collar.

Beautiful Collar – A Unique Decoration

The collar is a special part of a blouse or shirt which immediately attracts attention. It can also be effectively decorated with embroidery, ribbons, beads and rhinestones. Moreover, you can experiment as much as you like.

The canvas for the work is quite miniature. Even an abundance of decorative elements will not worsen the look and style of the garment. Rather, even, on the contrary, collars that look more like massive “boho” necklaces look better.

First of all, it is worth mentioning ready-made interchangeable collars, which you can choose in the store. They can be decorated with beads, rhinestones, unusual beads or rivets, and sometimes even entire volumetric appliques.

Bold Experiments

The neckline of a rounded shape is studded with small pebbles. For collars, it is convenient to think of whole geometric designs or complex vegetal ornaments. Patterns can be decorated with beads or embroidered (if the texture of the collar allows).

Very interesting look with plant ornaments on the blouse, smoothly communicating with the surface of the collar. For example, on the chest and sleeves, you can embroider stems of flowers and a scattering of leaves of any shape you like, on the same collar with beads embroidered flowers themselves, which will pull up embroidered stems.

This kind of work is quite complex. All elements of the composition are autonomous and dependent on each other at the same time. Therefore, it is important to consider all the nuances of future decor.

If there is no particular desire to sew small details and form embroidery, you can change the appearance of the blouse with a brooch or chiffon tie. The peculiarity is that this decor should literally “blend” with the main article of clothing.

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