Makeup in the heat: How to Make and Maintain

Amidst the sun’s splendor and lush greenery, you want to look just as bright. Although in the heat the skin does not tolerate cosmetics, there are situations when makeup is a must. Let’s understand, following the advice of makeup artists, how to make and maintain the “perfect face” in summer.

How to do makeup in heat

When the weather is hot, the technique of applying makeup changes. Try to touch your face less with your hands. Don’t forget to change sponges and treat brushes regularly.

  • To avoid weighing your skin down and letting it breathe, avoid greasy creams;

  • Compact powder, dry blushes combine with perspiration and collect in unkempt crusts. Replace it with liquid blush and light powder, applied with a brush in a superficial motion;

  • If you haven’t had time to tan, use a bronzer to make your smile brighter. Pay special attention to the nose line, chin and cheekbones;

  • Don’t be tempted to use deep colors. The closer your makeup color is to flesh tones, the easier it is to keep it on in hot weather;

  • shadows are preferable to liquid shadows. Dry and cream shadows will quickly lose their original appearance;
  • In summer, you should definitely always have waterproof or heat-resistant mascara on hand. It won’t let you down in the rain or sweat;

  • The lips are highlighted with gloss or tinting balm. If you want to accentuate the lower part of the face, you can choose a tint that stays on the lips in all conditions.

How to fix broken makeup in heat

To make your makeup last longer, fix it with a special spray. Fix spray is applied as a finishing touch by spraying on the face at arm’s length. Smoke sprays are used after each layer of makeup.

After a minute of drying, the permanent makeup is ready. The fixing film on the face may glare from the sunlight or bright lights. In this case, you should powder your face a little.

For oily skin

The most important thing for oily skin is not to overload your face with makeup. An oil-free primer can be used as a base. It is applied to the most problematic areas: the area around the nose, the middle of the forehead, the chin.

The powder is chosen with a light translucent texture and mattifying effect. Apply to areas with an oily sheen.

A pre-strengthening base will protect your eye makeup from the heat, tears of joy or brief rain. Shadows with a matte effect will not create extra shine. Dry, brush-applied shadows are more preferable.

Eyeliner for eyes, eyebrows will not stand the test of oily skin. The wax in the composition will easily leak, dissolving in sebum. You can just comb your eyebrows and limit yourself to mascara if you haven’t stocked up on sustainable eyeliner.

For combination skin

The combination of normal and oily skin is most common. The recommendations for oily skin are relevant here. Delicate cleansers such as cleansing foams, gels and cream gels are appropriate.

If your cheeks are dry, you can apply a light cream-fluid to the T-zone during morning and evening care, and a nourishing cream to dry skin. In the same way, decorative cosmetics are selected for makeup application.

  1. After cleansing and preapplication of the cream for permanent makeup must prepare the face with a primer.

  1. The face is completely covered with the foundation. The cheekbones can be highlighted with a highlighter.

  1. Before making out the eyes the area around them is corrected by concealer or primer, and then mascara is applied.

For combination skin, as well as for purely oily, contraindicated abuse of soap and hot water!

For dry skin

Usually the skin gets dry with age, up to 30-35 years prevail oily and combination type. The owners of such skin do not need excessive drying. The primer should contain moisturizing components and oil.

The next step is to even out and protect against the sun’s relentless rays. The tinting, UV-protective SS-cream perfectly masks skin imperfections and creates a base for age-appropriate makeup.

Compact and loose powders are not for dry skin, blushes are also creamy. They will provide extra hydration.

Water-resistant mascara will cause additional dryness, so its application should be limited or applied only on the lashes without touching the eyelids. You can fix regular mascara with a spray.

How to save makeup if it leaks

When makeup does run, matte wipes can help, if not save the image, then eliminate the complete “loss of face. Apply powder only after blotting your face with the wipes. Avoid rubbing movements.

If the situation is catastrophic, don’t try to fix it with powder. The consequences for your pores will be unpleasant. It’s easier to wash off and reapply makeup than to thicken the layers, making it worse.

Summer events

Most women refuse to wear makeup in the heat, sometimes just not knowing how to properly wear it without breaking a sweat.

Persistent makeup for the beach

If you are determined to make a makeup, going to the beach, prepare a makeup that is resistant to water salt and winds:

  • The role of base and foundation is combined by a transparent primer with obligatory SPF-protection;
  • Waterproof mascara won’t leak when you take a dip in the sea, and brow tint lasts up to three days;

  • A bright accent can be put with a tinted lip balm, and if it is a hybrid with blush, you can also shimmer a little on the cheekbones.

Girls who have decided on permanent makeup can only think about the right tan. In the photo they will always be flawless.

Evening Makeup in Heat

Summer makeup for the evening should include not only a breathable texture, but also a few contrasting touches. Colored eye arrows will accentuate the charm of the look.

Water-based shadows last for hours. The lip line can be accentuated with gloss or lipstick.

For graduation

Prom is a celebration of youth, and overly aggressive makeup is inappropriate. In order not to look older, you need to emphasize one thing: the lips, eyes or eyebrows. For fans of naturalness, it is enough to even out the tone of the face, arrange the eyelashes and apply blush.

For the wedding

Traditionally, the bride’s makeup is focused on the eyes. The radiance of the eyes, the transparency of the skin is enhanced with highlighter. The color of the lipstick depends on the design of the eyes. The brighter the eyes, the more subtle the lipstick or gloss.

Tips from makeup artists

  • For oily skin, frequent washing with soap and cleansing with alcohol-containing products is not recommended. Periodically you can apply clay and fruit masks. The latter contain AHA acids with mild cleansing effect on all skin. If you have excessive oil, choose a foundation for the summer with a matting effect. To avoid irritating dry skin, choose BB or CC cream.
  • It’s not uncommon for girls to abuse the use of highlighter after watching a video. If you have oily skin, refrain from enhancing the greasy shine. It is recommended to avoid applying on the face, and to highlight the exposed areas of the body. Owners of dry and normal skin, which is very rare, you can use highlighter without restrictions on the face and decollete area.

Skin care in hot weather

Dermatologists warn against the dubious effects of sunlight. On the one hand, there are fewer rashes on tanned skin, but on the other hand, you can get roughness and premature aging of tissues. In addition, high temperatures increase the secretion of fat.

To maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin, watch the water balance in the body, eat fresh fruits, vegetables and make masks of them:

  • refreshing cucumber for all skin types;
  • cottage cheese and protein for defatting and shrinking pores;
  • Strawberry, peach, and plum for regeneration of chapped skin;
  • honey, or yolk for dry, sensitive skin.

Take plenty of time to cleanse at the end of the day. Wash with room-temperature water, then use a cleanser of your choice to remove salt and water residue. Apply a day cream with UV protection. Sunscreen not only prevents sunburn, but can also fight skin irritation.

Of course, the less we load our skin with cosmetics in summer, the better. However, a line of summer cosmetics has long been developed that helps not only to hide skin imperfections, but also to improve its health. In addition, the perfect appearance can improve mood, even if vacation is not yet soon.

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