How To Do Makeup In Gray Tones For Any Eye Color

If you have sulfur shadows in your makeup bag, you will be able to create a unique look and look attractive every time. Colors of this hue are universal and suit skin types and eye shapes alike. Using this shade, you can create a beautiful makeup look for every day or create an original look for a party or other special occasion.

Makeup in gray tones will emphasize the advantages of appearance and hide possible flaws. The following recommendations will give you the opportunity to skillfully use the colour gray in everyday life and learn different techniques of makeup.

Features Of Gray Shades Eye Makeup

Before you make a makeup in this colour scheme, it is imperative to consider a list of rules that will allow you to achieve maximum naturalness:

  • Combine colours in the right way. The most pertinent gray will look in a duet with pink or a more saturated black tone. A rather bold combination is to combine this shade with purple.
  • Brown-eyed girls will use dark gray shadows to make their eyes deeper, and light gray colour will give the eyes the missing brightness.
  • Green-eyed girls should use the colour metallic to create a spectacular evening makeup. Matte gray shadows are perfect for everyday makeup.

If you have blue eyes, you can safely use this shade rather than black, as dark will look quite inappropriate on you.

How To Use Gray Shadows

Makeup artists advise not to forget that despite its versatility, not everyone can wear makeup in these colours. Red-haired beauties with a lot of freckles on the face should avoid this colour palette. Although not quite natural, the shade will complement the beauty of tanned skin, as well as give the appearance of mulatto.

These shadows will be ideal for evening makeup, so you can feel confident about using them for this purpose. With the help of this colour you can create spectacular “smoky eyes”, create wide arrows or a bright shining accent on the eyes.

Before you opt for a certain makeup technique, it is worth preparing the necessary tools and cosmetics. Makeup artists advise to have a shadow that will act as a base. A palette with different shades of gray will enable you to create unique images. Have in your cosmetic case comfortable brushes and mascara for makeup. Create unusual looks by combining shadows of the shade and multicoloured mascara.

It is possible to colour with gray shadows in different ways – it all depends on the occasion of the event. Techniques using gray palettes are referred to as “smoky eyes”, “classic” and “flare”.


This technique is very useful for girls with any eye shape, as it is considered the most comfortable and versatile. With the help of the following guide, it is possible to make both classic daytime and evening makeup. The experts advise to act according to the following plan:

  1. Apply a basic gray colour to part of the eyelid up to the crease area.
  2. Using light shadows, lighten the inner corner of the eye, as well as the area under the eyebrow.
  3. Spread the shadow of a darker shade on the lower part of the eyelid – from the middle and to the outer corner. The colour near the outer part of the eye should be darker.
  4. In the final step, shade gently shaded with a brush.

This simple and classic technique allows even inexperienced makeup artists to create beautiful makeup.

“Smoky eyes.”

An indispensable option for evening makeup is smoky eyes, and this technique is ideal for celebrations and parties. With the help of a similar makeup, you can make the eyes as expressive as possible.

During the preparation of the makeup, it is recommended to adhere to the following steps:

  1. Apply light shadow to the moving and fixed area of the eyelid.
  2. Use a pencil to trace the border of the eyes near the lashes, so that they become almond-shaped. Use a cotton swab or brush to flatten the arrow.
  3. The entire part of the lower eyelid and the outer area of the fixed upper eyelid is painted with dark gray shadow. The result should be a beautiful petal. In the final stage, do not forget to shade the shadow with a brush.

There are several variations of how to apply makeup to create “smoky eyes”. This scheme will allow you to create a beautiful makeup without exerting much effort.

The “glare” technique

If the eyes are wide-open or deep-set, it is advisable to use gray eyeshadow in the “flare” technique. Make-up artists advise darkening the inner corner of the eye in the first case, and brightening it in the second case. The makeup is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. A dusty gray shade of shadow is distributed on the main area of the eyelid.
  2. The upper eyelid is painted on 1-2 shades lighter than the gray base colour.
  3. The moving part of the eyelid in the center is painted with the lightest shade. This method makes it possible to create a spectacular flare.
  4. Depending on the position of the eyes (deep or wide-set), the inner corner of the eye is brightened or darkened.

The final step in creating a makeup look will be the application of mascara.

How To Colour Your Eyes With Gray Eyeshadow

Check out how stunning makeup with gray shadows looks like in this photo. Every girl will be able to see it. When choosing a specific technique and colour palette of shadows, experts advise to take into account the colour of the eyes or to choose universal makeup options. The process of applying eye shadow for blue-eyed, gray-eyed and brown-eyed girls will be different.

