How To Do Daytime Makeup

Girls and women wear makeup almost every day. All types of makeup have their purpose, and a friend or a business meeting over a cup of coffee is not suitable for the evening version. It’s worth trying to understand the critical secrets of everyday makeup application, with which you can create an attractive image.

What You Need To Know

Daytime makeup is a makeup option for every day, which is suitable for going to the office and shopping, for business meetings, or for a friendly snack. The peculiarities of daytime makeup include moderation, which is achieved using as many natural colors as possible. The primary purpose of the makeup is to create a natural image, which will attract attention to the merits of the appearance and hide the flaws. The key rules of daytime makeup:

  • The foundation of the image is naturalness. It is essential to emphasize natural beauty with the help of ma so that a good option will be the nude version.
  • The secret weapon of everyday makeup is perfect and well-groomed skin. Therefore, do not put aside the use of day creams and correctors. Also, makeup artists advise applying powder and picking up the shade according to the type and tone of the skin.
  • Do not use sharp lines when it comes to arrows. It is recommended to shrink them so that the look does not come out too “predatory.”
  • For daytime makeup, it is better to use muted shades, which are as close to the tone of the face. Trendy are palettes that have beige, peach, and khaki.
  • It is possible to highlight the lips with a simple balm or gloss. You can balance the image with neutral eye makeup if you want bright lips.
  • Eyebrows should not be neglected because they make a face more expressive. Therefore, makeup artists advise emphasizing them with shadows, the shade that coincides with the hair’s color or arranges a particular product.

When creating daytime makeup, it is better to use natural light. Then you can properly assess the saturation of the chosen color scheme.

Matching Makeup To The Color Of Your Eyes And Hair

Many girls hesitate to choose a color palette when creating an everyday image. To begin with, you should start with the color of your eyes:

  • For the fair sexy, a brown eye shade suits a palette that includes beige-brown and lilac tones. You can also use khaki, peach, or gray shades if desired.
  • Green eyes can be emphasized with the help of beige and copper tones. Additionally, makeup artists advise using peach and soft-chocolate shades.
  • Blue-eyed beauties should give preference to white and pink colors, as well as gray shades, to create a daily image.
  • Owners of gray eyes can use cream, milk, and sand tones. They will advantageously emphasize the image.

Hair shade can also help in choosing a palette:

  • Brunettes should look in beige, pink, and white tones. Shades of champagne and plum colors will also emphasize the image well.
  • Blondes will look good with makeup in pink or light beige colors. Makeup artists additionally advise experimenting with milky and hazel tones.
  • Blond girls will suit white, pink, and bronze shades, and the palette can be diluted with lilac colors.
  • Gray and brown colors can advantageously emphasize red hair color. It is also possible to use apricot shades, which will make the image fresh.

No matter what hair or eyes a girl has, the shadow palette should be mostly neutral and discreet to make makeup look as natural as possible.

Makeup Application Scheme

To create a casual look, you need:

  • Wash your face thoroughly with cleansing gel or a special foam.
  • Wipe your face dry with a soft towel
  • Apply a moisturizer and leave it on the skin for half an hour.
  • Apply day cream, paying particular attention to the eye area.
  • Massage it in gently.
  • Apply a base layer of makeup using BB or CC cream instead of your regular foundation.
  • Refresh the look with a lightening concealer, recommended under the eyes and on the T-zone.
  • Apply a slight blush to create a natural skin tone and highlighter to areas that protrude.
  • Highlight the eyes with nude eye shadows in neutral shades by applying a small layer of the desired color on the mobile eyelid. If desired, slightly shade the crease, using a light brown or gray tone.
  • Apply mascara to the eyelashes. You can use just one coat or several.
  • Lift your lips with a pencil or use a transparent lip gloss. Sometimes a moisturizing balm is enough.

If you want to make the image more vivid, you can draw thin arrows, placing them on the upper eyelid. To create a “decor,” it is better to use brown shades, and it is recommended to shade the ends of the arrows so as not to have sharp lines.

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