Gray haze

When doing makeup, the base is applied to the lower and upper eyelid area. Using a flat brush and a bronze shade, the lower part of the eyelid is emphasized 1/3 and the arrow is drawn upwards. Using a flat brush, the base colour is distributed over the entire moving area of the eyelid up to the orbital line. With the help of a light brown dye the dark shade is shaded, the orbital line is highlighted. A fluffy brush is applied to achieve the desired “haze” effect.

The entire lower eyelid line is filled in by shading along the lower border. This is done with a smaller brush.

Using a brown pencil, the inter eyelashes are painted on the top and bottom of the eye. Shadows with shimmer are applied, and a brush is used to make a beautiful glow in the inner part of the eye. The area under the eyebrow is painted with a soft satin colour. The finishing touch to the makeup is the use of dark brown mascara.

Makeup with gray eyeshadow for brown eyes

To give the brown eyes a glittery effect, you can use glitter or shimmer shadows. The technique of “grey haze” is ideal for brown-eyed beauties: here the dye is slightly shaded on the mobile eyelid. If you have brown eyes, you should apply this tone to the lower eyelid. The makeup can be completed with arrows and tracing the inner contour of the eye.

Drawing a gray checkmark

When using a pencil, a line is drawn from the middle part of the upper eyelid, it is lifted slightly upwards towards the brow. The second line is drawn from the middle area of the crease along the contour and towards the bottom line. The resulting tick is shaded towards the temple.

A “wet asphalt” shade is placed on top of the blurred pencil. A silver dye is used to cover the rest of the eyelid. The shadows are shaded with a brush, and then eyeliner is used to outline an eyelash line, which smoothly passes into a tick.

Gray shadow for blue and green eyes

Lucky owners of blue eyes should apply a light color scheme. Using a beveled brush, it will not be difficult to make daytime makeup with gray shadows. This is becaapply you apply the dye to draw a soft arrow along the contours of the eyes. A light shading at the end will complete the makeup.

To make a spectacular makeup for green-eyed women, follow the following scheme:

  1. When using a kajal of black shade, the inner contour of the eyes is drawn.
  2. Use black dye to shade the mobile eyelid and blend it out.
  3. The central area of the eyelids is painted with green-gray eyeshadow, the inner corners of the eyes are painted with light shadows. The colours are shaded with a brush.

At the end, the lashes are painted with mascara in two layers.

Gray-blue eye makeup

The lower eyelid area is outlined with a black pencil from the middle, and the upper eyelid with a gray pencil. The moving area of the eyelid is drawn with cyan dye and shaded towards the outer part of the eye. Above the cyan shadows a grey shadow is applied in the same way. Shadows with shimmering effects look quite effective. The line between the cyan and gray transition is slightly shaded.

Gray-black eye makeup

In this case you need silver and copper-black dye. First of all, the upper eyelid is lifted and a small arrow is drawn. Black is used to paint the outer area of the eyelid. The curve line is slightly raised. The inner corner of the eye is painted with ash shadows, the transition is shaded. When using a pencil, the lower eyelid is lightly coloured and a small amount of silver shadow is applied.

Eye makeup in shades of gray and black

This option will be perfect for parties and various events. In order to make the gray-black makeup look as spectacular as possible, you need to pair it with other colours. As the technique of smoky makeup is used by make-up artists, don’t be afraid to use a saturated red lipstick under the eyes.

What To Avoid In Makeup

Experts advise to choose the lightest possible shades for blue eyes. Dark-haired girls and ladies with freckles are better off avoiding this tone. Highlight both the eye area and the right choice of lipstick or glitter under the makeup.

Everyday Eye Makeup In Gray Tones

Use matte or translucent tones for a simple daytime makeup for gray eyes. On the outer part of the eye in this case, a dark dye is applied. It can be black, red and dark blue tones. Makeup artists advise the use of eyeliner in the form of a brown or gray pencil, which is convenient to apply with a brush. Coral, purple, green and peach shadows should be blended carefully and dyed with a light dye.


If you read the photos carefully, it will be easier to understand how to apply the makeup. The photos confirm that this tone looks effective and organic in both daytime and evening makeup.

Tips From Makeup Artists

In video reviews from makeup artists, you can see how professionally makeup is performed when using gray shadows. Pink, pearlescent and carrot shades of lipstick will look organic under the gray shadows. It is advisable to use glitter in natural and nude-coloured shades when creating gray-blue makeup.

If you get acquainted with all the subtleties and rules when creating makeup with gray shadows, you can always look organic. This tone is suitable for any eye colour and cut. When choosing colours for your everyday and evening makeup, it is imperative to consider a few basic points and choose the right palette, so that your makeup will favorably emphasize the advantages of your appearance.

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